| Omnicare Reviews & Coupons is the domain address that got me interested and that’s why I decided to write a review about it. Omnicare, Inc. WAS an American company that has bene working in the health care industry. However I mentioned that it WAS an American company because in 2015, Omnicare Inc., has been bought by CVS Health and currently it is a pharmacy that is specializing in nursing homes. Due to the fact that it is still a pharmacy, it is obvious that I am interested in writing a review about it. This company has been established in April of 1981 as a healthcare business and it is currently Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, nevertheless it is still own and run by CVS Health company being it parent organization. There’s the *about us* page which I got really interested in and by clicking on it I have found out the pharmacy claims that they are offering cost effective and best in class pharmacy services that are being designed to support each unique member of your community. There you can choose what you want to find out *our mission* or *compliance*. On *our mission* there’s information suggesting that their customers can expect customized experise and benefits, superior medication availability, comprehensive infusion therapy for acute care patients, advanced digital tools and guidance through state and federal regulations to keep your community compliant – as they claim, all while they are helping to control costs. There’s also information on their website suggesting *who we serve* and there are: long term and post acute facility services and senior living. In addition to this, they have shared the *benefits* of having business with this pharmacy and it includes: reducing risk, regulatory compliance, cost containment, medication availability, pharmacy consulting services, web based solutions, advanced onsite tools as well as community solutions. This pharmacy, as much as it seems, has a lot of claimable benefits. Since they are quite a popular pharmacy owned by CVS, it is obvious they also can be followed on social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook and others as well. You can read different types of information, news and articles on their website.

Overview of

Although this is a pharmacy and they are claiming to help you save some money *helping control costs* there is not a list of medications and there is not a price list for any medications. They are claiming to have a wide selection of drugs and they are claiming to make you save money but we cannot be sure until we see this. In addition to that, there’s not even any information suggesting whether do they have shipping or not. That’s why I am not able to say anything about shipping, not even able to say if they ship, not to mention if there are multiple shipping options, shipping fees etc. nothing I could say about payment methods either, unfortunately. I just can assume that if you go to one of their offices you could pay with cash, but either do they have multiple payment options accepted I am not sure. it seems that for finding out more information about either of these points people would need to call the customer service and find out more information as there doesn’t seem to be enough, at least not for me.

Customer Support Service at

For those people who are having questions to ask (like the ones that I have mentioned a little bit earlier) people are able to get in touch with the customer support service through 2 different ways: either by calling the phone number that is listed on their website (but there’s another phone number for billing inquiries). Except for these 2 phone numbers offered for different needs, there’s also a contact form available which you can use and wait for the response in your email that you need to mention when filling the form. Coupon Codes

Either because they have no prices listed on their website or I am not sure why, but I couldn’t find any coupon codes being offered by this company. In fact, I was not able to find anything. I haven’t found coupon codes, special offers, any types of discounts or anything at all. I am not sure if this means that this company is indeed not offering anything at all or the customers might need to ask if the company is offering anything first as I couldn’t find anything. Reviews

Surprisingly for me, but I have not managed to find a lot of reviews. It was a surprise for me because since Omnicare is quite a big company and it is owned by CVS Healthcare which is an extremely big company, I thought that I am going to find a lot of reviews. Unfortunately I was wrong as I only found a few reviews. On BBB (this is a Better Business Bureau accredited business by the way) it has only one customer review and unfortunately it is negative. On yelp there are 12 reviews and the reviews seems to be mixed with good and positive reviews. Like for example there’s Breanna who said that from the moment I entered this office it was nothing but a positive experience. However there are other people saying that they are lying, like Linsia, who said Omnicare lied on her report. Plus to that, there’s a person who said that Omnicare is *hitting me over the head with crazy, outrageous bills every month! As much as we can see there are positive but there are also negative reviews.


In the end there’s nothing I can comment about the prices (but they should be quite the same as they are at CVS which are high prices compared to online pharmacies) and there are mixed customer reviews with some being happy and other being not happy at all. So due to the prices which I assume are high and due to negative customer reviews (including the fact that Omnicare lies in their reports) I will rate this company with 2 out of 5.

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