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There seem to be a new online pharmacy with the domain address on their *about us* page is very little information but I say that this is an new online pharmacy because from the external sources I managed to find that it has been established just a year ago in 2016. They claim to differentiate themselves from other online pharmacies from peers in terms of quality and price. Besides online pharmacy they also seem to provide online doctor consultation services as well as they claim that those individuals that doesn’t have prescriptions are able to ask for consultation and therefore to get the necessary prescription. They claim to have the best medications with a range of medical products being very vast and broad! There doesn’t seem to be any information about their license though as much as I couldn’t find where their headquarters are located. However external sites suggests that their delivery is done from Pakistan and India which makes me think that their pharmacy should be located there. selection of medications

You can find the medications that you need by the first letter of the medication you are searching for, by writing the name of that medication in the search box or also by category of health issue (ADHD, Hair loss, Men’s health, anti anxiety, sleeping aids and many others). As they suggested, the range of medication does seem to be vast as the category of medications seem to be big. I’ve started my search with Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and they had each one of these in generic forms, however they had brand only for Cialis and Viagra. They also had other versions like for example Cialis soft, female Viagra and so on and so forth. But the only Levitra they have is generic. Prices comparison

The price for generic Cialis 20 mg was 1 USD per pill if you purchase 360 pills. The price for generic Viagra is 0.94 USD per pill if you purchase 360 pills. If you decide to purchase either generic Cialis or generic Viagra in smaller quantities than 360 pill per order or in higher doses then the prices per pill is higher. These are the lowest prices for these pills. Lowest price for brand Viagra by Pfizer 50 mg is 40 USD per pill but that’s if you purchase 40 pills. For higher dosage or less quantity you would need to pay more (40 USD being the lowest price for brand Viagra per pill with up to 110 USD for the highest price per unit for 10 pills of 100 mg of brand Viagra by Pfizer). The only Levitra they have generic is priced 2.52 USD the lowest price for 20 mg and 60 pills. The price can get as high as 4.70 USD per pill if you purchase generic Levitra 100 mg 10 pills only. In my opinion these are moderate prices. They are by far not the best prices that I have seen but they are not the worst. However that’s for the generic Viagra and Cialis. For brand Cialis and Viagra and for generic Levitra the prices does seem to be too high.

Customer support service that has

Their office hours are 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM EST, Monday to Saturday (they don’t work on Sundays) where you can give a phone call at their toll free number or sales number. They are also able to write you back by email if that’s your chosen form of contacting them, by email. No live chat function. Email and phone calls are the ways you can get in touch with their customer support team.

Do requires a prescription?

Yes they do require a prescription for those medications that needs one, however all their customers are able to opt for an online consultation with their doctors in case you don’t have a prescription and you might get one from them.

What’s the shipping policy?

There are 2 shipping options: regular airmail service which has a delivery time of 14 to 21 days, would cost you 9.95 USD and doesn’t have tracking or the express shipping which has a delivery time of 7 to 12 business days, would cost you 19.95 USD and does have a tracking. They ship world wide with few exception countries (not sure which ones). They are not able to accept returned medications meaning that as soon as any medications have left their pharmacy – they are yours and you won’t be able to return them.

Payment options with Online Pharmacy Drug

You cannot start your payment until you have an account on their site. However I did have managed to find out that their payment methods are 2: credit card and echeck. However they accept only one credit card: master card (not sure how about visa) and I’m pretty sure that echeck is only for US customers. They don’t seem to have any other payment methods than these 2.

Online Pharmacy Drug coupon codes or discounts

I’ve tried to search for coupon codes in regards to this online pharmacy and I haven’t found any. I have tried to search for what kind of discounts or bonuses or special offers they have and then again, I was unable to find any. They only seem to give you a lower price per pill if you purchase more pills at once and that’s it. No free shipping, no bonuses or discounts and the saddest thing is that there are no coupon codes. Here’s all the information I found on their Offers & Discounts: * Be it new or returning customer, every purchaser is to entitle to receive offers and discounts at the time of purchase. And, that’s our specialty. There are exclusive loyalty bonus programs for returning customers.* unfortunately I wasn’t able to find those discounts (or I guess they meant the larger quantity of pills) and I am not sure what’s the loyalty bonus programs. That’s sad when pharmacies don’t actually offer any facilities.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? reviews

On external sites I have found 2 different people named Lauren and Sergey Kozlov who said that they are scammers. like for example Lauren said that she has paid 137 USD and waited for the medications 4 months with no pills and no refund. She made sure to call them rip off scammers. Sergey said that he has ordered pills worth 57 USD and he was waiting for more than a month with no updates. He has said that he called the phone numbers and wrote them emails but there was nobody to answer his questions. I’ve searched whether this pharmacy is CIPA accredited and it is not. I’ve continued my research on this pharmacy and I couldn’t find people being happy with this pharmacy.


A new online pharmacy has to work its way to gain trust, and when there is a brand new online pharmacy that already has customer feedback saying that they paid for their medications and they haven’t got anything that’s a good sign that this is a rip off site. There are no proof anywhere online (no certificates, licenses or customer feedback) suggesting that they are good or trustable. With all of that said – deserves 1 out of 5 and I put it in my blacklist!

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