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As you can see, I say that there are chances all of this to be true but there are chances that all of this is not true and I say so because in my experience of reviewing online pharmacies, there are a lot of pharmacies not keeping their promises and lying. I have big hopes that this is not such a pharmacy but we’re going to find this out later. They claim to deliver more than 60 brands of genuine drugs, with affordable price levels, already since 2004 so I am not sure whether the pharmacy operates from 2004 or 2005. They claim to ship medications world wide, they claim to have 100 % satisfaction guarantee as well as 100% price match guarantee. The site is Secured by RapidSSL and is quite user friendly. People can register here and login to their accounts. I couldn’t find any accreditations being mentioned on this pharmacy so I am not sure if this means they do not have any. A bit of a problem was the fact that I couldn’t find information suggesting where this online pharmacy is located as it is good to know where the pharmacy is operating from but unfortunately, such information isn’t displayed. Usually scam warning websites can help us with such points but as for now, I will try to find more details.

OrderPharma.com Selection of medications and prices

I have noticed that you’re able to browse for medications by the first letter of medications that you need and by taking a look at the *popular medicines* categories of medications as there is not a search function available on the website as much as I can see. But according to *popular medicines* category, there are medications treating: depression, cholesterol, hair loss, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, there are antibiotics, antipsychotics and others as well. With this being said, I can assume that their selection of drugs should be quite high. but there’s a chance that all drugs mentioned in *popular medicines* are all the drugs you can find here. or at least by searching for ED medications I couldn’t find any. There is no Viagra, Cialis or Levitra or any other ED drug. That’s why I have taken a random product just to give example of price so I can say that roaccutane 10 mg would cost you 185 USD. If that’s a cheap or expensive price I am not sure as I just gave an example only. Since there’s not a FAQ page I was not able to find if this online pharmacy requires a valid prescription or not for ordering prescription drugs.

OrderPharma.com Shipping and payment methods

As I said a bit earlier, the FAQ page on the website is missing and therefore it might be a bit harder to find information about some things. Thankfully, I found *delivery policy* page where they shared a list of countries saying that it will take 24 to 96 hours to reach you and they said they use DHL worldwide express. To another list of countries they use EMS (express mail service) which can be tracked and traced through local post websites. No information about shipping fees but the shipping in USA (from the information I could find upon checkout page) would cost you 35 USD and there’s a single shipping method. Not sure how about other countries. You cannot go to checkout page without having an account and because of this all along the reason that they do not have a FAQ page, I am not able to comment on what payment methods are accepted by this online pharmacy.

OrderPharma.com Customer Support Service

Everyone having questions can go on the contact page available on the pharmacy’s website and check for the methods available to get in touch with the pharmacy. there are 3 different phone numbers available (USA, UK and AUS) numbers. They ask you to call between 07:00 and 17:00 except for Sat and Sun if you want to get in touch with them via phone number. But except for phone number there is also contact form available where you need to indicate your email so they would respond you back. Other than these methods there doesn’t seem to be any other available.

Is OrderPharma.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is OrderPharma.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

OrderPharma.com Coupon Codes

I was searching for whatever methods to make people save some money while purchasing medications here and I did found that this pharmacy is offering coupon code. However the coupon code can be applied only if you order more than 500 USD. By ordering more than 500 USD you can write the coupon code OVER500 and get a 100% off discount. Also ordering more seems to give you a discount either (as usual) but except for this there doesn’t seem to be anything else. to be honest, that’s by far not enough because there aren’t a lot of people to my opinion ordering more than 500 USD, especially on the first orders.

OrderPharma.com Reviews

Except for the customer reviews on their own website, I have started to search for reviews on independent websites. The reason of me ignoring the reviews on their own website is because there’s a high chance/ probability that those reviews are fake. The reviews on independent websites have a high chance of being reliable but then I have encountered another problem: there are none. With reviews that have high chance of being fake and with no reviews on scam warning websites I would say that this is quite hard to have trust in this pharmacy. I have then checked scam warning websites such as scamadviser.com where I found out that this online pharmacy is having a high chance of being from Turkey, a high risk country, in addition to that, the website is listed as rogue by legitscript.com, and a malware report has been detected for this website and all in all it has a trust of 53 % which is too low to have trust in.


As much as we all can see, there are some alarming things going around this online pharmacy. They don’t have a wide selection of medications and they do not sell generics with no discounts and special offers unless you spend more than 500 USD. I wouldn’t risk with 500 USD to get discounts when the pharmacy has no customer reviews and no trust from scam warning websites. I therefore rate orderpharma.com with 1 out of 5.

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