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Been searching for quality ED medications that I can save some money and not to get scammed and while doing my research I have found another online pharmacy among many others and this one has the domain address: This online drugstore claims to have top quality discount medications and seems to feature very good offers, that’s what I could conclude by analyzing their front page for a little while. Like for example they offer their customers to get a discount simply by logging in on their website. Plus to that, they seem to offer weight loss and antidepressants pills at the most claiming these medications will actually work. In addition to this, they are offering free global shipping with no minimal purchase required, meaning that all the orders, regardless of how little you buy, will be shipped for free and also they have a free pill program which they claim that this is going to make you save some money. The website is user friendly designed, with a good speed however I wasn’t able to find where the pharmacy is located (pharmacy’s office) and when they have started the business. You can change the language and the currency as well. Lately, on the bottom of website there are a number of accreditations such as: business verified website and accredited by Better Business Bureau ( and others.

Drugs selection and drugs prices on

You can enter the product name that you’re searching for in their search box and this way you will find what you need. Plus to that you can also search the drugs by their first letter. If you are not sure what you’re actually searching for then there are drugs categories by health condition and there is a very big list of categories meaning that they should have a lot of drugs in their drugstore, there are such categories like: men’s sexual health, antibiotics, men’s health, anti anxiety, sleeping aid, allergy relief, sleeping aid, weight loss, detox, mental health, eye conditions, allergy relief and many others. Since I’m interested in men’s sexual health that’s the category that I have entered to and I found there Cialis, Levitra and Viagra, but only Viagra having the brand name. Other brands were Silagra, Kamagra and Kamagra Oral Jelly.  As for the prices brand Viagra was priced with 4.20 USD per pill. The generics were: Viagra 0.97 USD for a pill, Cialis 1.61 USD for a pill and Levitra 1.72 USD for a pill. These are the cheapest prices for a pill, but they can be higher if you buy a less quantity of pills. I would say that the prices per pill (of the exact same medications), compared to other online pharmacies are a little bit higher than moderate. I’ve seen prices per pill in half compared to these that you can see here. It seems that the pharmacy does require a prescription, however this online pharmacy also seems to be an online doctor consultation provider which means that you can get an online doctor consultation here and therefore get a prescription from them. shipping and payment methods

This online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping options and as usual they are EMS which has a delivery time of 7 to 17 business days, it does have a tracking system but it is not available everywhere, however for this option customer needs to pay out of pocket 25 USD. However the pharmacy promised free shipping and they do seem to have free registered mail shipping which has a delivery time of 14 to 22 business days and they ship world wide (or at least to a big number of countries), but no tracking is available. You can add a shipping insurance as well, the price of which depends on the order amount of money. Payment method, unfortunately, is only one available: credit card and not all credit cards but only VISA and Master Card. seem to encourage their customer to pay via Master Card for an unknown reason and they encourage them because they offer 10% discount off the order sum to those paying via Master Card. They do not accept refund with the following reason given: * Federal Law prohibits us from accepting medication returns.*.

Customer Service offered by

They do not seem to have live chat function and that’s the reason why I have not contacted them. People who need to ask this pharmacy questions or anything you need to go to their contact us page and fill a form and after a while you should be getting a response in your email. If you don’t like waiting for a response (like I do) and since there’s no live chat function, the only way you can get a prompt response is to call them by their toll free number +1 316 202 5166. I hope they offer good customer support service as this is very important for an online pharmacy.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Discounts, bonuses and coupon codes on Only RX Meds

It is always an enjoyment to save money and it doesn’t matter what you are purchasing, saving money is what everyone is looking for, or at least I’m pretty sure that this is what online pharmacy researchers are looking for, with me being one of them. Discounts, bonuses and coupon codes are those things that make you save some money and that’s why it is so important, in my opinion, for an online pharmacy to have good offers if they want to have returning customers and to make new customers. Like for example, for me, if the pharmacy is reliable, the discounts, bonuses and coupon codes are playing an essential role, a *final verdict* in me deciding if I’m going to use the online pharmacy’s services or not. Some of what is is offering, I have already mentioned earlier in my review: free shipping world wide to everybody without a minimum purchase required. Plus to that, they are also offering free pills and the amount of pills depends on the amount of pills you order. They also offer 10% discount if you’re going to order when you’re logged in and they also offer an additional 10% discount if you pay via Master Card. If this is not enough for you then the pharmacy offers a final offer: discount code. With the coupons codes you are able to get an additional discount to everything that I mentioned above.

Customer Reviews about

The online pharmacy can be judged only if you had actual experience with it. In fact, I think that this applies to everything: you can judge anyone and anything only if you had actual experience. Due to the fact that I never had an experience myself with I had to go and check the reviews. Unfortunately I have found only one customer review which isn’t enough to prove its authenticity and credibility. The customer review I found was written on and it seems it was written by an Italian customer, or at least the name of the reviewer (luigi) suggested this as well as the language in which the review was written: Italian. With the help of google translate here’s what I could translate: *I was fully satisfied with both the products (really at competitive prices) and the service as a whole: precision and speed in delivery. Surely other orders will follow. Congratulations and thank you!* This person seemed to have a good experience with this online pharmacy and that’s really good. The problem is that it is just a single customer review and that’s simply not enough. Plus to that, scam warning engines like and didn’t had trust in it and that’s a problem too. Plus to that, scam adviser suggests that site it is most likely from Russian Federation, an high risk involving country.


There are a number of things to take in consideration when you’re trying to rate an online pharmacy. Like for example I take in consideration the prices which are a little bit above average but I also take in consideration the fact that it has good bonuses, offers, discounts and coupon codes. What I also take in consideration is that they have no refund policy and no online chat function which play a little role, but still has some. And lately I also take in consideration the fact that it is from Russian Federation website and that it has no trust from scam warning engines as well as the fact that there is only a single customer review which is obviously not very good. However the fact that the single customer review is positive that’s playing one of the most important role. With all this being said, I am rating with 3 out of 5, if there would be more customer reviews of that type I would rate it higher, but if the single customer review would be negative I would rate it less. In the end, what matters is that 3 out of 5 means that the risks of ordering here are really high and that’s the reason I am not recommending anyone to use, or at very least I personally won’t risk with my money and with my health.

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