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By doing my research for a reliable pharmacy I am finding a lot of different pharmacies, some of which are being focused in selling a certain type of medications. The pharmacy I’ve managed to find now seem to be among those pharmacies and this is the conclusion I’ve made simply by seeing its name: So, as much as we can see, Nootropic Spot is the online pharmacy that’s being focused on selling nootropic medications but later I would find out whether or not they are offering other types of medications. I’ve accessed their main page where I saw a user friendly interfaced website which is very good as you can easily access the information that you need on the site. plus to this, I have noticed that the customers are able to register an account on their site and login to their accounts, this would facilitate the buying process in the future. There’s information on their website suggesting that they are offering some medications that famous people such as C. Ronaldo and Usain Bolt are using. Generally, they claim to have medications capable to make people feel much better. According to the information on their site, they are offering: free shipping; premium quality of products (only genuine supplements), as well as they claim to have an amazing customer service too. According to the information on the site, they are also having social media pages where you can follow the pharmacy’s activity. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any information on the site suggesting where they are located or for how long the pharmacy has been operating. Plus, there’s no information about any accreditations and these 2 things makes me think that the pharmacy is not having an illegal activity, although I’m not sure about this. Selection of medications and prices for them

As I have earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy seem to be oriented in selling a certain type of medication which is nootropics. However, you can see that they are offering multiple medications if you’re going to check their full selection of medications. As much as it seems, they claim to have the following types of drugs: cognitive enhancement (with 22 products), anti anxiety (9 products), anti aging (11 products), physical energy (15 products), cytogen and cytomax peptides (4 products) and others (19 products). As much as it seems, these are all types of drugs you can find here and as much as we can see, there’s a full list of products on the site. As much as it seems, there are 80 different medications. With this being said, I think that the selection of medications is moderate as you can’t find lots of different types of drugs. Since I am not familiar with the prices for medications that you can find on this pharmacy, I can only give an example of them, but I can’t comment either are those good prices or not. So I can give an example that Phenibut is from 20 USD to 80 USD, like for example 20 pills x 250 mg (from Russia) would be 20 USD. Shipping and payment methods

They claim that the warehouse is based in Moscow and they are sending medications from there. they are providing a tracking number for each package. There is no information if they are shipping world wide but they do claim to offer international shipping and since there’s not a list of countries, I can assume they do ship worldwide. There’s information suggesting they offer 2 shipping options: express mail service and international registered mail. The shipping fees depends on the shipping options and on the order sum. It can be 25 USD, 15 USD or for free for EMS, or it can be 5 USD or for free for registered mail. Average shipping times depends on the country where you live and option (5 to 15 days for EMS and 7 to 17 days for registered mail). They are accepting payments with cryptocurrencies, with credit card and with bank account. Customer Support Service

As soon as I have entered their main page I have noticed the pharmacy is offering to *chat with them* so that’s very good because the pharmacy has live chat function. Except for it, the pharmacy seem to have contact form on their website as contact method and that’s it. There is no mailing address offered, no phone numbers or anything in this matter. I think there should be other methods as well. Coupon Codes

As soon as you would enter their website you can see that a window would pop up with the following message: by paying with bitcoin you can get a 15 % discount off your orders with the coupon code: GET15. So they do offer coupon codes. Plus, by registering to their newsletter they claim to send you some special offers and amazing deals. Lastly, the pharmacy claims to offer free EMS shipping on orders over 149 USD and free registered shipping on orders over 79 USD. Last thing I noticed is that there are some certain products on their website which seem to be on a sale as they claim to have discounted prices. Reviews

There are some reviews (testimonials) on their website and as it was expectable, they were all positive. I said it is expected because often, testimonials on a site are fake and they, obviously, would write only positive reviews. Since they might be fake, the reviews on independent websites are much more trustworthy so I checked them. problem is that I only found one review on reddit and all other people talking about this source where only asking for opinions. No other reviews anywhere online. A single review isn’t enough so I checked where I found the pharmacy owner is hiding their identity and the site appeared less than a year ago.


It is hard to make a conclusion about this website when there’s only a single customer review and the review is positive while there is information on scam warning engines suggesting that purchasing medications on this site might not be a good idea. In the end, I rate this pharmacy with 3 out of 5 stars and ordering here can be done at your own risk, but I’m not sure if that’s worth it.

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