/ Only Pharmacy Pills Reviews & Coupons / Only Pharmacy Pills Reviews & CouponsReliable online pharmacies in which we can have trust are extremely difficult to find and all the efforts I put here is for finding such pharmacies. is the online pharmacy that I have found and I will try to review this pharmacy the best way I can so we could know whether it would be a good idea or not to buy meds here. Their logo suggests: *affordable medications. premium health.* and people are searching for online pharmacies for getting medications at affordable prices so hopefully, indeed offers medications at affordable prices. the reason why this pharmacy claims to be worth purchasing from are: trusted meds by trusted manufacturers, free global shipping easy 30 day money back, SSL security shop with confidence and lastly: 30 day money back super easy refund policy. These are all good reasons but I’ve come along not only once pharmacies which are not keeping their promises so hopefully this is not such a pharmacy. The site features options for foreign customers where they are able to change the currency and the language so it would be easier to understand the pharmacies offers. In addition to that, this online pharmacy offers their customers to create an account and login to it. the pharmacy has a seal suggesting that it is BBB accredited business (Better Business Bureau). Was hoping to find more information about the pharmacy on *about* page, however there is not information about the pharmacy like where they are located or for how long they have been in pharmaceutical business, there is only information suggesting that they provide affordable medications across the globe.

Selection of drugs and prices for them

According to the list of categories there should be a very wide selection of medications and that’s because their categories of medications is wide, there are medications such as: antibiotics, hair loss treatment, muscle relaxers, skin care, anti anxiety and a lot of other types of medications suggesting they are able to treat a wide list of health conditions. With this being said, I can conclude the fact that there are many meds for everyone so that’s really good. specifically searching for erectile dysfunction medications I also found a lot of different medications including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in both brand and generic forms. Talking about the prices for these medications I can give an example of Viagra 50 mg generic, 80 pills would cost you 1.32 USD per pill and to be honest, that’s not actually the best price that I’ve ever seen on online pharmacies, although that’s still a good price. As much as it seems, this online pharmacy doesn’t require prescriptions for ordering medications here.

Shipping policy and payment methods

This online pharmacy claims to offer free world wide shipping and that’s very good. But that’s if you’re ordering via registered shipping option, however there is the second option as well. Registered has a delivery time of 14 to 22 business days without online tracking and without additional fee. The EMS (express) shipping option does have a fee of 25 USD, but it has an online tracking and 7 to 17 days delivery time. In terms of payment methods they are only accepting visa and master card as credit cards and US customers have a second payment method available: echeck.

Customer Service at

For those who have some questions or generally need some help/ assist they are able to call this pharmacy at their toll free phone number (which is available 24/7). The second and last way of getting in touch with is by using the contact form. Unfortunately these are the only methods available if you have questions to ask.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

To my opinion, only those pharmacies which really care about their customers have special offers and unfortunately there are quite a lot of pharmacies which do not have anything. Luckily, this online pharmacy isn’t among them as they have lots of offers: those people who are create an account and ordering from their accounts gets a 10% discount, also 10 % discount get those people who want to pay via master card. An even bigger discount of 20% gets those customers paying with echeck. This online pharmacy is also offering savings for those who decide to order in bulk – the more pills ordered, the more the savings. Plus to that, the more pills you order – the more free pills you’re getting. There is also a discount code which can save you some additional money. This is all very good in my opinion. Reviews

While I was searching for customer reviews about online I have managed to find only 2 of them. There’s a reviewer which said that his order went all fine and he’s generally happy with this pharmacy, he only thinks that the prices here are a little bit high (compared to other online pharmacies I do agree). So he rates it with 4 out of 5. The second reviewer (on is a French person with nickname janpaule, review written in French. I used google translate and as much as it seems, this person was also happy with the products that he has got in France in 12 days. Due to the fact that both these reviews were written on independent websites I have no doubt in their authenticity, problem is that there are only 2 reviews which in my opinion is not enough, but that’s still good, especially since both reviews are positive and no negative reviews. So because there aren’t enough reviews I checked what says and unfortunately I found discouraging things: the website is only 1 year old, the website involves a high risk country: Russia, has a high number of suspicious websites on this server and therefore gets only 3% trust rate. Plus it is considered rogue internet pharmacy.


The selection of medications and offers by this online pharmacy are really attractive and the reviews suggests that it is worth ordering here. All of this sounds extremely good but there are scam warning websites suggesting this is an illegal online pharmacy with some facts that come at risk. Because of all these reasons I am going to rate this pharmacy with 4 out of 5!

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