/ Online Pharmacy XX Reviews & Coupons is a Canadian online pharmacy which provides high quality medications, or at very least this is what the logo of this online pharmacy claims because the first thing that I have noticed entering this online pharmacy is: Canada Drugs and High quality medications. The website features multiple languages other than English and multiple currencies than USD. I would say that the website is really user friendly with good features and design. I have then went on their *about us* page to find out more information about the pharmacy itself and there I found out the pharmacy claiming that they have 7 years of experience in pleasing customer needs. Plus to that, there is a list of reasons why people should have trust in use their services: highest quality generic drugs, fast and free delivery, safe and secure payments, money back guarantee and lastly, free pills with every order. These are all very good claims but I just hope that this is all true because I’ve often found online pharmacies lying about their promises and I hope this is not an online pharmacy of that type. I’ve checked further to see for what this online pharmacy has to offer. As usual, I’ve started off with the selection of drugs and prices.

Selection of medications and what are the prices for them on

As soon as you enter the website you can see there’s a categories list and according to what I could find, those are categories of medications based on health conditions as there are medications for: erectile dysfunction, antibiotics, allergies, arthritis, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, depression and many others. What’s interesting is that each category has a number near it which suggests how many drugs you can find in that category. Like for example: blood pressure category has 58 drugs, depression 28, diabetes 19, man’s health 35, anxiety 15, hair loss 7, erectile dysfunction 45 drugs and so on and so forth. So analyzing the number of categories and adding each number you can see there, I would say that they must have 500+ medications in their drugstores and that’s a big number. As in regards to the prices I went to erectile dysfunction page and I saw the following: the lowest prices per pill of generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra were: 0.35 USD, 0.77 USD and 1.15 USD accordingly. But besides generics they also have brands: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra with prices of 3.92, 4.03 and 4.16 USD per pill respectively. The pharmacy doesn’t require any prescriptions for getting any type of medications from them.

Customer Support

For getting in touch with this online pharmacy you are being offered the usual way of doing it by filling up a contact form on their contact page and then wait for their response back in your email. If this method of getting in touch with them isn’t actually what you expected then you can also give them a phone call by their US phone number or by their EU phone number. There is no online live chat function and this is the reason you either call them or write them by contact form, no other ways are available.

Shipping and payment methods on

The online pharmacy is offering 2 shipping methods: standard and trackable. The standard airmail service has a shipping fee of 15 USD and a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks. There is no online tracking available and via this method, the pharmacy ships world wide. The second shipping method is trackable. It costs 25 USD and a delivery time of 5 to 9 business days, it does have an online tracking available but not all countries can use this service. An additional fee is added if you want delivery insurance. In regards to the payment methods there are 2 of them: via bitcoin or via credit cards. They are accepting only visa, American express and Master card as credit cards.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

Even though this online pharmacy does not have coupon codes, it is offering some other discounts and methods to make their customers save some money: 5% discount for second order and 7% discount for third and further orders. Plus to that they are offering free pills for every order. People might choose between 2x pills of Viagra, Cialis or Levitra pills. One more thing the pharmacy is offering is free delivery. Airmail delivery is free for orders above 200 USD and traceable delivery is free for orders above 300 USD. Reviews

Even though I’ve searched a lot for customer reviews about all over the internet I couldn’t find any review addressed to this online pharmacy, be it positive or negative. With this being said, I doubt that there is actually someone who has ever ordered anything from this online pharmacy. I’ve seen the testimonials page on the pharmacy’s page, but people who follow my reviews knows the reason why I don’t tend to believe in those testimonials and I don’t recommend my follow readers to believe them. I went on to see what it would recommend I saw a trust of only 72% and as it was explained the reason for this relatively low trust rate is because the domain age is exactly a year, which means that this is a pretty new online pharmacy. What’s good is that at least suggests that it is indeed from Canada and the owner didn’t used a service to hide their identity.


In the end I would still recommend people to stay away from this online pharmacy because ordering here is very risky in terms of losing your money. The reason for that is: new website and complete lack of customer reviews. I understand that prices and deals can be tempting but I would decide to stay away and if there would be someone who gets tempted enough and tries it out, please share your experience. As for now I rate it with 2 out of 5!

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