| Online Sleeping Pills Reviews & Coupons | Online Sleeping Pills Reviews & CouponsI’ve been doing a research for online pharmacies which can be considered reliable/ trustworthy and besides this – to have good/ cheap prices for good/ quality medications. I personally am mostly interested in erectile dysfunction medications and I’m mostly focused on such types of drugs. Nevertheless, I review the online pharmacies of any kind and selling any kind of drugs (I have even reviewed online pharmacies selling medications exclusively for pets only). Saying this, I have found another online pharmacy with the domain address name: and from its name I can think that this online pharmacy is only selling medications which helps you to sleep, so I doubt I am going to find any other types of medications, but I am going to check it later. As for now, I can say that the user friendly interface of the website is a very good thing because I can assume we all love good looking things and plus, this facilitates the navigation through the website. You can create and account here and login into it. I’m going to check if this is mandatory to do for ordering drugs here. What’s more important is finding out more information about the pharmacy so I have found their claim to be one of the leading providers of cheap sleeping pills in the UK and this is the best source for such pills in the UK and Europe. Nevertheless, I couldn’t find an exact address of their headquarters and I also wasn’t able to find for how long time they have been online.

Selection of medications and prices

As promised, I am going to check what kind of drugs do they have in the drugstore as it is expectable that they are only having sleeping pills. Although they do not have exclusively only sleeping tablets there (as there are 2 other types) they are all similar because they also have anti anxiety pills and pain relief pills which are often also taken for same reason: sleeping. According to the categories of medications there are 4 meds in sleeping tablets category, 4 meds in anti anxiety tablets and 3 meds in pain relief tablets. Selection of medications isn’t so wide, but we can’t judge them since it was expected to find only such kind of drugs on this online pharmacy with such a name. In terms of prices, unfortunately, I can’t say either are they good or not since I’m not an expert in the prices for such medications. Plus to that, since this is claimable a UK pharmacy, all the prices are in GBP and you can’t change them. Just to give example of prices: zopiclone 7.5 mg costs 0.85 GBP, zolpidem tartrate 10 mg (ambien) also 0.85 GBP, diazepam 10 mg – 0.83 GBP and nitrazepam 5 mg also 0.85 GBP. Either are these good prices or not I am not sure. They do not require a prescription for getting any of those 11 medications that you can find here.

Shipping and payment methods

For going to checkout page, as I have said earlier, is mandatory to have an account. For this reason I have tried to find as much information from the FAQ page. According to *when I will receive my order) they claim that UK customers are getting meds within 2 working days while all the rest of the Europe will get the meds in 4 to 10 days. However there’s no mention about other regions and that’s why I can assume they only ship within Europe. There’s also no mention of other shipping options or how much their shipping costs, but they claim to have free delivery so I am not sure if it’s offered to everyone or you need to have a certain order sum. In terms of payment methods they claim to accept the following: Visa and Master Card as credit cards and Bitcoin. No other payment methods than these 2 credit cards and bitcoins.

Customer Support Department

The information on their website suggests they are having a 24/7 customer service so regardless of the time of the day – just give them a phone call at number given on the website. Except for the phone number there’s also an email address given on the website and lastly, there’s also the contact form where you can write your enquiry.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I couldn’t find any coupon codes, however I have found out that the more pills you’re offering, the less the price per pill it gets. Plus to that, they claim to have free delivery, unbeatable prices and one last thing which I have noticed is that purchasing a high quantity of pills would give you free pills. Like for example purchasing 180 pills of zopiclone would give you 20 free pills. So that’s pretty much it as much as I could find. Customer Reviews

I did have found some customer reviews online, but I have only found 7 total reviews and all of them were on out of those 7 customer reviews, 2 of them were written by 100% satisfied customers who said that they are very thankful and will be using their service further. One customer review said that he’s satisfied, nevertheless he expected some more out of the quality of their drugs. Now the big problem is that the rest 4 customer reviews recommended to stay away because they are scammers. These people said that they have paid and never received anything so that’s very alarming. suggests that the website might be operating from Russia, and that’s although this is considered to be a UK online pharmacy. That’s again, a big problem.


Those people who are suffering from sleepless nights might be desperate in trying anything just to get their problem treated, however I don’t recommend them, regardless of how desperate you are, to use and that’s because according to and especially according to customer reviews – you might end up with sleepless nights and moneyless pockets. There are few customer reviews thinking otherwise, but I personally wouldn’t risk and only thanks to those few positive customer reviews I won’t rate it with the lowest rate but would give it a score of 2 out of 5!

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