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This online pharmacy I will talk about can be found at the internet address and that’s the pharmacy that will undergo my pharmacy review and hopefully, that’s a pharmacy that would be worth using in terms of authenticity, prices, quality and others. I have entered their main page and I noticed a simple and yet a user friendly interfaced website which is very good, with information well arranged on the site. I have seen that people can register an account on this site and login as well which, usually, makes it easier to order in future. According to the information that I found on their website, since their formation which happened 20 years ago in 1998 (which, if true, that’s very good as it is easier to have trust in a long lasting pharmacy), NetDr remains the competitive source for some male’s health products including ED drugs in the US, according to them. They claim that at NetDr, there are working some highly respected US licensed physicians and pharmacists that are being dedicated to increase their patients quality of life. Although they seem to claim to be a US pharmacy, I could not find an exact address of the pharmacy meaning that we can’t be sure either is this indeed a US or not. At least, I found information suggesting that this pharmacy’s site is Geo Trust secured, they are not spamming anyone and they are verified by which I hope is true. According to the information on their about page, by suing the NetDr pharmacy, you are going to get the following: enjoy complete privacy, discretion and dignity while addressing issues of sexual dysfunction and hair loss; play an active role and participate more fully in your own process of care; enjoy your health care in an enlightened manner and maintain better health as well as enjoy professional consultation at an affordable cost. So this pharmacy seems to be offering consultations and they seem to be mostly oriented in helping male health issues such as: ED, hair loss, weight loss and others.

NetDr.Com Selection of products and prices

As I’ve just mentioned, this online pharmacy seems to be mostly oriented in selling male health products. According to the list of medications, they are having drugs for: ED, Hair loss, Weight loss, Cosmetic, Sexual Health and lastly – Skin care. Some categories include a single drug with most drugs found in ED – 6 different drugs. All in all, this online pharmacy seems to be offering a total of around 15 – 20 drugs. With this being said, I would say that the selection of products is limited and if there’s anyone searching for other types of drugs, then you might need to search for other pharmacy. I have then checked for the prices and as soon as I did it, I realized that I personally wouldn’t ever want to purchase anything here. That’s because, for example, getting 90 pills of 100 mg tablets of sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) would cost you 3420 USD! With such prices, I do not understand what’s the reason ordering here when I can simply go to my nearest brick and mortar pharmacy and get whatever I need. It seems the pharmacy requires a prescription to get prescribed drugs. Shipping and payment methods

According to the information on *billing address* you’re not even able to choose the country meaning that this pharmacy is only shipping medications within USA. Problem is that I couldn’t find any details about shipping given. They have not shared if they offer tracking online, what’s the shipping fee or shipping delivery timeframe. Instead, all orders would have an extra fee of 50 USD according to the information on their site because of the *doctor consultation* which is required. Also, unfortunately, I was not able to find any information about payment methods either. Customer Support Service

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that a lot of people might have a lot of questions to ask before actually ordering from this online pharmacy. In order to do so, I have checked what are the methods available and I noticed that this pharmacy is having live chat function, however at the time I reviewed the site, they were offline so I could only leave a message. There seem to be 2 other methods to get in touch with this pharmacy and they include: via phone number on the site or via the contact form on their contact page.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

When I saw such high prices at this online pharmacy I was hoping that at least, they would have some coupon codes, or at least anything that can make me change my mind and want to order here. unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. I mean, there were no coupon code, no free shipping, free pills or anything in this matter. In fact, besides the prices you can see on their site, as I said, you would be charged 50 USD extra for consultation! Reviews

I know that usually, scam pharmacies want to attract people with good prices. Since this pharmacy has such expensive prices, I thought that it is, at least, reliable, again it seems I was wrong. According to, this pharmacy has been online for the last 20 years, and yet, it has no customer reviews online (no wonder, with such prices) and besides having no customer reviews, it is considered a rogue internet pharmacy by, a malware report has been detected for this website and it has a trust rate of 58%! In short, not even the customer reviews (that I found none) made me want to spend a penny here.


I honestly do not see any reasons why I would recommend this online pharmacy to anyone or why would I want to spend money here. They are having extremely high prices for medications and offer no deals, special offers or coupon codes. Plus they have absolutely no customer reviews although they were online for 20 years and they are a rogue internet pharmacy with low trust rate. Instead, I can recommend to avoid this pharmacy as there are much better options and I rate this pharmacy with 1 point.

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