| Only Rx Brands Reviews & Coupons is the name of the online pharmacy that I have found today while doing my research for a reliable pharmacy and as much as we can see from its name, this pharmacy is offering brands medications. Later I would find out if they are offering exclusively only brand medications or generics as well. As for now, I can say that as soon as I have accessed their website I have seen a very well done website, user friendly and information well arranged on the site meaning that we can easily find whatever we are searching for. Plus to that, their site has very good options where people are able to create an account and login to their accounts, and people can change the currency and the language on the website which are very good options for foreign customers. The pharmacy is offering some deals and special offers that I am going to pay a closer attention later. According to the information on their website, the site is a secure site by McAfee and it has anti hacker measures. They claim to be an BBB accredited business and lastly, they claim that the reasons of why to choose them include: high quality medications; free discreet shipping; secure online transactions, money back guarantee and lastly – fast worldwide delivery as well. They claim to be much more than simply a regular health store and they are providing secure transactions between patients and medical providers. Unfortunately, I was not able to find information suggesting where this online pharmacy’s headquarters are located and I also could not find any information suggesting for how long they have been operating. There’s information on their website suggesting that they do not require a valid prescription and while this sounds good for some people, I should warn you that this is an illegal activity. Illegal activity is not supported by BBB and therefore I have doubts that BBB has given their accreditations to this no prescription pharmacy. Selection of medications and prices

There are categories of medications on their website suggesting that they are offering a multitude of medications for different health conditions such as: ADHD, anti anxiety, antidepressants, antibiotics, sleeping aid, hair loss treatment, mental health, women’s and men’s health and many other types of drugs. With this being said, the pharmacy does seem to have a wide selection of medications for different needs and health conditions. I’ve closely inspected men’s sexual health category as these are drugs that I’m more familiar with and I found out they are offering a lot of different medications including brands and generics meaning they offer both types of drugs here. I’ve checked generic Viagra to give example of price and I saw that for 100 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg you would need to pay 1.17 USD per pill and compared to other online pharmacies that’s a *moderate price* as I’ve seen better prices but I’ve also seen much worse/ higher prices. as I earlier mentioned, no prescription is required to order drugs here. Shipping and payment information

According to the information on the checkout page, the pharmacy is indeed offering free shipping for registered mail which has a delivery timeframe of 12 to 22 business days. This option can be chosen by everyone around the world which means that the pharmacy offers shipping world wide. There’s a second shipping option which is not available in all countries but it is faster – 7 to 17 business days. This option would cost you 25 USD. This option usually does have tracking information online but registered mail doesn’t have tracking. This online pharmacy is accepting payment method only via VISA or Master Card as credit cards. Customer Support Service

According to the information on their website, there are only 2 methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy and they include: contact form available on their website and they also have a phone number listed on their site which you can call and get real live assist. Except for contact form and phone number there is no other method to talk with them as much as I have seen, unfortunately, as I would really like if the pharmacy would offer more methods.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

On the checkout page, I have noticed that this online pharmacy is offering coupon codes I have noticed that if you’re going to sign up for their newsletter, you are going to get extra saving discount code. So you can get the discount code via the email. Except for the coupon code, as I said, they are offering worldwide shipping for free. They are also offer free bonus pills and the more pills you get – the more free pills are offered and also, the more pills you get the better the price per pill is going to get. Lastly, having an account on the site is going to get you 10% off your total order sum. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews as they are really important in order to determine if this online pharmacy is worth using or not. Now the big problem is that there are no customer reviews anywhere online and to me that’s a really big problem as no customer reviews is a sign of no popularity of the pharmacy among buyers and this means that this could be a problem as something might be wrong with the pharmacy. luckily, there is which can greatly help and there I found alarming notes. Like for example, the owner of the site uses a service to hide their identity; it is possibly related to a high risk country; high number of suspicious website on the server and lastly the site is only one year old. Therefore, site gets 0% trust rate meaning that the risks are very high purchasing anything here.


There are no customer reviews in regards to confirming that it is safe to purchase from this pharmacy and there are a lot of alarming notes given by suggesting that ordering here is very risky. Lastly, offers it a trust rate of 0% which means that purchasing here is very risky as I earlier mentioned. That’s why I give it a score of 1 on a scale from 1 to 5.

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