| Nixest Reviews & Coupons is the name of the online pharmacy which I will be reviewing now. Nixest seem to have a user friendly design and interface of the website which is really good and to my opinion is important as everything is easily accessible and navigate through the website. Nixest Medical seems to be another online pharmacy which is selling Modafinil and Armodafinil Online pharmacy but unlike those other pharmacies oriented in selling these medications, Nixest claims to be no. 1 pharmacy of selling these medications. Although claiming to be the best pharmacy for selling these drugs, it is the pharmacy with technical issues as trying to click on any of the pages on the site *like modalert, waklert or any other* would say: error 520. So it seems that their website is not fully technically functional. While on their website, instead, you can see a lot of information about these drugs, you can see their blogs, information about who takes these drugs and many others. Nevertheless, there’s no information about where this pharmacy is located or for how long it has been in the business. I guess this might be due to the fact that the pharmacy’s website is not working normally and the *about* page is not working either.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

As much as you can understand, this is an online pharmacy which is oriented in selling Modafinil and its derivatives which include: Modalert, Waklrt, Artvigil as well as Modvigil. There are no other drugs which can be found at this online pharmacy except for these 4 drugs that I have mentioned here, pretty much as other online pharmacies which I have reviewed lately. So since there’s not very much I can say about the selection of medications except that there are 4 drugs only, I will talk about the prices. Keep in mind that I am not an expert in these drugs so I cannot comment on their prices, I can only say that on the pharmacies that I reviewed lately, cheapest price for modalert (when purchasing in bulk – 300 pills) was 0.98 – 1 USD. Well, on if you buy 300 pills then you can get 0.97 USD per pill so that’s pretty much the same price, even with 0.01 USD per pill cheaper. This is fairly good I can guess but I cannot compare it to prices on other sources. This online pharmacy is not requiring prescription to anybody for ordering medications here.

Shipping and payment methods at

Their shipping and payment page is not working due to the error, however the FAQ page is working and there I have found information that they are offering a single shipping option which is EMS and it is offered for free to everyone regardless of their order. The delivery time is usually, as they mention, 5 to 15 working days and they are offering online tracking as well. And although they are selling meds to most countries around the world, not all countries are able to order here. There are some exception of countries to which they do not ship to and among these countries I can mention that there are most European (or maybe all) countries including some other big countries such as: UAE, Brazil, Canada, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and some others. You can go on their FAQ page and see if your country is among that list of countries to which they do not ship to. As in terms of payment methods this online pharmacy claims to be accepting 3 different credit cards which include: master card, visa and American express but there is also another payment method accepted: Bitcoin.

Customer Support Department

When you’re having questions it is obvious that you’re resorting to the customer support department for getting answers to those questions and if you get to talk with someone then you can feel reassured somehow that everything’s going to be alright. However not with which is only offering email as a contact form. According to the information on contact page they are offering live support at the bottom right of their website, but I cannot find it!

Is Nixest a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is Nixest a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I have tried to add items to cart in order to check if they are offering a list of bonuses and by trying to add those items to my cart I have been redirected to another online pharmacy which I have already reviewed named and to be honest I am not very sure what this means. Whatever the case I am sure that is not fully functional as much as it seems and you cannot buy here anything unless you buy from the other website that I mentioned earlier and this is all very strange. In the end, Nixest does seem to offer coupon codes which you receive by ever ordering from them and they also offer savings by ordering pills in bulk. Reviews

This online pharmacy is having a lot of technical issues but it seems that technical issues are not the biggest problems as it seems that they are having trust issues as well from people who ordered them. I have found many customer reviews implying that they are scammers. A person with nickname delta369 wrote a review that got scammed since he/she ordered 40 days ago and have receive nothing so that’s a ripoff. Another person said that has contacted them via email and never heard back. Other people on said that this is a scam and bogus company recommending to *avoid these thieves*. Information on is also alarming not having trust in this pharmacy.


As much as it seems, having trust in this online pharmacy and sending money to them would end up in getting scammed. Except for technical issues which is already a problem, they have many customers on independent websites suggesting that it is not a good idea to order here since they lost money. I recommend to stay away from due to all these reasons and I rate it with 1 out of 5 since they are most likely scammers.

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