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I guess everybody knows that online pharmacy is considered to be a risky business that people should pay very big attention before ordering something from any online pharmacies. This is the reason why it is so hard to find a good online pharmacy that people can have trust in. Another reason why it is so hard is because there are millions of online pharmacies, however there are only a few of them that we should trust. Doing my research for a reliable online pharmacy I came along to the online drugstore with the domain address and I am going to try to find out whether is this an online pharmacy that we should put our trust in or better stay away. As soon as I entered the website I found information implying that it is a Canadian Pharmacy and that it is a World Famous Pharmacy. Hopefully that’s true as an world famous pharmacy is easier to have trust in. On their copyright information they claim to be run by Canadian Pharmacy Ltd. and that’s since 2001. There are also such signs implying that they are accredited by: FDA, VeriSign and also PGEU/ GPEU. So the information seemed enough and I went further. selection of drugs and the prices compared to other pharmacies

As soon as you enter the website you can see a list of health conditions and by clicking on a health condition you’re going to be given a list of drugs. The drugs found on this website are being categorized by those health conditions the drugs can treat/ cure, but you can also find the drug by their first letter or by writing the drug’s name in the search box. It is easily noticeable that they are focused on providing medications that treat erectile dysfunction and they even have ED sample packs. Whatever the case, the pharmacy still has a lot of other types of drugs in its drug stores such as: sleep aid, quit smoking, heart disease, asthma, anti viral, birth control and many others. The erectile dysfunction drugs, as it was expected, are a lot, and it was expected because as I said, the pharmacy seem to be focused in selling such drugs. They have lots of drugs, mostly generic drugs, but they still have both types for sildenafil citrate, vardenafil and tadalafil (generic and brands – Viagra, Levitra and Cialis with the prices for a generic pill that goes as following: 0.27 US Dollars, 1.00 US Dollars and 0.68 US Dollars accordingly. Same list of drugs in the same respective order prices per pill (but brands) are: 2.56 US Dollars, 3.71 US Dollars and 3.72 US Dollars. There is a big list of other ED treating medications with various prices but judging from the prices I’ve just mentioned here, the pharmacy has some of the lowest prices per pill that you can find anywhere. Not sure if same low price is for every single drug that you can find on the drugstore, but at least those drug treating ED have a very and very good price! Claimable, all of those medications and any others found on the website are approved by FDA. This pharmacy doesn’t require their customers to show a valid prescription upon ordering, they are just recommended to talk with their doctors before taking drugs.

Online Pills Customer Support

The Customer Support in my opinion is the *face* of the online pharmacy and when the customer support is poor I personally don’t even want to do business anymore. When the customer support is ignorant I’m under the impression that the whole team is ignorant. I personally haven’t contact them myself so I cannot rate their customer support, all I can mention is the ways that you get in touch with them which is by 2 phone numbers (one UK and one US number) and by filling a form which means that you should get back an back response into your email. Those who had some experience with their customer support service (if there are some people) are very welcome to share it with us all. Payment Methods and Shipping Methods

There is a pretty big lack, in my opinion, of payment methods and that’s because they do not have payment methods but rather payment method – there’s just credit card available as a payment method and not all credit card but only the most famous ones – VISA and Master Card. in regards to shipping there’s nothing new – 2 shipping methods, standard with a price of 9.95 USD and delivery time of 2 to 3 weeks without tracking and EMS courier delivery with average shipping duration of 3 to 8 business days and a tracking number, but it is not available in all countries and it has a price of 19.95 USD.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes and discounts on

There are online pharmacies which seem to care about their customers and therefore offering them a number of bonuses and discounts just to keep the old customers and to make new ones. However, not all the pharmacies seem to do that and that’s why I kudos those pharmacies that do. Like for example is an online pharmacy that gives a number of discounts and bonuses and that’s why I think that it is worth checking this online pharmacy more closely. So, in regards to the bonuses I can mention the fact that they offer free standard shipping for orders above 200 USD and free EMS shipping for orders above 300 USD. In addition to that they seem to offer free bonus ED pills (Viagra, Cialis or Levitra) and the number of free pills depends on the amount of pills that you buy. In case this is all not enough they you’re also able to apply a coupon code upon checking out and that’s going to save you some more money because this gives you a discount. To be honest, in my opinion the amount of the discounts and coupon codes are enough and pretty good. However all of this doesn’t matter as long as the pharmacy is a scam so I’m now going to try to find out either is it a scam or not by reading customer reviews. Reviews

The customer reviews are always what helps us understand whether it is worth ordering from an online pharmacy or not and so far, a lot of online pharmacies seem to be fairly good up until the moment I started to search for customer reviews and from that moment on my mind changed. is not an exception as the same situation is with this online pharmacy and the reason I’m saying that is that I wasn’t able to find absolutely no customer reviews on independent websites and this, as a rule of thumb, makes me stay away from the pro claimed pharmacy and the reason is that there is nobody who can actually say that this is a good pharmacy. The fact that there’s nobody to say a word about the pharmacy doesn’t mean that it is a good pharmacy but it also doesn’t mean that it is a bad one, what I’m trying to say is that this means the risk of ordering from that pharmacy is too high, or at least it is too high for me personally to risk with my money and my health. Maybe I would think a bit better about the pharmacy if they wouldn’t have hidden their location, or at least that’s what suggests: Owner Country: Hidden [Unknown] and Probable website origin: 89%; [Unknown]. I might be wrong but I assume that an online pharmacy that’s hiding its location is a scam website. With all of that said:


As I said – there are, I can guess, millions of websites claiming to be online pharmacies, however there are only very few of them who can be trusted and I wouldn’t actually say that is one of them. Due to the fact that there are no customer reviews (other than testimonials on their own website) on external independent websites and due to the fact that the real location of the website is hidden, I rate it with 2 out of 5 and saying that the risk of ordering here is pretty high!

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