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While I was doing my research for reliable online pharmacies I have found another pharmacy which seems to be pretty reliable and it claims to offer new life to their customers. That’s what it seems from its name: New Life Pharmacy with the internet address as soon as I entered their website I read their claim *there’s a better way to live with diabetes* so as much as it seems, I start thinking that this is a pharmacy which is oriented in helping only people who are suffering from diabetes. According to the further information that I found, this is one stop pharmacy for all your diabetic medication needs which means that people suffering from this chronic condition might find this pharmacy super helpful. From the information that I could find, the pharmacy is rendering its services in nearly all of the states in the USA and therefore, they claim to be helpful for a lot of people suffering from diabetes. According to the information I could obtain, they claim to be a professional team of licensed pharmacists and therefore they are currently filling more than 7,000 of diabetes prescriptions every month. According to the information that I could find on their website, the pharmacy claim that many customers have chosen this pharmacy due to: monthly savings; prescription fulfillment; top notch customer care; as well as supportive community. I was searching information on the website and then I found out this pharmacy’s seal suggesting they are VIPPS accredited pharmacy meaning that they are able to sell medications in all 50 states of USA. I checked if that’s true on VIPPS official website and it does seem to be so. I was searching for information suggesting where this pharmacy is located and I found out their address being located in Sandy, UT, USA but I couldn’t find information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has been operating and serving their customers. Selection of medications and prices for them

According to the information that I could find on this pharmacy’s website, they are not disposing any other types of products than those which can help people suffering from diabetes. With this being said, if you’re a person with diabetes then this might be a good place, however if you’re a person suffering from any other condition then you should go search for other pharmacies. They claim to have a wide selection of diabetes products, however I cannot confirm that since they do not have a list of drugs and I also cannot comment on their prices as there’s also not a price list. All I can say is that they claim to have a wide selection of diabetes products and people can get monthly savings by using their services which I hope is true. For ordering from this online pharmacy you would need to show them a valid prescription and that’s the only way you are going to get the medications. New Life Pharmacy promises best quality of such medications and generally a lot of helpful things for people with diabetes. Shipping and payment methods

Sad news is that there is very little I can say about these things and that’s due to the fact that there is basically no information about shipping and payment methods online which I could share here. all I can say about shipping is that they are allowed to ship in all 50 states in USA but they cannot ship outside of USA. Not sure if there are multiple shipping options, what are the shipping fees or delivery timeframes. I also cannot say anything about payment methods since there is no information shared. I can assume that they should accept credit cards and insurance plans, but I am not very sure. It seems that the standard shipping is offered for free by the pharmacy which is very good if true. Customer Support Service

There is a Frequently Asked Questions section on their website, however I still think that a lot of people might have a lot of questions to ask and therefore the customer support service should be helpful here. in order to get in touch with this pharmacy people can use their contact form available on their website, you can call them at the given phone number, you could use the email function or lastly, you could use the mailing address to write them a mail either.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

By analyzing the website of this pharmacy I couldn’t see any special offers being offered to customers on the site and that’s why I think that they do not have any. The pharmacy just claims that they are offering very good prices for medications which would make customers save some money but for getting exact data you would need to get in touch with them. as I said it earlier, they only seem to offer free standard shipping. Reviews

Before I decided to check the reviews I wanted to see if this pharmacy is considered legit by all other scam warning websites and it does seem to be so. Or at least, it does seem to be a VIPPS accredited pharmacy, it is a legitimate internet pharmacy according to and it is having a high trust rate given by nevertheless, it is rated with D- by and that’s not a good rate at all. Plus to this, the pharmacy does not seem to be popular at all as it has only very few visitors and then when I was trying to search for reviews I have found a total of 5 different reviews. Problem is that 2 of them were positive and 3 of them were negative, people complaining on different things and a person even mentioned *this seems like a scam*.


Even if a customer review said that this pharmacy seems to be a scam, I have extremely big doubts that it is such and that’s because of all the information I could find online and because there are still positive reviews. Nevertheless I will rate this pharmacy with 4 stars out of the maximum 5 due to the fact that it is not popular at all, it has a low rate given by BBB and more negative than positive reviews online.

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