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Online pharmacies are a great way to save some money but the problem is that lately, there are too many scamming online pharmacies which only promise great things but never keep their promises and either do not send you anything or send you not what you paid for. For this reason, pharmacy reviews are so important. Today I come along an online pharmacy which claims to *buy antibiotics online without a prescription*. They claim that they sell generic antibiotics online and the prices are more than 75% off brand name medications. From as much as I could see from their front page and from the pharmacy’s name, they are only selling antibiotics but I will check this more carefully later. They also claim not to require a prescription and this is a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy. The website of this pharmacy seems to be pretty well done, it is user friendly and every page can be easily accessible as everything is easily understandable. You can also change the currency on the website. I have tried to find out where this pharmacy is located but unfortunately, due to lack of information about this I couldn’t and I do not really like pharmacies which do not share their locations. As for how long this pharmacy is in the business, claimable – one decade. Or at least information on their copyright suggests: 2008 – 2018. With all of this being said, it sounds good, but I will continue doing my research in order to find out more, and as much as possible, about the pharmacy. selection of medications and prices

Although the name of the pharmacy includes *antibiotics* I was wondering if they are selling exclusively only antibiotics or not and by analyzing the list of medications on their website it does seems so as they do not have any other drugs. You can see the full list of generic antibiotics right on their website by you could use the search function available on the website. So talking exclusively only about antibiotics the selection of them is quite wide, however selection of medications in general is limited only to antibiotics so if you need any other types of meds than antibiotics then you need to search for other pharmacy. As in terms of prices, I will just give some example as I am not an expert in prices for antibiotics so I cannot comment on them. but for example, Amoxil is priced with 0.42 USD while Augmentin is priced with 1.70 USD per pill. Not sure if these are cheap/ high prices. as I mentioned a bit earlier, the pharmacy is offering all these medications without an prescription and I know that this sounds good for some people, but that’s not always a good thing since, as I said, this could mean that the pharmacy is illegal. Shipping and payment methods

The pharmacy is claiming to deliver medications to any country specified by their customers and with this being said they are delivering medications world wide. They claim that there are 2 shipping options available which is EMS delivery (online tracking is available) has a dead line for delivering medications 14 days and it costs 30 USD. The second option is airmail service that costs 10 USD and does not have online tracking plus, it has a delivery timeframe of 14 to 21 days but dead line is 30 days. Talking about the payment methods, the pharmacy is accepting VISA, Discover, JCB, American Express, Diners club and Master Card. Other than credit cards, only echeck is accepted. Customer Support Service

It is obvious that people, before ordering, might have a lot of questions to ask. But even after ordering or even after already receiving the asked medications – people still could have questions to ask. For this reason customer support service need to be at the top quality. I’ve never contacted them myself but I found out that there are 3 different methods to talk with them. The first one includes the most widely known method which is contact form on their website. The other method is the phone call as they have listed 2 phone numbers which you can dial and talk with them. but lastly, the pharmacy is offering live chat function as well!

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

According to the information on the website, the pharmacy is offering coupon codes, truth is that I couldn’t find any coupon codes anywhere, it might be the fact that the coupon codes is given to people who have already ordered and are giving 10% discount for all next orders. Except for this 10% discount for next orders, the only other thing I could mention here is the fact that they are offering free airmail service for all orders that have more than 200 USD. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about this online pharmacy I have managed to find only one single review and it was not promoting the pharmacy at all. According to that person, he has ordered 180 capsules of Amoxil and in the end he has got capsules filled with chalk. He claims that this is a fraudulent website and recommends not to use this website and to save your money as avoiding this website is the only way. One single customer review might not be enough so I searched for information about this website on but there I haven’t found any good information either and that’s because: This website has been reported as being untrustworthy and has been given a low reliability rating by other websites. With this being said, I doubt that this is a pharmacy worth using.


As I just mentioned, I have big doubts that this website is worth using, and that’s after I have found a review suggesting this is a fraudulent website and after the same thing was confirmed by scam warning website. With all this information kept in mind, the pharmacy is not reliable so a non reliable pharmacy gets a rate of 1 out of 5.

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