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While I was searching for reliable online pharmacies I have found an online pharmacy that I have never heard of but it does seems to be a pretty popular one and it is called Novixus with the domain name: This is an online pharmacy that is offering a pretty large number of products as well as healthcare services that everyone is able to find on their website.  By searching through the website you can see that NoviXus is a company with Pharmacy Services and it is located in Michigan and as they claim it is Michigan’s first fully automated processing center. According to the information I found on their front page, NoviXus Pharmacy Services is offering the industry’s finest combination of *High Tech with High Touch* in order to meet the needs of both the employers and patients. They claim that their fully integrated operation is bringing together the latest in robotic bar code, radio frequency identification as well as pharmacy technology in order to ensure the highest level of the efficiency and the precision and, as they claim *all with patient satisfaction in mind*. On this online pharmacy’s website you can see the list of reasons why it is a good idea to use their services: Michigan’s first fully automated processing center; patient care center staffed by knowledgeable licensed pharmacy technicians; software integration for complete customer satisfaction; latest automation technologies to fill the prescriptions; proprietary systems that are ensuring quality and efficiency; e-prescribing from the doctor with web refills available too; electronic prescription imaging for safety and for precision as well. Anyhow, from as much as it seems, the use of the technology it is the key for this pharmacy as it is using different technologies like robotic bar codes, radio frequencies identification and others. While searching for more info on their website I have also found out their claim that they are a verified internet pharmacy practice sites saying that NoviXus Pharmacy Services has earned Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) accreditations through the National Association of Board of Pharmacy (NABP) which means that they can work in the entire United States territory. In addition to that, this online pharmacy service also has applications on Google Play and App Store meaning that you can download their application to use from your mobile device. On their website you can create an account and login into it in order to refill your prescriptions!

Getting in touch with NoviXus Pharmacy Services

They have listed their exact Michigan address which you can go to and see their offices or I guess you could write a mail too, though they haven’t listed if the mails should be sent to that mail address or not. Plus to that, you’re able to call them by one single phone number that they have listed on the website if you’re wishing to talk with them and ask questions. Other than their exact address listed and that phone number on the website, I do not see any other ways to get in touch with this pharmacy.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

I’ve been searching for methods that can make you save some money by using this pharmacy and by doing my research I have found that there are some few coupons that are available out there which could enable you to avail the discounted packages that the business needs to offer and that’s with the minimum starting from the 10 percent. By researching through the main page and through the whole website of this pharmacy I got a difficult time to find what are the payments and prices which is why I can assume that in case you really need to get an price that you would have to pay then you would need to contact the customer support department and by answering (I assume) some answers they would be able to give you some better vision of their payments plans.

Customer Reviews about NoviXus Pharmacy

When it comes to customer reviews I would say that this is one of the most important part of this entire review here. Before I have continued doing my research on customer reviews I wanted to see what does scam warning websites have to tell me. By research about online I have found out that this Better Business Bureau ( haven’t accredited this business, but on the other hand, said that this is a legitimate internet pharmacy website and quite the same suggested that had 100% trust and said that it is all safe to use (even though the website itself is rarely visited). Also suggests that the domain age is 9 years and that’s quite a good thing either. But then I continued searching for what’s truly important – customer reviews and I got a little bit alarmed seeing that there are no customer reviews at all, even though the pharmacy is considered legitimate. I guess that’s why it is rarely visited. So due to the fact that there are actual customer reviews I had nothing else to do than just check the reviews of some employees of this pharmacy. There are employee reviews on sites like indeed and glassdoor and I carefully checked them to find out that those aren’t actually good reviews with people not being happy about this pharmacy. according to glassdoor it has a rate of 2.7 out of 5 based on 4 reviews and on indeed it has a rate of 2.3 out of 5 based on 9 reviews. In fact, the employees themselves said that they would NOT recommend this pharmacy. Well, I personally wouldn’t use a pharmacy where employees recommend people NOT to use that pharmacy.


To be honest, the website itself doesn’t look very attractive at all with very little details given and very little information at all. But I am not making my conclusion only based on their website design and information found there. My conclusion is mostly based on employee reviews and on the fact that they do not recommend people to use this pharmacy’s services. Even though it is a legit pharmacy, it is still rarely visited by people and it has not CUSTOMER reviews which is a very bad thing. For all these reasons I think that deserves 2 out of 5, pretty much as the average rate given from their employees.

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