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While I am doing the research for finding a perfect online pharmacy I have come along a pharmacy that’s oriented in selling brain, workout and health supplements. This pharmacy is named Onnit and those people who are interested can find the pharmacy at the internet address – onnit.com. as soon as I have entered their main page I have made a conclusion that this pharmacy is having an extremely good website which, as much as it seems from it all, is often updated and is run by good programmers, administrators etc. that’s because the website is having an extremely user friendly interface, everything is clear, it is very easy to navigate through the site and search for whatever information you need here. according to the information on their website, answering the question *what is onnit* they said: *Onnit is perhaps best known for it’s groundbreaking, clinically validated supplement line, but it goes a lot deeper than that.* and that’s very good. there are a lot of videos and photos on their website which everyone can easily access them if they want to. This pharmacy has shared their exact address, which is located in Austin, TX, USA, and you can see a lot of other things. Like for example, people are able to follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. They claim that shopping on this website is all secure as they offer 100% Industry Standard SSL. I have found information suggesting that Onnit has been founded in 2010 with an idea to make cutting edge nutritional supplement combinations and generally their mission is it to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information. So far, everything that I have checked on their website sounds good, but there are a lot of things to check before actually order.

Onnit.com selection of products and prices for them

According to the information that I have managed to find on their website, the medications that this pharmacy are selling have not been evaluated by the FDA. They claim that none of the products on this pharmacy are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. With this being said, they do not sell any kind of prescription medications so people searching for such drugs (including me as I search for ED drugs – can search for other pharmacies). Nevertheless, they are having a wide selection of products as: supplements, foods, fitness, apparel, personal care etc. like for example, in supplements there are products for: focus, relax and sleep, support, performance etc. since I am not familiar with the prices of such products I am not going to be able to talk about them, nevertheless, I can, at least, given an example, and a product for focus named alpha brain 90 capsules would cost customers 68 USD. Not sure how good of a price is that. No prescription requirements since they do not sell any prescription drugs.

Onnit.com Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on their website, this pharmacy is having FedEx Home delivery, FedEx 2 day Service and FedEx Smart Post. These are domestic services (within USA) and the delivery times and shipping fees depend on option chosen and where you live. There are also 3 different international services (not sure if this online pharmacies is selling world wide but it seems they do have international shipping options which is very good) and there are also 3 different shipping options. FedEx International Priority, FedEx International Economy, Fed Ex International Mail Service. Delivery times are anywhere between as low as 3 days to as much as 5 weeks. No delivery fees are mentioned either. Sadly, I could not find any information regarding payment methods, that’s why I cannot comment on this part.

Onnit.com Customer Support Service

I am not able to talk about the quality of customer support service, unfortunately, since I have never contacted them. but at least, I am able to share what are the methods available to get in touch with this online pharmacy and they include: by mailing them at the exact address, by phone number listed on the website or by the email which you can also find on their site. But except for all of this you are able to write them on social media pages or there’s also the live chat function available as much as it seems.

Onnit.com Coupon Codes

According to the information that I have found on their website, they seem to offer coupon codes, but since I couldn’t find anywhere else on the internet I can assume that these coupon codes are only offered to those who previously ordered here. plus to that, the pharmacy is offering 15 % discount if you choose to get a product delivered every once in a while. The last thing that I can mention here is the pharmacy offering: invite friends and get $ 20!

Onnit.com Reviews

By searching for customer reviews I have been able to find a lot of them about this pharmacy but all of them only on trustpilot.com as there are no other websites with reviews about this pharmacy except only for BBB which has 2 negative reviews. But on trustpilot.com there are many reviews and most of them are positive as the average of those lots of reviews is 4 out of 5 which means that most people rated it very good, nevertheless, this means that there are some people who got disappointed by the services they have got by using Onnit. What’s very important is that this pharmacy seem to be legit since most people are happy with the services and that means that this, most likely, is a reliable pharmacy that doesn’t intentionally want to rip you off money.


This online pharmacy is not selling prescription drugs and for this reason this pharmacy is by far not for everyone. Even if you’re among those people who is searching for such kind of products found on their website then I still recommend to use some care when using them as many people found lots of problems. Since the customer reviews average rate is 4 out of 5 I will not change it.

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