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OptumRx.com / Optum Rx Reviews & CouponsOptumrx.com is the website of the company that I am going to review today. This is an US company and it offers online facility to their customers in order to have their health problem sorted out claiming to be focused, innovative and collaborative leader in this pharmacy benefit management among such companies. They claim to serve more than 13.5 million people with their mail service pharmacies and they claim to have a multi level network that is made up of more than 67,000 pharmacies. According to the fortune 500, this company is run by the parent organization named United Health Group Inc. which is being ranked the 14th largest company in the world. Since this company is providing medical consultations to their patients they claim to greatly help the customers with their medications and prescriptions and they also claim that the customers do not need to contact their doctors for getting prescriptions as OptumRx is contacting the doctor themselves to take the prescription for the customers. The registration is free on the website and by accessing their accounts, customers are able to access the services of refill prescriptions, to see the prescription history, ordering the medical supplies and also order status too. Besides claiming to be an active leader in the pharmacy benefit management as I have mentioned earlier, their claim to act as an e commerce health store as well which is offering a very big variety of health issues related products at good prices and the medications can be found on the category such as: fitness, medications, home treatment, nutrition and others. This company is also recommending their customers to download their mobile application as well both available for iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition to all of these, there are some seals on the website suggesting that this is a VIPPS approved pharmacy, it is Comodo Secure, certified by NCQA as well as URAC.

Selection of medications and prices for them along with shipping and payment methods OptumRx

Unfortunately you cannot see the list of medications on this website and their prices without registering and for this reason I am not able to say anything about selection of drugs and prices, however it seems that they are having all types and forms of medications here available which means that whatever medications you need you can get them here. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find what kind of payment methods they are accepting and I also wasn’t able to find out what are the shipping methods here, however I can only assume that they should accept credit cards and they do not offer shipping abroad USA.

Customer Support Department OptumRx.com

Getting in touch with this company can be done by multiple methods and whoever has questions to ask may choose one of them in order to talk with customer support department. So, getting in touch with this company can be done via phone number (but make sure that you dial the right phone number as they have multiple numbers for multiple needs) or you can use their mail address if you want, however this would require quite a longer time to get a response back. I can also think that you are able to get in touch with them by using the social media pages either (and assumingly you can use them as online live chat function which isn’t available on the website). There’s not an email address or a contact form on the website.

Is OptumRx.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is OptumRx.com a scam or legit online pharmacy?

OptumRx.com Coupon Codes

To my opinion it is worth purchasing medications from those companies/ pharmacies which are offering coupon codes  or at least some kind of offers, unfortunately I can’t say that it is actually very worth purchasing from Optum Rx and the reason I say that is because I wasn’t able to find any kind of coupon codes, special offers or discounts, in short nothing which would make you save money and since I can assume that Optum Rx is already offering medications at prices slightly higher than you can find at other online pharmacies, ordering here doubtfully would be rather convenient compared to other online pharmacies which do have offers/ discounts/ coupon codes and better prices. But in the end, customer reviews would judge it better.

OptumRx.com Customer Reviews

There are employee reviews about OptumRx.com but I am not very interested in them since I am not planning to work for this company and whoever searched for this company in order to get medications instead of working there then I can assume that you are mostly interested in customer reviews instead of employee reviews, as I am. So I did have found customer reviews on some websites where I usually find reviews about companies that have pharmaceutical services: consumeraffairs.com and yelp.com. now the big problem is that on both these reviewing websites, according to 88 reviews (on yelp) and 261 reviews (on consumer affairs) overall satisfaction rating is 1 out of 5! That’s an extremely unsatisfactory rate and while I did have found a few good customer reviews, it is easily noticed that most of the reviews are negative with people complaining on a lot of things. I thought that maybe there’s something I can’t understand and I continued doing my research for reviews just to find even worse things: Optum Rx is on complaintsboard with many people complaining and on pissedconsumer as well with 492 reviews, 0 issues solved and people claiming to lose money (like they pay for Optum Rx services and they do not receive anything instead). I haven’t seen such bad customer reviews in a while to be honest. People lost money by using Optum Rx and that’s not acceptable to my opinion.


The fact that this company is legit is the only thing which makes me think that Optum Rx is still online and functional. Scamadviser along with legitscript suggests that it is legit and all its URAC and VIPPS seals too. However it seems that people are still losing money so what’s the point from an all legal company when you still lose money? This is why I rate Optum Rx with 2 out of 5 and say that there are much better places to get your meds.

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