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Just another online pharmacy that I have found is and I will try to find out whether is it worth to purchase medications here or not. I’ve checked its front page for a little bit and I found out the following: the online pharmacy is offering different currencies which make it easier to understand the prices for foreign customers, they are offering their customers to register and to login to their accounts and I am going to check later if this is mandatory to do if you wish to purchase medications. Generally I would say that this website is pretty well made as to me, everything is clear, the design seems to be user friendly and this makes it easier for me to navigate through the site and that’s very good because I don’t like to get headaches by searching for my needed medications. On the front page they are having a medication named roaccutane which they claim it is for acne treatment and seemingly they are mostly oriented in selling this medication. I’ve tried to find out more information about the pharmacy itself but unfortunately there is not an about us page or something like that. With this being said, I failed to find where this pharmacy is located or for how much time it has been around.

Selection of medications and prices for them

As I have mentioned earlier, this online pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling the Roaccutane product (which comes in different forms, dosages etc.) for unknown reasons, however there’s still a Categories list of medications and they are not categorized by health condition or anything but there’s the full list of medications that you can find. There’s a total of around 50 different drugs for different conditions such as Anti depressants, Smoking cessation, acne, antibiotics, Anxiety and many others with erectile dysfunction meds like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra being there. So selection of drugs, although not the best, seems to be quite enough to my opinion. Seemingly they are only offering brand medications as I couldn’t find any generic versions for any medications. Viagra 50 mg 4 tablets costs 89 USD and to be honest that’s a lower price compared to local pharmacy but compared to other online pharmacies that’s a very high price. The same goes for Levitra and Cialis too. There is no FAQ page and they haven’t mentioned if they require a prescription or not so I am not sure if they need one or not.

Shipping and payment methods on

As it was expected you need to login to your account if you want to go the checkout page that’s why, although there’s not a FAQ page there is a Shipping Policy page which I found out that Europe shipments are usually made next day while they are usually are shipping within2  days. I haven’t found information where they found world wide or not. All customers are being given a tracking option online where they can track their parcel. Shipping costs depend on how much you order. Less than 67 GBP would make the shipping 23.47 GBP, anywhere between 67 and 134 GBP would make the shipping 16.76 GBP, anywhere between 134 and 201 GBP shipping is 10.06 GBP, from 201 to 268 GBP shipping is 6.70 GBP and for those who order more than 268 GBP the shipping is going to be free. There is not a payment options page, but on shipping page I found out that they are accepting e check and bank wire transfer and I can also assume they are accepting credit cards either.

Customer Support Team

You are not able to get in touch with this online pharmacy in any other method except for filling up the contact form on the contact us page where you fill up your details/ credentials and you then need to wait for a response back. There’s not an email listed, not a phone number or anything. Since there’s also no mailing address or anything to my opinion this online pharmacy is quite mysterious and full of secrets.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? coupon codes

Those online pharmacies which are offering coupon codes and discounts are my favorite ones and those are the online pharmacies which I would be using and that’s why when I review an online pharmacy I make sure that I search for discounts, special offers or discounts. Sadly but this online vendor doesn’t seem to offer discounts or coupon codes. There’s nothing as much as I could find only except for the free shipping for big orders and they are also having a *Specials* section with some products on it with them claiming that those are having special prices, but checking the prices for ED meds, there’s nothing good about it. Reviews

I’ve tried to search for customer reviews about this online vendor and I have found that has listed it as a Rogue internet pharmacy. According to this online pharmacy is from Russian Federation and that’s a high risk involving country giving it only 41 % trust rate and recommending to have care when ordering here. I did have found some customer reviews with mixed results – some of them are positive, others are negative. According to some people, you’re going to get amazing experience by using this vendor but according to other people, you’re going to have the worst experience since to their opinion, this is an illegal/ fake online pharmacy.


There are positive things about this online pharmacy like some positive customer reviews and free shipping. But there are much more negative things: the pharmacy seems to be very mysterious with nearly no way of getting in touch with them and no information about the pharmacy itself, there are negative customer reviews, there is no trust from scam warning websites and ROGUE classified by In addition that they are having high prices for medications and no coupon codes with no discounts. All in all I think that deserves 2 out of 5.

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