/ Online RX Reviews & Coupons it is another domain address that you can find the online pharmacy with the name Pharmacy Mall which has been stablished around 20 years ago in 1997 and it claims to be the best online pharmacy that you can find. This seems to be a very popular online drugstore which is selling pharmaceutical products all over the world in both branded names and generics medications. This pharmacy claims to have served already more than 1.000.000 customers and if that’s true then to my opinion it means that they do know how to please customers. This online drugstore is claiming to save your money and time and from the information that I could find, this pharmacy seems to be based in Canada. This pharmacy claims to be a certified Canadian international pharmacy (CIPA), Manitoba international pharmacists association (MIPA), an online pharmacy that is verified and has 5 stars from and that all of the manufacturers of their medications and obviously the medications themselves  are all approved by FDA. All of this seem to be very good and especially the part if they indeed have already satisfied more than a million customers. The website itself supports 5 different languages and you can change currency as well. Let’s take a closer look at this pharmacy.

Online RX Drug Selection

You have three different ways of searching for a medication that you need. You either use the simplest way of searching by writing the name of your medication in the search box and you’re going to be shown the list of drugs with such a name. You can also search the medication that you need by the categories of medications, they are categorized by the health condition (such as anxiety, birth control, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and so on and so forth) or lately, the third method by the first letter of your medication. Browsing a little bit through this website it is clear that this pharmacy is mostly focused on selling Erectile Dysfunction medications. or at least their first 2 top bestsellers are Viagra and Cialis. Plus to that they have ED sample packs and although all the health categories of drugs are coming in alphabetical way (first is allergy, then anti fungal and lastly weight loss, woman’s health) – the ED sample packs and Erectile Dysfunction drugs are first. Cialis, Levitra and Viagra are all there in very much versions. They have generics, brands and other versions such as Soft, Super Active, Professional etc. Drug selection is very big with a lot of medications that you can find on their drugstores.

Online RX Drug Prices

They really seem to have very good prices, or at least they have very good prices for ED medications. Maybe because they are mostly focused on selling ED medications and that’s why the prices are so low or I am not very sure but the point is that you can get generic version of Viagra for only $ 0.27 per tablet. But that’s if you purchase in bunk. Obviously the prices are higher for purchasing fewer pills. The same thing goes for Cialis generic. Very good price – $ 0.68 per tablet and exactly as for Viagra that’s in case you purchase in bunk. Brand Cialis comes with a price of $ 3.72 per tablet and brand Viagra comes with a price of $ 2.56. Brands are by Lilly and Pfizer companies, of course.

Online RX Customer Support Service

Such a popular online pharmacy I guess should have a lot of customer calls daily which is why I guess they should deal with the amount of customer calls daily. By facing such a flux of customers they should work 24/7 IMO and whether they do work like this or not I am not sure since they haven’t posted any operating hours. There is no online live chat unfortunately. However you are able to contact them by writing a form by their email and wait for a response to your email or by calling by the 2 phone numbers listed on their front page.

Online RX prescription requirement

If you’re having troubles to get a prescription from your doctor but you know exactly what kind of medication you need and what dosage you need to take and the only thing that stands between you and your medication is the prescription then this is not a problem anymore with this online pharmacy. They don’t require any prescriptions for getting any medications from their stores.

Shipping options for

As usual 2 shipping options: Standard Airmail shipping which charges you 10 USD, has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks and usually doesn’t have tracking. And then there’s the second options: EMS Shipping (which is Express), you need to pay 20 USD for this shipping option but you get your parcel much faster in 3 to 9 days, usually it does have tracking.

Payment details with

The only payment method they accept is via card and not all cards but only Visa and Master Card. Sadly but they don’t seem to have any other payment methods, at least so far.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

What do other people say about

It is extremely important to know what do other people think about an online pharmacy and that’s especially when you don’t have your own experience with it. Since they claimed to have shipped to more than 1.000.000 customers then it is obvious they should have a lot of customer reviews and yeah they did. I have managed to find truly a lot of feedback in regards to this pharmacy all over the internet on a lot of independent sites. Like for example a person named Dorothy from Andorra said that they are having excellent service and has dealt with her query in a good manner. She thinks they have good prices and good items. Another person from another site Jep55 said that he is very happy with the results she had from several orders with this pharmacy. He said that there are lowest prices among all of the online pharmacies that he found and the Viagra he purchased from them is of a very good quality. in the end he added that he’s a very happy customer. However there are also problems that seem to go around with this online pharmacy. In the same time there unhappy customers saying that they waited too much for their parcel or that the quality of the medications they have ordered seemed to be *not so good* as it should. Other people complained on their customer support service which, as they said. they are unprofessional and they don’t really care about your problems.

Special offers, bonuses, discounts and coupon codes with

A special offer is the fact that all of the orders that are more than 200 USD are having free shipping. The bonus is that they have free pills with every order. However, how much and what kind of free pills you’re going to get depends on what and how much you purchase. They have ED same packs which is also fine to save money. Discounts they are offering for purchasing medications in bunk. And lately they also do have coupon codes which you can apply for getting extra discount.

Conclusion seem to be overall good and that’s the conclusion I write because of multiple positive feedback that people wrote on independent sites. It is easily noticed that there are more people who are happy with this online pharmacy than other people who are unhappy with this online pharmacy. But the fact that there are people who haven’t got their problems solved by customer support (because they had an ignorant attitude), the fact that there are some people who got expired medications from this website and generally medications that simply don’t work it means that there is still a risk to purchase from this pharmacy and when there’s at least a little bit of risk of any kind by purchasing from a pharmacy then it doesn’t deserve more than 3 out of 5. However I still think that it well deserves this rate.

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