/ Northern Express Reviews & Coupons is the online pharmacy that I have found while doing my pharmacy research and since it looks pretty well done and has a chance of being a reliable online pharmacy, I decided to check it more carefully and to write a pharmacy review about it determining whether or not it is worth spending our hard earned money for getting medicines here. As soon as you access the main page of this pharmacy you can see they are offering a coupon code which gives you a discount by using it. The website, generally, is very well done in my opinion with user friendly interface. Except for good looking website, it seems to have good options as well: changing language and currency and while this option isn’t helping me at all (since they were both pre established in USD and English) these might be some extremely helpful options for foreign customers. It also features a search function and different pages which you can access getting the information needed. The reasons why this pharmacy claims to be worth using are: best top deal, quality products, satisfaction guarantee and more than you expect. Hopefully it is all true. Sadly I wasn’t able to find any information about where this pharmacy is located or for how long it has been around, generally there’s very little information shared about the pharmacy and to be that’s quite a bit of a problem.

Selection of medications and prices for them

I would say that selection of medications at this online pharmacy is very wide and that’s the conclusion I could make by analyzing the product category which is found on the left side of the main page (as around 90% of all online pharmacies have). There are a lot of different categories of medications which implies the fact that there are a lot of medications which you can find here for a lot of different needs such as: men’s health, anti allergy, asthma, antibiotics, pain relief, anti fungus, cholesterol, sleep aid and many others. So there’s a lot of medications and therefore I checked the erectile dysfunction medications more carefully and I found there an extremely big list of medications treating ED. I have specifically searched for Viagra and I couldn’t find brand Viagra, but I found different forms of Viagra like: professional, super active plus, soft, female Viagra, sublingual and others. To give example of prices – 90 pills of generic Viagra 50 mg would cost you 1.53 USD per pill and to be honest, that’s quite a big prices because I found online pharmacies selling same medication at same dosage and same quantity for 1 USD per pill or so.  This online pharmacy claims that they are not selling any kind of controlled substances and therefore they do not demand a prescription (but sildenafil citrate is a substance which requires prescriptions)  and this might be good news for some people but it is also a sign of illegal pharmacy.

Shipping and payment methods

They are offering world wide shipping and there are 2 shipping options: standard and trackable. And they mention that registered (standard) airmail has a delivery time of 7 to 12 days and it costs 15 USD while the EMS (express) airmail has a delivery time of 2 to 3 days and it costs 30 USD. EMS has a tracking option online as well. There’s delivery insurance for an extra 10 USD fee. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy is only accepting credit cards. They are only accepting Visa, Master Card, JCB and Diner’s club.

Customer Support Team

You’re able to get in touch with this online pharmacy by calling at a single phone number listed on their website or by filling up the contact form on the contact page. In my opinion there should be more ways of getting in touch with an online pharmacy than just a phone number and the contact form, but this might be only my opinion.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I have already mentioned in the beginning of my review, this online pharmacy does offer a coupon code and you can apply it upon checking out and you’re going to get 5 % discount off your total sum order. NORTHEXP is the coupon code needed to be applied. They are also offering free shipping and free bonus pills but this depends on how many pills you are ordering. Plus to that, the more pills you’re ordering the more the discount as the claim, because as I said, Viagra 50 mg can be purchased for less than 1.53 USD per pill if you purchase more pills. Reviews

I have tried to find customer reviews on independent sites but unfortunately I failed to do it as there are none, unfortunately. To my opinion that’s a really big problem because I tend to think that when there are no customer reviews then it means that there are no customers and when there are no customers then there’s something wrong. I can’t say for sure if this is true or not but without any customer reviews anywhere online it is obvious that I am able to assume the fact that this online pharmacy hasn’t ever had a single customer to purchase any products from them. Since there are no customer reviews I went on to see what they have to tell and I haven’t found anything good: 0% trust rate! The website is rarely visited, it is classified as a rogue internet pharmacy, uses free mail addresses and a malware report has been detected from this website.


As much as we can see, there are no customer reviews and there’s nothing to make us believe in the pharmacy’s authenticity and in the fact that it is worth using this pharmacy. however the fact that there are no customer reviews makes me believe that it is NOT worth using this pharmacy and the scam warning sites like legit script and scam adviser only confirms this. All in all I would rate with 2 out of 5!

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