| Online iHealth Store Reviews & Coupons / Online iHealth Store Reviews & CouponsBeen doing my usual research for an online drugstore and is the pharmacy that I have found and will be reviewing. As soon as I have entered the main page of this online pharmacy I have noticed their overall bestsellers medications so I have noticed that they are mostly selling erectile dysfunction medications or other sexual dysfunctionalities such as premature ejaculation and that’s because the top first medications in bestsellers are generic ED medications such as Levitra, Cialis and Viagra. However these are only their *bestsellers* and they do have other types of meds which I am going to talk about later. seems to be a website with a user friendly interface where everything seems to be clear and understandable. On the website, there’s *country, language and currency* however you cannot change any of them so either the site is not fully functional at the moment, or that’s a feature that is about to appear. I have checked their about us page and there I have found out that this website, which has been in the business for 12 years, is one of the leading pharmacies on the Internet. A leading pharmacy on the internet means that the pharmacy should be 100% reliable and the prices should be good either, so I do hope that this is true. They claim that their medications are all approved by FDA and are internationally certified. The problem is that I couldn’t find information where this pharmacy is located, unfortunately.

Selection of medications and prices for them

As mentioned a bit earlier, it seems this online drugstore is mostly selling erectile dysfunction medications, however, as I said, they do seem to have many other types of medications in their drugstore either and I say it because according to their drugs categories list, they have a lot of drugs for a lot of different things, like for example medications for: diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, cancer, antivirals, migraine, HIV and many other types of medications and with this being said, I doubt that someone won’t be finding the medications they need or at least an alternative for it. Since selection of medications is so wide I went further checking for the prices and for doing this I went on erectile dysfunction medications (where I also found lots of different drugs in both generic and brand forms). So, as an example I would take generic Viagra in 50 mg which would cost you 1.20 USD per pill if you buy 90 pills. The price per pill is cheaper the more pills you buy and it is more expensive the less pills you buy, therefore the prices can depend. Although that’s a fairly good price, I’ve seen online pharmacies with cheaper prices. They claim that some products you can find in their drugstore requires a prescription so the pharmacy requires those customers ordering them to show a valid prescription before ordering them.

Shipping and payment methods

Upon checking out you can choose your shipping method and there are 2 methods: standard airmail service which costs 10 USD for this service, has a delivery time of up to 21 days, doesn’t have online tracking and it can be used, as the pharmacy says, world wide so everyone can order here. But there is a faster and more expensive shipping method: trackable service. It costs 30 USD, however it has a delivery time of up to 14 days, it does have online tracking but not all countries in the world supports this shipping method. As in terms of payment methods, accepts credit cards such as VISA, Master Card and JCB. Plus to this, they are also accepting bitcoin for paying for your medications here.

Customer Support Service

As we all know, an online pharmacy should have, at least in my personal opinion, a very good customer support service and that’s because a lot of people might be having questions so they need to be answered. Their customer support service, claimable works 24/7 and that’s very good and so, regardless of the time of the day, you can call them by the 3 phone numbers listed on the website (one is US toll free, another is US regular and there’s an UK phone number) or you can also send an email via their contact form on their website. In case you don’t like any of these methods you can use their live chat support as well and that’s something very good since it is my preferred method to talk with customer support.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

While I have been searching for coupon codes or at least any methods which could make you save some money, I did have found some and that’s very good because the reason of ordering online is to save money while purchasing meds. So, you can get 5% discount for second order and 7% discount for third and further order. They are also offering free ED pills and free standard airmail service or orders with a sum more than $ 150. Reviews

Due to the fact that I wasn’t able to find anywhere online customer reviews about this pharmacy except for the testimonials on their own website (which I guess you already know that they do not value anything for me as I think that they are fakes) I have went straightforward to Although there aren’t a lot of alarming things (the website is new and there’s a high number of suspicious websites on this service) it still alarmed me a lot the fact that the website is less than a month old! So they lied about being in business for 12 years.


This website seems to have fair prices with fair offers making you save money. Nevertheless, there are no customer reviews (which isn’t shocking since the website has been opened less than a month ago). But the fact that they have lied about the time they have been in business I really don’t like so if they lied once, they might lie more and that’s why I don’t have trust in it – to me it gets 1 out of 5!

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