/ Online Pills Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which claims to be a Canadian online pharmacy or at least that’s the information I could see as soon as I have accessed their website – Pills Online Canada (Online Drug Store). The website has good features of language and currency change and since they claim to be Canadian pharmacy, the currency was pre established in CAD (Canadian Dollar), but I changed it in USD (US Dollar). Talking about the website online, I would say that, in my opinion, it is really well done, it is user friendly, it seems very easy to navigate through it and everything is easily understandable. A good interface of the website is a sign of reliable online pharmacy, however that’s not actually the case, and this is why I am going to write this review. I have tried to find more information about the pharmacy itself so I found the *About Us* page which I have accessed but I barely could find anything useful as they haven’t mentioned for how long they have been on the market or where their headquarters is located. All that I could find there is their claim that they are a team of professional which cares about you and your family and therefore this company is connecting customers with the most trusted sources of generic and brand medicine suppliers in the world claiming that customer satisfaction is their top priority selling medications at reasonable prices. All of this sounds extremely good so let’s check it further.

Selection of medications and prices

As a lot of other online pharmacies out there, there are 3 different methods for searching for the medication that you need – searching via keyword (search function), searching by name (first letter of the drug) and lastly there’s categories list with medications categorized by health condition. Analyzing the number of those types of medications I would say that there are a lot of medications for different needs. there are such meds as: cancer drugs, asthma, arthritis, cholesterol, anti depressants, pain relief, hair loss, weight loss and a lot of other types of medications. with this being said I can assume that you would most likely find all your needed drugs here, or at least alternatives for them, so selection of medicines is very wide. As in regards to prices, I’ve checked the erectile dysfunction drugs (which by the way, are very much either) and I can say that the cheapest prices for generic versions of Viagra is: 0.36 USD, Cialis is: 1.31 USD and Levitra is: 0.99 USD per pill. They are also selling brands versions as well. I analyzed the price more carefully and I can say that although the prices are *moderate* they are not the best, by far. They recommend customers to visit a doctor before ordering, however they do not require a prescription for getting any meds from them.

Shipping and payment methods

They claim that they are shipping to most countries world wide so that’s very good, shipping rates aren’t disclosed because they may vary depending on the shopping option, country of destination as well as the products that you are ordering. There are 2 shipping options, airmail and trackable service. Maximum delivery times are: 14 days for trackable and 30 days for airmail. Trackable does have tracking option but standard airmail does not. in terms of payment methods this online pharmacy is accepting 5 different credit cards: visa, master card, discover, JCB, American express and diners club and another payment method: e-check (but for US customers only). Except for these 2, there are no other payment methods.

Customer Support

They do have 2 phone numbers listed on the website which you can dial and get in touch with their customer support department in case you have some questions to ask. One is US toll free number and the other one is UK number. Except for calling them you’re also able to use the contact form on their contact page but unfortunately, there are the only methods available to talk with them.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Right on their checkout page there’s a space left for: discount coupon which you’re able to add and get a discount. That code you can get only after you’ve already had a successful order in the past with them because they offer 10% discount for all next orders. Except for this, the online pharmacy is offering free standard airmail service for all orders that are having a sum starting at $ 200! Except for this, purchasing generic medications is going to offer you free erectile dysfunction pills as a bonus. One last thing I can mention here is that purchasing in bulk would make you have bigger savings as the prices per pill are getting lower. They also offer ED packs which claimable, would make you save 20%! Reviews

Although this online pharmacy has testimonials on their own website, I didn’t even bother to read them as I already know that there are only positive customer reviews and  without checking it, I intend you all to go on their page and read testimonials then tell me if I am right about this or not. Those are fake reviews 99% of time and this is the reason why I haven’t even checked them. I tried to check customer reviews on third party websites, however I couldn’t find a single customer review, and that’s a major problem. I checked its legitimacy on legitscript to find out that it is a Rogue internet pharmacy. Checked and they offer only 10% and recommend to stay away from it! These facts greatly discourage me to order anything here.


They are offering moderately good prices (compared to other online pharmacies) and very good prices compared to local pharmacies. They are offering very good deals, world wide shipping etc. However it is all not worth it as long as there are no customer reviews to confirm its legitimacy and none of scam warning sites have trust in this. I would say that risks of ordering here are too high to do so and that’s why I rate it with 2 out of 5!

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