/ Offshore Cheap Meds Reviews & Coupons is an online drugstore which is among those stores that is mostly offering generic alternatives of medications for those expensive brand name medications and therefore attracting the customers through the considerably lower prices than those branded names. This online pharmacy is also offering branded versions of medications too (claimable, still having lower prices) but they are mostly offering generic because as they suggest – they are of the best quality and cheapest! The first few minutes browsing on the front page and you can see their drugs are categorized in Prescription products and Over the Counter. According to the information that I was able to find on this website, this online pharmacy store is founded by TVB Group International and this Group has been established back in 1991, but according to (which seem to be accredited by this website) the website itself has been created in 2012. Claimable they are mostly focused on customer satisfaction providing cheap prices for best quality medications. As about the website itself I think that it is very easily understandable which I think that for a potential client – it shouldn’t be too hard to find the information that he needs.

Off Shore Cheap Meds Selection of Drugs

As I have mentioned this a little bit earlier, the prescription products and over the counter products are separate on this website so you can search the medication that you need starting with this. But it is obvious they also have search box where you can write the name of the med that you’re looking for and you’re going to be given all the information about that drug. Like for example I’ve wrote there: Viagra and I’ve been given a list of 13 products they found for *Viagra*, depending on the manufacturer, dosage and either it is brand or generic. The information is displayed in a form of table with the DRUG NAME, PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED, SALT NAME and ACTION (where you can access the product in details). This means that you can see whether the medication that you’re searching for requires a prescription immediately. The same thing goes for Cialis which they found me a list of 14 products (brands, generic, and according to manufacturer and dosage) but Levitra they only found me a product: GENERIC EQUIVALENT TO LEVITRA 20mg and even this one was out of stock. Anyhow, the list of drugs you can find on this online store is very big, with a total number of over 500 drugs found on this website (according to pharmacychecker).

Off shore cheap meds Prices of drugs

As usual, I am not an expert in other drugs than those treating ED (such as Levitra, Cialis and Viagra) and that’s why I am not even paying attention to prices for those other drugs. However I do pay attention to the prices of medications dealing with ED. As I said, I couldn’t find out what’s the price for Levitra since they had only a single product with Levitra and that one was out of stock. But for brand Cialis, usual dosage (20 mg) you would pay for 8 pills – 106 USD, for 12 pills – 152 USD and for 24 pills – 289 USD. For generic Cialis same dosage you can choose from a quantity starting with 4 pills (7.37 USD) with maximum of 88 pills (90.03 USD). For brand Viagra usual dosage of 50 mg – 4, 8 and 12 pills with prices of 60, 110 and 150 USD respectively. For generic Viagra usual dosage of 50 mg – 24, 44, 88 pills with prices of 12.34, 20.73 and 37.69 USD respectively. I honestly think that these are fairly good prices for these amount and for these types of tablets.

Customer Support offers

An amazing thing is that they do have live chat function so in case you’re not a talkative person like me but you don’t want to wait for a response into your email then you can use this function. The sad news is that they do not work 24/7 and at the moment I tried to contact them I’ve been said that they are currently Offline with a message that I can fill out the form below and they are going to get back as soon as possible. [email protected] is their email that you can contact them in case you’re not a lover of live chat function. However, they are also having some phone numbers available Toll Free Number +1-888-414-6679, Toll Free Fax Number +1-888-455-5677. The phone numbers (and I guess the live chat function as well) are available only in business hours; Mon – Fri 9 AM to 9 PM (EST). They have expected that the expected response time for email, fax and voicemail is 1 business days. requires a prescription?

Yes they do and that’s obvious by the fact that they have prescription products page and over the counter page separately. But I still wanted to see if they have this mentioned and they do on their FAQ page. They are requiring a valid prescription that is written by a physician licensed to practice medicine and issue prescriptions. The prescription should be sent by email or by toll free fax number.

What are Off Shore Cheap Meds Payment options?

As usual they do have the credit card as a payment option such as Visa and Master card which is available to everyone regardless of where you live – just put your credit card credentials and you’re good to go. However for USA customers they have an additional payment option – eCheck. But there is a third payment method as well – wire transfer services and if you decide to pay via wire transfer you get a 10% discount as additional saving for this service!

What are Off Shore Cheap Meds Shipping options?

As majority online pharmacies – they do not offer overnight shipping, however they do have 2 shipping options Standard shipping and Express shipping. Standard is charged with USD $10 with an average delivery time of 7 to 21 business days. There are some pharmacies that offer tracking on standard shipping service, but usually they don’t have tracking. However they warn that the shipping fee might vary up to 50 USD for some specific countries like Brazil, Israel, Netherlands and some others. I couldn’t find information about express shipping. What’s interesting is that they do seem to ship world wide EXCEPT for Canada. They do not accept orders from Canada.

Is Off Shore Cheap Meds a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Off Shore Cheap Meds Coupons, Discounts and Bonuses

They do not have free shipping as a special offer regardless of how much you purchase, they also don’t have free pills and neither do they offer coupon codes. They don’t offer discounted prices for larger quantities of pills ordered and neither do they offer discounts being a first time customer to attract you. However their program is only affiliate program and they have 3 types for this program: commission type (10% Pay-per-Sale for each sale you deliver & it goes up to 30 percent depending on monthly sales volume.); Payout Requirements ($100.00 – Minimum balance required for payout.); Discount Policy (Use Coupon code OCM5 & get 5% discount on your purchase). That’s pretty much everything customers are being offered in terms of deals (maybe only except the fact that they promise to have the lowest prices, which by the way isn’t true, at least for the ED meds that I’ve checked – although they were still good). reviews

I’ve checked what does says about this online pharmacy and a trust rate of 89% with the comment *High Trust Rating. This site looks safe to use* made me be even more curious in this pharmacy. I’ve checked for customer reviews and I did found some and what’s most important is that most of them are positive. There are also negative reviews saying that this isn’t actually a very good pharmacy but without any reasons given, simply calling them a fraud. On, a person with nickname phsteve said that he has ordered the Cialis for the best price and has had a fast shipping with no hassle. He faxed the prescription for his doctor and received a good Cialis medication. Overall I haven’t found too much customer reviews meaning that it is not actually too popular, however a few customer reviews is still. and doesn’t have trust in this online pharmacy and that’s pretty sad. Overall I will rate it with 4 out of 5. It is looking like a fine pharmacy, but not all scam warning sites have trust and not all people are happy with it. But because there are people who are happy with it that means a lot.

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