/ Online Drugs Store Reviews & Coupons is a European Pharmacy Shop or that’s the first thing I saw when I have accessed this online pharmacy’s domain. Analyzing the front page for a little while I came to the conclusion that the pharmacy is mostly oriented in selling generic medications and mostly selling generic erectile dysfunction medications. Also analyzing the front page I found a number of good things like: what languages the website supports, the currency, what payment methods they accept, that they have 24/7 customer support and others. The *about us* page is informative in terms that this pharmacy claims to be having 7 years of experience online and in sharing a number of reasons why this pharmacy claims to be one of the best online. So we have an European online pharmacy with 7 years of experience in selling mostly generic erectile dysfunction medications but also other types and plus to that there are reasons why they claim to be the best. This all looks really good.

The selection of medications on and what are the prices for them?

As I’ve just mentioned a bit earlier, the medication seem to be mostly focused in selling generic medications and they are mostly focused in selling erectile dysfunction treating medications. Among these medications you can find the most popular ones like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra as well as a number of other ED treating medications that are less popular. As I said, they have generics mostly, but they do have the branded names of each of these 3 medications. The prices are: brand Viagra 3.17 USD, brand Cialis 4.03 USD, and brand Levitra 4.16 USD, cheapest prices for a single pill. 0.35 USD, 0.77 USD and 1.15 USD are also prices for a single pill, of same medications, in same order, but these are generics medications. As for all medications you can find on this website in general, there are a lot of categories of medications and I assume this means they have lots of drugs. Or at least they have such drugs that treating the following conditions: diabetes, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, sleep aid, muscle relaxant and these are only a few that I mentioned compared to the entire categories of drugs they have there. I think you should find nearly any drug that you’re searching for.

Customer Support service on

As I said in the beginning of my review, their customer support service claimable is working 24/7 and so you should get in touch with them whenever you call them by one of the 2 phone numbers: one is US number and the other one is UK number. If you don’t like calling them you can contact them by filling the form indicating your email and writing the message. They claim that they will contact you in the next 24 hours. The pharmacy shared a location in Praha, Czech Republic which confirms the fact that it is a European Pharmacy.

Payment methods and shipping methods on

I have also mentioned the fact that on their front page they have showed what are the payment methods on this pharmacy and they mentioned the following: VISA, Master Card and Bitcoin. I still went on the checkout page to confirm this and indeed they have had these 3 payment methods and one more: American express credit card. So there are 3 credit cards and a cryptocurrency. Shipping methods are 2: standard airmail with a price of 15 USD, delivery time of 2 to maximum 4 weeks, doesn’t have tracking and is available world wide. The other option is EMS – delivery time of 5 to 9 business days, does have tracking, but it is not available world wide and it costs 25 USD. Delivery insurance would add 7 USD more.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

This pharmacy is offering 2 free pills for every order. you can choose between 2 x Viagra, Cialis or Levitra pills. There are also free airmail delivery and free traceable delivery for orders more than 200 USD and 300 USD respectively. In addition to this, they also do seem to have discount codes which is the easiest way to save your money, however I didn’t found any discount codes so I assume they have those codes only seasonally. Customer reviews

I have tried really hard to see if this online pharmacy has any customer reviews but it seems to me that they do not have any and this hardly makes me believe that they have ever had any customers at all because usually people come back after receiving or not receiving their products from an online pharmacy and sharing their experience. I do agree with the fact that by far not everyone does it – but at least some people do it, and when there are no customer reviews at all anywhere online this usually means that the pharmacy didn’t had any customers and when an online pharmacy didn’t had any customers that’s a big risk of ordering there, reason being the fact that the pharmacy is most likely new and around 95 % of new online pharmacies, unfortunately are fake. And I got this information confirmed by which said that the domain age is less than a year and that the owner’s country was hidden. I definitely won’t trust an online pharmacy that is new (less than a year), with no customer reviews and with owner’s country being hidden which means that the owners can disappear any given minute so if they steal your money – nobody will ever be able to find them to make them respond for what they’ve done.


I would say that the website design with the pharmacy’s prices and coupon codes/ deals are really attractive and tempting, but in the same time I try to be rational and as we all know, people who are trying to steal your money are always trying to look good and trustable, and what’s most important, they try to attract you with their good prices and deals. Not trying to say that all online pharmacies with good deals are scammers, but seems to be like a fake online pharmacy way too much and that’s why I don’t recommend this pharmacy to anybody and I think it deserves 1 out of 5.

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