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Many different websites can be found while you are doing a research for online pharmacies and that’s especially after you have reviewed many of them already and you start using different terms for search the pharmacies. Like for example, you can find pharmacies that are mostly oriented in selling a single type of medications and the pharmacy that I am talking about is OrderFioricet.com, an online pharmacy which, as much as we can see, is mostly focused in selling Fioricet medication. I am not an expert in such a medication so I was not very sure what it is taken for. Thankfully, there’s information on their website suggesting that: Fioricet is used to relieve mild to moderate pain and tension headaches. That’s very good to know when we’re going to review a website selling such drugs. Also what’s important to mention here is that as soon as I have entered their website, I found information on their website suggesting: no prior prescription which I can assume this means they do not require a prescription for getting medications here but I can assume that usually, fioricet is given only with a prescription. If that’s true, then this means the pharmacy is not legal (as any legal pharmacy requires a prescription for prescription drugs). I have checked their front page and there’s a lot of information about Fioricet and I would say that all the information is well arranged which is very good and the site is generally having a user friendly interface which is very good either. On the copyright information they suggest 2006 – 2014 so I am not sure what does it mean, because if they started to operate in 2006 then what does 2014 means? This pharmacy claims to be located in US, but no exact address is given.

OrderFioricet.com Selection of medications and prices

A lot of pharmacies are having a drug’s name in their pharmacies names, however this doesn’t mean that the pharmacies are only selling that specific drug and that’s it. This could be the case with OrderFioricet.com as well and that’s why I started searching for information about whether they offer other medications as well or not. Seemingly, that’s not such a pharmacy as the only medication they sell here is Fioricet and they do not sell any other so this pharmacy is good only for those searching for Fioricet because if you search for anything else, go search for it anywhere else. as in terms of prices, I cannot comment either are they good or not, however I just found out that the prices for Butalbital APAP w/Caffeine (50mg/325mg/40mg) on this website goes as following: 90 tablets – 169 USD, 120 tablets – 199 USD and for 180 tablets – 249 USD. Again, either are these good prices or not, I am not sure since I am not an expert in such types of medications.

OrderFioricet.com Shipping and payment methods

There is not a single mention about international shipping and so I decided to go on the billing page to see if I can change the country where I want to ship medications and no, the only country available is USA so this means that only USA people are able to purchase medications here. but they are currently offering 2 shipping options for US Postal Service. one of the is free USPS Priority Mail that usually takes 2 to 3 days to most US destinations for a delivery. But there’s a faster shipping option which is USPS Priority Express Mail that is having a delivery overnight to most US destinations but there are some destinations which get it in 2 days. They haven’t shared how much this option costs. This pharmacy is accepting credit cards as Visa, Master Card, American Express and they accept E checks. But what’s super strange is that this pharmacy is also accepting Cash on Delivery (COD). I haven’t seen this payment method available in a very long while now.

OrderFioricet.com Customer Support Service

For getting in touch with this online pharmacy you’re able to use the contact form available on the website or you could use the USA toll free phone number as well if you have questions to ask. Except for the contact form and phone number, the pharmacy claims that if you need help you can chat with them. however when I clicked on it I was said that I can send them an email only.

Is OrderFioricet.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is OrderFioricet.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

OrderFioricet.com Coupon Codes

The coupon codes are a great way to save money while purchasing from online pharmacies, but I am ready to take any advantage given by a pharmacy so I search for anything else. Except for the free delivery offered by this online pharmacy and for the discounts you get by ordering more pills at once – I couldn’t find anything else being offered by the pharmacy. no discounts, coupon codes, no free pills or anything in this matter.

OrderFioricet.com Reviews

This is the very first time that I have ever hear about this online pharmacy and I have never used or searched for Fioricet medication myself. With this being said, I have never ordered anything from this website so it is obvious that I can’t judge it. luckily, the customer reviews and scam warning websites can greatly help us with these things and that’s what I have searched for. Sad news is that regardless of how much I was searching for customer reviews I couldn’t find any and that’s a problem since this means that there’s nobody who have previously ordered from here. or at least – most likely there’s nobody that have ordered here. no customer reviews is a problem but I still checked for more information on scamdviser.com where I found other alarming things: the site has been listed as a UNAPPROVED pharmacy on legitscript.com, a malware report has been detected and the site has been around for only a year.


This online pharmacy does not seem to be trustworthy according to scamadviser.com which has a low trust rate and there are no customer reviews to confirm its reliability. Plus, the site seem to be having an illegal activity, it is suspicious and this means that they could disappear any minute. For these reasons I will rate OrderFioricet.com with 2 out of 5!

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