/ Northwest Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is an online pharmacy which seems to show the location of the pharmacy on the globe and that’s because it is located in Canada. This pharmacy haven’t shared for how much time they are in the business but they seem to be a truly popular online pharmacy which has got my attention and I’m going to review it today. So well, this Canadian Pharmacy claims to be a leading pharmacy in both Canada and International Drugstore which is providing both prescription and over the counter pharmaceutical products at very low prices offering their customers savings up to 80%. The website supports Spanish language and you can create an account and login as well. Good site speed and everything is easily understandable.

North West Pharmacy Customer Service

They are offering their customers to contact them by their toll free number phone which they are working 7 days a week, but their operators are available only during certain hours. They have also listed an email on the website plus a local phone number. There’s a mail address and the fax numbers with their working hours. They also seem to care about their Spanish talking customers as their customer support team is able to talk with them in Spanish as well.

North West Pharmacy Drug selection

By clicking on Products you need to choose between: prescription, non prescription (over the counter) and pet meds. Prescription and non prescription products are then listed by the health condition and other categories (like for example there are antifungal, insulin, pain relief but there are also categories like bath & shower, deodorants, diet aids, multivitamins, cosmetic etc.). This online pharmacy seems to have a very big variety of medications for humans and pets whatever the health condition might be.

North West Pharmacy Drug prices

I’ve searched for Viagra and there are 2 types – generic and brand. Each one of these had 3 types depending on the dosage. 4 pills of generic Viagra 25 mg would cost you 34.89 USD and 4 pills of brand Viagra 25 mg would cost you 72.09 USD. You have to choose the pack size and then you’re given the price. same thing goes for Cialis. It comes in generic and brand form but in 4 different types depending on the dosage. 20 mg of brand Cialis 4 tablets would be 81.19 USD and 4 tablets of 20 mg generic Cialis would be 38.58 USD. Those are amazingly big prices!

North West Pharmacy prescription requirements

Yes, this is a pharmacy that is requiring you to have a valid prescription for those medications that require one. Like for example ED medications like Cialis, Levitra or Viagra they all require you to have a valid prescription.

North West Pharmacy shipping details

They have a fee of 9.99 USD for shipping on an entire order and they are sending medications world wide. They don’t seem to have another option of shipping than standard which takes 8 to 18 business days.

North West Pharmacy discounts and coupons

This pharmacy offers free shipping by purchasing a certain number of pills of a certain dosage. Like for example purchasing Viagra 100 mg 24 pills which would cost you 347.69 USD the shipping is free. In addition to that they also do have discount coupons which give you discounts like 2%, 5% and 10% off.

Is Northwest Pharmacy a scam or is it legit?

Northwest Pharmacy Reviews

There are very upset customers with this online pharmacy, however there are also a lot of people who seem to be very happy with their services. Like for example a person said that he has ordered prescription medication worth 250 USD and in the end he has got nothing calling NW pharmacy scammers because he hasn’t got a refund. Another person complained on the delivery time which was promised to get the medications within 18 days and he hasn’t seen the medication in over a month. Lots of other people complained on the shipping delivery time. However, on the other hand, there are people who said very good things. Like for example azbob38 said that he has been having only good experience with NW pharmacy for the last 5 years and this pharmacy has saved him 70% of money. He thanks this pharmacy and recommends it to other people. The reviews are a lot and they are very different, but it does seems that there are more good reviews than bad, however people who said that have got nothing and no refund makes me a bit worried.

The conclusion

To be honest, I have firstly had a very skeptical thought about but it has proved to be a genuine pharmacy which is selling quality both brand and generic medications and that’s the conclusion I have from reading lots of customer reviews. The big problem though is the price. it is obvious that when searching for an online pharmacy you’re looking to save some dollars and what’s the point from purchasing from an online pharmacy that doesn’t make you save any amount of dollars? With you do save some money (at least on the ED medications) but there are alternative pharmacies which saves you much more. In addition to that, many people complain on the delay of their delivery times and that’s a big problem but the biggest problem is the fact that they do not offer refund to those customers who haven’t got anything. There’s no point in a pharmacy that doesn’t save you any money, but I would suggest to stay away from a pharmacy that steals your money. NW pharmacy doesn’t seem to steal your money, but there are people complaining on that and this is still something to be worried about. With all of that being said – 3 out of 5. One star lacks because of the prices and the other one lacks because of those reviewers who got their money lost with no medications.

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