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Doing the research for reliable online pharmacies I have managed to find, an online pharmacy which claims that *your health is our world* or at least that’s according to their motto. I have accessed their main page where I have seen a really user friendly interfaced and well designed website, with good features and options as well as information that can be easily found on the site. also, it seems that people can change the language on the site according to their preferences. Another option of this online pharmacy that customers have is to register an account and login to them on the site. Also, on their main page I have seen that they are offering some kind of discounts and special offers which I am going to talk about later. They claim that their online pharmacy is working 24 hours and seven days a week for on time delivery of the drug to their clients. They are claiming to have the finest medicines with proper amount and all of this is delivered directly at your doorstep. There’s information on the site that they are protected and monitored by DMCA, they are offering worldwide shipping and also, customers are able to follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and pinterest. They also claim to be an US online pharmacy which strives to provide the best healthcare services to people all over the world, nevertheless, I was not able to find an address shared by this pharmacy and there’s also no information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has been operating. There are a few reasons as why this pharmacy claims to be the best and they include: mastered customer service, quality drugs at reasonable price, secured payments, general health information, refund policy, easily accessible, qualified pharmacists are available, superfast delivery and they are offering no supplying of substitute products. All of this sounds quite good. Selection of medications and prices

I’m not able to say the exact number of drugs found at this online pharmacy as there is not shared one, however I can still assume that the selection of medications at this online pharmacy is really wide. You can search for medications by using the search function but the reason I think the selection of meds is very wide ranged is because according to their categories of drugs, there are a lot of them. you can go on *all categories* and there you would see medications for: acne, anti cancer, asthma, bladder prostate, birth control, hair loss, allergy, migraine and a lot of other medications. Since they have medications treating so many conditions, I can assume they are offering lots of different drugs. Only in men’s health medications there seem to be 183 different drugs. I have checked the prices and I saw that generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) called Cenforce 50 mg would cost you 0.7 USD to 0.6 USD per pill depending how much pills you buy (30, 60 or 120 pills). To be honest, that’s a really good price to my opinion. This pharmacy requires a prescription in order to get prescription products so make sure you have one before trying to order. Shipping and payment methods

As I have mentioned it a bit earlier, there’s information right on their main page suggesting that this pharmacy is able to provide shipping worldwide to everybody. On the checkout page, I was not offered to select from multiple shipping options as there seem to be only one, with a price of 20 USD. I was not able to find information about delivery timeframes but I did found that they are offering tracking online. According to the information on their site, is accepting debit card, credit card, echeck, as well as direct bank transfer (DBT) as different modes of payment. Customer Support Service

To my opinion, the more methods are available to get in touch with this online pharmacy, the better it is for customers as people are different and might want to ask questions in different manners. With this being said, I noticed that this pharmacy is offering 2 phone numbers (USA toll free and international) so you can call or use whatsapp for the international phone. You can also write them using the contact form or one of their 2 emails listed on the site or also, by the chat function which seems to be available. Coupon Codes

I earlier mentioned that I noticed on their website that the pharmacy does seem to have some special offers. They include: if you are going to sign up on their website you’re going to get 10% off your order which is amazing. In addition to that, the pharmacy is offering free shipping on all orders that are above 150 USD as well and lastly – I said it earlier that if you buy more pills at once the price per pill is getting better. Reviews

I was honestly hoping that this online pharmacy has good customer reviews which could make me have trust in the pharmacy due to the fact that I did loved their prices for medications. However there’s the problem – there are no good customer reviews, and there are no negative customer reviews either. There are no reviews at all anywhere online. I checked the information on which suggested this is a new online pharmacy that has been created less than a year ago and so it has no feedback. Generally, the site is rarely visited. I personally think that this pharmacy needs to do something in order to attract more customers and ideally to make them write customer reviews online.


In the end, I am not able to recommend this pharmacy to anyone since this pharmacy has no customer reviews that could confirm this pharmacy is worth using. With this being said, the pharmacy might be reliable but it might as well not be reliable. I personally won’t recommend a site that I’m not sure it is safe to use. But thanks to its rather good prices and 78% trust given by I can rate it with 3 out of 5.

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