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There’s an online pharmacy that claims to have all the needed medications for those suffering from pain problems so if there are such people who need such medications you can access and check the information on the site to check what they’re offering. Alternatively, you can simply read this review as I’m going to try to mention here the most important points and make a conclusion if the pharmacy is worth using. According to the information on their site, you are able to purchase pharmaceutical drugs online without prescription in case you’re going to purchase pharmaceutical drugs from this site and that’s because they are having doctors within their team that are going to write you a prescription free of charge. There’s also suggestion that they are shipping only FDA approved medications from USA that are being made in US as well. There are also the names of the key people on their website. I have to say that their website seems to be really well done, user friendly and information that’s very well arranged on the site which, to my opinion, is very good as it makes it easier to navigate through the site. In addition, people are able to register an account on this site either. They claim that are a reputed online pharmacy shop that has as am to offer you high quality online medicines at affordable rates only. I was not able to find information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has been operating and there’s a google map given on their site suggesting that they are located in Destin, FL, USA, however I couldn’t find an exact address there. I generally, do not like such types of mysteriousness but hopefully scam warning sites would help me determine these points. All in all, the pharmacy seems to have good claims and promises, but we’re going to check them all more carefully. Selection of medications and prices

From the information that I can see on their website you can search for the medications by using the search box function available on their website or you could also check the medications available by clicking on *all products*. The products are not categorized by health conditions or anything, there’s just a list of medications of around 50 medications or so with medications, as much as it seems (from as much as I know) for conditions as anxiety (Xanax, clonazepam, and others), pains (oxycodone, oxycontin and others), Erectile dysfunction (Cialis, Viagra and others), and other medications as well. As much as it seems, they have a limited number of medications but from my observations, these are some of the most needed/ most famous medications. I checked for Viagra and I noticed that they are offering only brand Viagra. Checking the prices I saw that you can get 60 pills x Viagra 50 mg for 309 USD and so on until the biggest quantity – 300 pills x Viagra 50 mg would cost you 749 USD. In case these are the prices for Viagra brand by Pfizer I would say that these are really good prices, however if they sell generics then those are some extremely high prices! As said, they do not require a valid prescription as they are going to send you one if your request is approved. Shipping and payment methods

There’s no information on their site suggesting that they are offering shipping outside the USA so I’m not sure if they are offering one. On the billing page there’s the list of countries to choose where you want your shipping to be sent to and there’s a big list of countries, nevertheless there’s still something that makes me doubt in the fact that they are offering shipping outside the USA. There are 3 shipping options (FedEx overnight that costs 49 USD, Private Courier any weekend day that costs 49, USPS within 4 days that costs 36 USD). Payment methods include: credit cards, western union and money gram. Customer Support Service

As soon as I have entered their main page I have been contacted by their consultant through the live chat function asking me if I had questions to ask them. so one method to talk with them is via live chat function, the other one is by calling them at the phone number listed on their website and lastly, you could also talk with them by using the contact form and getting a response in your email.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was searching for coupon codes and as much as I have noticed, I couldn’t find any coupon codes on the site so it seems they do not offer any. Instead I found information that all the orders above 600 US will get free shipping. However, I think that 600 USD for free shipping is way too much. It seems that the more pills you’re ordering the more the discount you get and lastly, the only way to get a discount is – 6 % off any orders for those who would pay with WU or MG. Reviews

I’ve been searching for customer reviews and I was not able to find a single review about this site anywhere online on independent websites except for their own website. On their testimonials page they claim that out of 169 reviews 92 % rated it with 5 stars and 8 % rated it with 4 stars! It was not a shock for me to see this, because usually, testimonials are fake so I won’t exclude the fact that these are fake either. I checked where I found the site has been online for only one year, they are using free email addresses and in total, the site has a trust rate of 80%.


I will not recommend an online pharmacy that has no customer reviews online which could confirm the fact that ordering here is safe. There are alarming things such as the site is only one year old and it is never easy in having trust in new pharmacies and they are using free email addresses. But it does have a trust rate of 80 % by and the pharmacy does seem to be located in USA as expected. All in all my rate would be 3 out of 5.

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