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Lately I’ve started to write more reviews about different companies like big pharmaceutical US companies or insurance companies and so I haven’t written any reviews about online pharmacies lately. I thought that I need to change this and so, now that’s what I am going to do. I’ve been researching for online pharmacies and I have come across the website ozpills.com which claims to be the Australia’s no. 1 Online Pharmacy. I was checking its front page carefully and I noticed the fact that this is an online pharmacy which doesn’t sell any other drugs than erectile dysfunction medications so this is an online pharmacy that is oriented in selling only such types of medications. According to the information on their website, this online pharmacy is worth it because: it has the cheapest prices in Australia, it has a trackable option to delivery and they are discreet packaging. Since this is an Australian online pharmacy the website supports Australian Dollar as well, which is obvious. In addition to that, you are able to create an account here on their website and login. The online pharmacy claims to be the Australian no. 1 and most trusted online ED medication provider since 2012. The company’s headquarters I can assume that it is located in Australia but there’s no exact location. Plus to that, the company works with Indian manufacturing companies.

Selection of medications and prices on OZPills.com

As it has been mentioned earlier, the company is a ED medication provider online pharmacy but generally they have 3 types of medications in their drugstores: mediations for sufferers of erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE) and male pattern balding. That’s why I would say that there is a total of around 30 medications or so, most of them being different types of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (soft, professional, XL, jelly etc.). The company does not provide brand mediations as they are only selling generic medications. In regards to the prices, generic Viagra comes in dosage of 100 mg or there is Viagra XL which comes in 150 mg dosage. There doesn’t seem to be Viagra dosages less than 100 mg. The 100 mg dosage comes in: 20 pills, 50 pills and 90 pills. Price per pill gets lower the more pills you buy: 2.5 USD, 2.00 USD and 1.50 USD respectively. Selection of medications in my opinion is fairly good in case you’re looking only for such kind of meds and the prices compared to other online pharmacies are fairly good as well, although they are not the best. This online pharmacy requires you to show a valid prescription before ordering from them otherwise they are not going to accept your order.

Shipping and payment methods on OzPills.com

This is an Australian online pharmacy which only sells medications across the Australian territory. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy doesn’t accept orders outside the Australian territory so only Australian customers can use their services. The online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping methods:  EMS (express) and registered mail. You can get free registered shipping if you’re going to order more than 150 USD from them at a single order. The EMS Trackable has a delivery time of 1 to 2 weeks and it costs 20 USD. While on their website I couldn’t change to registered mail and that’s why I am not able to comment on registered mail fee or delivery times. In regards to payment methods this online pharmacy is accepting only debit and credit cards. And they do not accept all cards but only Visa and Master Card.

Customer Support on Ozpills.com

When I was searching for ways to get in touch with this pharmacy I clicked on *contact us* page and there I found the exact address of their headquarters which is found in Australia, Bondi Junction NSW. I guess that address was given if there is someone who wants to use the mailing for of contacting. However you can also contact them via phone number you can find there or by filling up the contact form which you would be getting a response back in your email. Unfortunately the online pharmacy doesn’t have any live chat function, so you can talk with them via email, phone or mail.

Is Ozpills.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Ozpills.com Coupon Codes

Except for the fact that this online pharmacy is offering discounts to returning customers (15% discounts to everyone who decided to have a second and further orders with this online pharmacy via an promo code they would receive by email as soon as they placed the first order), this online pharmacy is also offering discounts and coupon codes as well. There are discounts or ED and PE medications, coupon codes for free shipping and others. So the online pharmacy offers: discounts by purchasing in bulk, discounts for returning customers, free shipping over 150 USD orders and coupon codes. These are all very good things.

Reviews about ozpills.com

The website suggests everyone to read their testimonials with people which seems to be very happy by using ozpills.com’s services but as I tell to everyone, I recommend everyone not to believe in those testimonial’s authenticity and the reason for that is that those testimonials are often fake, they are there just for the pharmacy’s benefits to make people believe that their customers are happy. The customer reviews on other external websites are another story and I much rather have trust in them and that’s why I started searching for such kind of reviews. I found a lot of people saying that they had good results and ozpills.com provided excellent services, however there were other unhappy people saying that they have got fake medications from this pharmacy. According to scamadviser.com the domain age is 9 years and that’s very good, but they are using a service  to hide their identity and according to legitscript.com this is not a legit online pharmacy.


There are some good sides and there are some bad sides of this online pharmacy. The fact that it offers good selection of drugs for people suffering from ED and PE is surely a good thing exactly as it is the fact that they shared their exact address, they have some promotional discounts and coupon codes with already pretty good prices. But the owners still use something to use their identity, they have customer reviews complaining on this online pharmacy, legitscript.com says that it is not legit and lastly – they are only shipping within Australia. With all this being said, I think that it deserves 3 out of 5 which is a sign that there are much better online pharmacies than ozpills.com

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