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I was searching for other reliable online pharmacies and I have found a pharmacy which seems to be oriented in selling nutritional supplements. The pharmacy I’m talking about is named Nutra Planet and its internet address is The site administrators claim that people can find the best bodybuilding supplement offers on nutraplanet! I have also found some claims suggesting that people are able to buy discount bodybuilding supplements such as Jack3d, no shotgun and fat burners like Lipo 6. Or at least that’s the information I found on their website, and I also found that Nutra Planet is offering the best bodybuilding supplements and natural fat burners on the market. As much as I can see, this is not a traditional pharmacy with traditional medications that are capable of treating people, diagnosing, curing health conditions or something in this matter. However they seem to be a store for bodybuilders and their needs. The website is well done to my opinion, it is user friendly and people can register accounts here and login. They offer a shopping cart and there seem to be *black Friday deals* which I am going to check later. On their website there’s also a list of reasons why this store claims to be that good and so I can mention: the highest product quality; 9 USD domestic shipping; safe and secure payments; exclusive VIP discounts; best prices in the industry as well as 24/7 customer support. This pharmacy has shared their exact address of the store which is located in Graham NC, USA and they also claim to have a facebook page with 54K likes. So far, all of this sounds good to my opinion but there are other things to check as well. Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned this seems to be a store for bodybuilders and athletics meaning that they do not offer prescription or OTC medications. Seems I was right because I found a disclaimer stating the following: none of the statements on this site has been reviewed by FDA and the products here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure alleviate or prevent any disease. The products that are found here are mostly something like dietary supplements. So you can find their products either by brand or by category and there are categories as: creatine, endurance, fat burners, joint support, liver support and many others. That’s why I assume there are indeed a wide selection of such products in case you’re in search for these types of things. But if you need prescription or OTC medications you should start searching for other sources. I am not going to be able to comment on the prices these products have since I am not an expert in them, however, at least, I am able to give an example and therefore I can say that SNS Phenibut XT capsules 500 mg 90 caps is priced 20 USD (while they claim it used to be 40 USD). Either is that a good price or not, I’m not very sure. Shipping and payment details

There are several methods of shipping for UPS: ground, 3 day select, 2nd day air, next day air saver, early AM and simple. There is also USPS priority mail, USPS international as well as Fed Ex International. With this being said, they are shipping internationally but I am not sure if they are shipping all over the globe in all countries but it seems they do, however it depends on your own country’s laws if you’re able or not to purchase certain products from this website. Shipping (both domestically or internationally) times and fees depends on the shipping method you choose and on where exactly you live (not all shipping methods are available everywhere). Nutra Planet claims to accept the following payment methods: Credit Card, pay pal and check/ money order. Customer Support Service

It is very important for any store in my opinion to offer their customers enough methods of getting in touch with them since people might have questions to ask before actually ordering. This store shared their exact address which can be used for writing mails or even paying a visit. There’s also the phone number shared, the email listed and going online you can also leave them a message. Writing them on Facebook might be an option as well. Coupon Codes

Earlier in my review I have mentioned that this store is offering Black Friday Deals and it is obvious that I got interested. by checking them I noticed that there are some products which the store claims to have discounts. Like the one I mentioned earlier, a product that used to be 40 USD now is 20 USD. And there are some other products like this one as well. but not all products have this discount. Upon checking out the pharmacy asks if you have a coupon which you could apply and get a discount either. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews on independent websites (because reviews on external sources are the ones that we can trust) I have seen that this seems to be quite a popular supplements store as I found quite a good number of reviews on quite a good number of different sites. Reviewing websites and forum discussions. Although I did have read some people saying that to their opinions is the best store, there seem to be many more who said that Nutra Planet is among the worst stores. A person said that has placed an order and it has been 3 weeks now and he got nothing. Trying to call them gives nothing. Although there are other people saying good things about it, there are other people saying horrible things about the store recommending to stay away from it.

Conclusion is a supplement store that many people seem to have trust in it and that’s a very good thing which makes me think that the store is legit. However, there seem to be more negative reviews than positive and for this reason I start thinking that there are higher chances that you would regret ordering here. In the end I rate the pharmacy with 3 out of 5.

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