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I was searching for reliable online pharmacies when I have found an, seemingly UK regulated pharmacy or at least that’s what it seems by its domain address name: and according to the information that I have found on their website, they seem to be a registered pharmacy and on the site there’s the number. plus, they claim to be a NPA (National Pharmacy Association) accredited pharmacy either. I have been trying to find information about their pharmacy by navigating through the site where I found out their claim that Nation Wide Pharmacies mission it is so supply a professional, cost effective, healthcare service that is delivery treatments to their customers quickly, efficiently and discreetly without the inconvenience of having to visit a doctor. According to the information there, they claim to be a leading UK provider of NHS and private prescription treatments for various body conditions and also including Erectile Dysfunction (impotence), hair loss as well as weight loss and they have started to operate in 2010. Plus they claim to have many other types of tablets and pills on their drugstores. By accessing their about page you can see a lot much more claims and information on their website. There’s the exact address shared on their website which is located in London, UK. You can also see the pharmacy services by checking for information on their website and information about: dispensing, repeat dispensing, unwanted medicines, health advice and self care, signposting and links, patient medication records, private prescription service, over the counter medicine sales, holiday healthcare and check their hours of business. The pharmacy’s logo is *delivering healthcare to your door* and I noticed that people can register an account and login here. Except for this pharmacy offering medications, they also claim to offer online private doctor where you get a confidential online doctor service for a range of prescription treatments. So far, the pharmacy seems to be pretty good. Selection of medications and prices

According to the information that I could find on their website, they are offering NHS and prescription products which means that you can find both prescription products and non prescription drugs. They seem to have test kits, e-cigarettes, vitamins and supplements and many other things including products for different health conditions such as: pain relief, collagen products, cold and flu and many others. As much as we can see, people can find a lot of different products for a lot of different health conditions and that’s why I can say that they are offering a very wide selection of products which is very important because in case this turns out to be a pharmacy worth purchasing from then you can find nearly all that you need in a single place. I have then tried to check the prices and I noticed there is no viagra generic, unfortunately. And another problem is that viagra 50 mg 32 tablets would cost 286 GBP, compared to other online pharmacies that’s a really big price to my opinion. It is obvious that you cannot order medications from such a pharmacy which is offering online doctor consultations without a valid prescription. But if you don’t have one, as I said, you can request their consultation online so you might get one. Shipping and payment methods

I have found out information suggesting that this online pharmacy is not able to send medications to EU and anywhere else in the world which means that only people living in UK can use this pharmacy’s services. As much as it seems, this pharmacy is offering 2 shipping options: next day delivery which costs 7.50 GBP and next day delivery (Saturday) which costs 10.50 GBP. They are offering free delivery to orders over 15 GBP and non prescription. People receive their products next day only if placing the orders before 12 PM. They are accepting only credit cards such as VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card and American Express. No other payment methods are available. Customer Support Service

As much as I could see from their website, people are able to get in touch with this online pharmacy by the following methods: you either call them by the phone number, use their social media to get in touch with them, use the mailing address or the contact form available on the website.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I was searching for coupon codes or for any other methods that can make people save some money and as much as I could see this pharmacy does not have any coupon codes, but instead they claim that there are some products which are having discounted prices. There are some special items that are on sale. Except for this, they offer free delivery for non prescription items over 15 GBP. Lastly, you can create an account and save 7.50 GBP as well as get a free next day delivery on your first prescription treatment with the code: FIRST ORDER. Reviews

I was searching for customer reviews as they are essential in determining the pharmacy’s reliability and as much as I could see, there are a lot of reviews on and what’s seemed strange is that although there are lots of review on there are none anywhere else online. Majority of reviews are positive, however there are also negative reviews which should be taken in consideration as well to my opinion. According to it has a lot of reviews, however it has a trust rate of 63 % only which is not very good. they claim that a malware report has been detected for the site plus it is an unapproved online pharmacy according to


In the end, I will not recommend this online pharmacy. it has big prices for medications, low trust rate by and unapproved pharmacy by although it has most positive reviews on, there are also negative reviews which isn’t a good sign. It does seem to be reliable and most reviews are positive and that’s why I give Nation Wide Pharmacies a rate of 3 stars.

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