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Another online pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing is which, from its domain address name, we can easily conclude that this is a Canadian online pharmacy which according to the information on its front page it has low price for medications. Also according to their information this is an established Canadian Pharmacy Intermediary with US accreditation that is operating since 2002. This online pharmacy is established in British Columbia, Canada and the president and a registered pharmacist of this online pharmacy is Dawn Polley. The website is user friendly designed with claimable accreditations like CIPA and IPABC so to find out if that’s true or not I went on and I searched for which indeed seemed to be like an member of CIPA which is a very good sign but as I often say, this doesn’t mean that the pharmacy is automatically perfect as there are other details to check as well. The customers of this online pharmacy can create an account and sign in to it. With all of this being said, I went further finding out what this pharmacy has to offer.

Selection of medications and prices for them on

Searching for the drugs that you need you have got to use the search box function and you can search through either all drugs, brand drugs only or generic alternatives only meaning that this online pharmacy is selling medications in both branded name versions and generics too. I’ve searched for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in all drugs and I’ve been found each of them in both forms. Generally it seems this online pharmacy is having lots of medications other than just ED treating medications. to give example of prices, generic Viagra 50 mg 88 tablets would cost you 174 USD and to be honest that’s some very high price because that makes 2 USD per pill of generic Viagra and I’ve seen prices a lot lower than that. If you still decide to purchase here for whatever the reason then you need to make sure that you are going to have a valid prescription to show for prescriptions drugs here.

Shipping and payment methods offered by

According to the information on their FAQ page, they are not shipping internationally and also according to the information there, they do not ship to Canada either, meaning that they only ship to USA. They are having a single shipping method which is express mail which as a flat shipping fee of 10 USD and has a delivery time of like 2 to 4 weeks. I couldn’t find information on payment methods, however it seems they are only accepting credit cards (and I am not sure which credit cards exactly they are accepting).

Customer care department at

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done by several methods but excluding online live chat function as they don’t seem to have one and that’s sad, at least for me, as it is my favorite way of talking with their customer care department. Anyhow, if you’re still searching for ways to get in touch with their customer care department then you should know you can do it via mail address, via phone number, fax number and lately via email. Since there’s no live chat function, I haven’t contacted them myself so I am not able to comment on quality.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

The reason why most people start searching for online pharmacies are the big prices offered by their local pharmacies and when searching for online pharmacies you’re obviously searching for ways to save money. Discounts, coupon codes, promos and other sales are those things which helps us save some money and most of those people searching for online pharmacies are looking if the online pharmacy is offering these things and I’m one of them as well. So when I was reviewing, obviously I have been searching for them but, unfortunately, I haven’t found this online pharmacy to offer any kind of discounts, sales or coupon codes right now. What I did have found which can make you save some money are 2 things: they are offering free shipping but that’s only to new patients placing a new prescription order. Existing patients do not qualify for this offer. Another thing they have is tell a friend offer and for each friend you refer you get 25 USD which you can use on your further orders. Reviews

It is essential to read customer reviews about any online pharmacy in order to determine or at least to have a more approximate quality of the services offered by the vendor because all the claims made by any pharmacy are often not confirmed by the customer reviews and the customer reviews are, in my opinion, more objective. They do offer to read the customer reviews on their own website (testimonials) but since I doubt in the authenticity on those reviews since they are often fake, I searched for customer reviews on independent websites and although I have found only very few reviews (which isn’t a good sign because it means the website isn’t very popular among customers and that’s because of some, in my opinion, valid reasons) the worst side is that all those customer reviews were negative with people saying that the pharmacy is offering overpriced medications (which I do agree with them). Lack of customer reviews made me search for info on which although suggested that it has lots of visitors (that’s strange – lots of visitors with very few customer reviews) to take care using this vendor with a trust of 56% only which is pretty low. An even bigger problem is that the real location is hidden and that’s something I don’t like at all.


It seems this online pharmacy, at least in my opinion, has a single positive side: it is a CIPA accredited member, however all other points aren’t very good. They are not shipping to other countries than USA, they don’t have live chat function, they are having very little customer reviews online and they are all negative, they don’t have trust from and the real location is hidden which is a big problem. And as if that was not enough – the prices on this online pharmacy are pretty high with no discounts, sales (even now during winter holidays) or anything to make you save some money except for first shipping for free and refer a friend for 25 USD. I personally think that this online pharmacy does not deserve more than 2 out of 5.

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