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Searching for a reliable online pharmacy that offers good priced medications brought me to which seems to be an online pharmacy that is mostly focused on selling ED medications, but not only. I analyzed the website for a little bit and I saw they have some options like changing the currency from USD to Euro or British Pound and changing language from English to a few other languages. The website seems to be well made and seem to be easy to understand and use. So after I analyzed the pharmacy’s website I wanted to find out more information about the pharmacy itself however, I didn’t found an *about us* page or something in this matter. Therefore I am unable to say any information about the pharmacy and in my opinion that’s not very good because I think pharmacies should share some information about their activity, where they are located and for how long they are in the business. didn’t shared anything in this matter, unfortunately. Well, I went further in checking what this pharmacy has to offer.

Selection of drugs and the prices you can find on Online Pharmacy Store 24 hours

As I said a little bit earlier, the pharmacy seems to be more concentrated in selling erectile dysfunction medications, however this doesn’t mean that the pharmacy doesn’t offer any other medications. By clicking on *Products Category* you can see a total of around 30 categories of products some of which are: cholesterol, antiviral, arthritis, stop smoking, antidepressants, anti anxiety, general health and many others products treating many other conditions. So I wanted to see what kind of drugs do they have in erectile dysfunction category and there I found quite a good variety of medications treating this condition including the most famous ones like Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. However, this online drugstore seems to work and sell only generic medications, or at very least I was unable to find branded names for these medications. In fact, I am not very sure if this applies only to ED medications and they have brands medications for other types of medications, but none of the ED treating meds seem to have brands. But as I said, there are a lot of generic treating ED. The prices are as following: 0.89 USD the cheapest price per pill for Viagra, 1.11 USD the cheapest price per pill for Cialis and 1.81 USD the cheapest price per pill for Levitra. While you choose a medication you can find some information about it and also there, on the bottom of the page, you can see some customer reviews (which I personally don’t believe them). This online pharmacy does not require any of their customers to show a valid doctor prescription so you’re free to get anything you want simply by paying.

Customer Support Team on

As soon as you enter this website you can see a phone number listed +1 855 762 4823 and it seems to be an US number. There is not a *contact us* page to see if you can talk with them in some other ways, however there is *get in touch* page which I accessed and there was only a form you can fill indicating your email. Calling by that phone number and filling the form waiting for getting a response in your email are the only 2 ways you can get in touch with this pharmacy as there are no emails listed, no other phone numbers and what’s the biggest problem personally for me – no chat function online. I never contacted them so commenting on the quality of customer support service is impossible for me.

Shipping method and payment method on

There are 2, as usual, shipping methods: regular shipping (registered airmail) with a delivery time of 7 to 12 days, it does not have a tracking system and it would cost you 15 USD flat cost, plus there is express courier shipping method which has a delivery time of 2 to 3 days, it has a tracking number, however it costs twice as much – 30 USD. Since the medications are Indian (and approved by Indian FDA) all medications are sent from there). I couldn’t find if they ship world wide but I just found them mentioning that they ship internationally, but according to the list of countries I could find on the checkout page (where to ship) it seems to be world wide. You can also add a 10 USD more for getting delivery insurance so you will get reshipped products for free in case the delivery fails. As for the payment methods, in fact, there is payment method and that’s because there’s just one: credit/ debit cards and that’s it, unfortunately a pharmacy having multiple payment methods would be nice. Among those credit cards I can mention: VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB and Diners Club).

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

Upon going to the checkout page you can see such a message: *Please apply your Coupon Code USASEL and Enjoy Flat 5.0% Discount!!!!!* Therefore, everyone is able to apply the discount coupon code for saving 5% off your order sum and that’s really good! In addition to this, the pharmacy is offering free bonus pills. However there is no information saying whether the number of bonus pills is getting higher if I buy more pills or not. Also there seems to be free shipping offered but then again I am not sure about details. That’s the conclusion I made after I saw that on my checkout page when ordering pills worth 360 USD both express and regular shipping were offered for free. When on checkout page I have pills worth 60 USD none of the shipping is for free. So you get free shipping, free bonus pills and you can use coupon codes to save a little bit of money. Reviews

I am not sure how to explain it very well, however this online pharmacy already seemed to be pretty strange to me, at least I can say that it wasn’t as any other ordinary online pharmacy. And to be honest, it wasn’t really making me have trust in it, I can guess that’s because they didn’t share any information about the pharmacy. Whatever the case, I have tried to search for customer reviews about this online pharmacy and seemingly my intuition was right on the fact that having too much trust in the might be problematic. That’s because I didn’t found customer reviews, I have found only one with vaguely some information displayed. It was written by Robert and he said that was happy with the marvelous support because it is a rare thing nowadays. This is the only customer review I found on foreign websites. As I said, on the pharmacy site you can see a number of customer reviews under each medication, however I don’t believe them as for me those are fake reviews written to make people believe they actually have customers. Plus to that, the single customer review on foreign website is by far not enough to make me believe in the pharmacy’s authenticity. Another important thing is that none of scam warning sites has trust in this pharmacy plus suggests that this pharmacy is from Russian Federation and that’s a country involving high risks!


Although the pharmacy seems to be easily understandable, it is still somehow strange. In addition to that, they don’t have a page or something to show the bonuses and discounts they are offering but I had to guess, however I really don’t want to guess anything when I’m talking about an online pharmacy because that might make me wonder if the pharmacy is actually worth using. And in fact, that’s exactly what I’ve done. Checking the customer reviews on foreign / independent websites which I found only one review isn’t by far enough and plus the site’s country being Russia that’s all not very good. and this is the reason I rate with 2 out of 5 and I rate it with 2 only because the customer review seemed to be positive. But then again, that’s still not enough and I still recommend people to stay away because most likely – this is not a legit pharmacy.

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