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I haven’t ever found out about until I have come along another website with the domain address which has redirected me to this online pharmacy. The other website doesn’t seem to be an online pharmacy but an informational website which is working together with this pharmacy and as I said, both these websites would get the same rate based on the rate this online pharmacy will get. And so, the information on *about them* doesn’t really share too much information and generally it seems this is a plaguing online pharmacy with pretty much information that I have seen it somewhere else. Anyway, the information out there doesn’t share anything more than just the fact that they are shipping world wide the best quality mediations at the lowest prices. They do not share in which year they have started to operate and they do not share where they are located. However from their Copyright at bottom of their website I’ve made my conclusion that they have been stablished in 2004 because of this: *Copyright © 2004-2017 All Rights Reserved* and because of the fact that they are CIPA, MIPA and CPA approved I made my conclusion that they are based in Canada, although there’s no other information suggesting this. They claim to have pills for all and these are the advantages: fast worldwide shipping, FDA approved medications, no prescription required and 100% confidential. Hopefully this is all true.

Customer support on online pharmacy meds

The first thing I was curious to find out whether do they have any good customer support service but in my opinion the website seemed to be quite shady and I have seen 2 phone numbers there. One of the phone number is US +1 760 284 3222 and the other one is European +4420 3286 3820. Searched further on their contact us page and I have only seen that you are able to fill a form where they claim to respond you back by your email that you list there. However they haven’t shared their email directly and there’s no other way to get in touch with them except for submitting the form or calling them. Submitting the form means that you need to wait for the response quite a while and calling them isn’t my *forte* side since I’m not a talkative person. I haven’t contacted them, but I went further checking what they have to offer. drug selection

Although I was referred here from an website that is named free VIAGRA sample, this website doesn’t sell only Viagra and it doesn’t sell only Erectile Dysfunction medications, even though they do seem to be selling mostly erectile dysfunction medications. They have a very big list of drugs that they sell with drugs for: sleep aid, skin care, woman’s health, diabetes, blood pressure, hair loss and a lot of others. But you can easily notice they are suggesting ED medications (from their best sellers, special offers, banners, promotions, and so on and so forth). I checked for their Erectile dysfunction meds and needless to say, a very big list of meds was there. Their entire selection of drugs and erectile dysfunction selection of drugs in particular doesn’t seem to have any lacks at all!

Online Pharmacy Meds Prices of medications

The prices for the best sold medications were already listed on the information website that redirected me here. And so, the price for Viagra generic is going to be $ 0.36 US for a pill, generic Cialis $ 0.76 US for a pill and generic Levitra $ 1.2 US for a pill with the prices for their brands (for a pill): $ 3.8 US, $ 4.18 US and $ 4.34 US accordingly. Kamagra would be $ 1 US for a pill. Silagra $ 0.74 US, Suhagra, $ 0.65 US and so on. The prices are fairly good, compared to the prices on other online pharmacies that I have seen these prices are lower than average, however they are not the lowest – prices for both generic versions and branded names.

Does Online Pharmacy Meds require their clients to show a valid prescription?

No they don’t and they seem to be proud of it, or at least they want to make sure you know this online pharmacy doesn’t require anyone to show any valid prescription for getting any medications. I assume they are doing it because there are people who do not have prescriptions and they want to get meds, therefore the pharmacy suggests them to come here and get their needed pharmaceutical products. payment methods

If everything so far sounds good to you then you might be interested in what kind of payment methods do they accept because people often find the easier way to pay or at least, I personally do. They accept only credit cards and only 2 credit cards: VISA and Master Card. unfortunately, there are no other ways to purchase anything from this online pharmacy and that’s quite sad because there might be people who do not want to use their credit cards. shipping methods

As usual there are the standard 2 shipping methods, standard shipping and EMS (express) shipping which have standard details: standard shipping is available world wide, doesn’t have tracking, has a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks and costs 10 USD. It is offered to everyone who orders more than 200 USD. The second option EMS is a faster option – 3 to 8 days for delivery, however it costs more (20 USD) and isn’t available in all countries. It does have a tracking option but it is not offered for free regardless of your order sum. What I absolutely do not like here is that you need to add 5 USD more if you want firmly and discreet packaging. Therefore it means that if you do not add 5 USD more then they barely package your items? Plus to that you need to add an extra 5 USD if you want insurance which means that you’re going to get reshipped your items in case they are lost or damaged in transit, otherwise you won’t.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Discounts and coupons on

As mentioned a bit earlier, you are offered free standard airmail for orders above 200 USD. In addition to that they claim to have a bonus of free Viagra pills with every order and that’s a time limited offer. In addition to that they claim that you save by the prices as they offer discounts up to 70% less than in your local pharmacy. They are also having a special offer which consists of Viagra and Cialis pills. Another thing is a discount number that you need to validate upon checking out, but the discount number is only given for those people who already have ever ordered something from this online pharmacy. I guess this discount number is instead of coupon codes because I wasn’t able to find any coupon codes, even though the website that has redirected me to had a page *discount coupons*. customer reviews

Regardless of how much I was searching online, there isn’t a single customer review about and I place it on my list of the most unpopular online pharmacies that I have ever seen because google couldn’t give me a single word about this online pharmacy at all! I already knew what scamadvisor, legitscript and scamner would tell me and I was 100% right as this pharmacy got 0% trust! There are no customer reviews which could make me believe that it is worth purchasing here and to be honest I’m afraid trying. Scamadvisor suggested that the real location of this website is unknown but they assume it is from Lithuania. And plus to that, although the website suggests they have been opened back in 2004, scamadviser says that the domain age is only a year and a half. Lies are something that I do not accept because I think that if an online pharmacy lies about something, it might lie about anything.


There are no customer reviews and that’s making it extremely hard to have trust in this online pharmacy. But besides the fact that it doesn’t have any customer reviews, usually, google have at least something to show about the online pharmacy, not about this one. It is not a wonder to me now why I haven’t found this website myself but I was redirected to it. Such an unpopular online pharmacy makes me believe that there is nobody who has ever ordered anything and that’s why the risk of ordering is extremely high. So I rate it with 2 on a scale from 1 to 5 only because the special offers and the prices are good and only because I can’t say 100% that they are scammers, and yet, the chances are too high to try it out.

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