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An world famous pharmacy, as claimed by the pharmacy, is That’s what I could read on their website and also there I found that this is a Canadian Pharmacy according to the information I found on their site. I really hope that this is a reliable online pharmacy as I want to add more pharmacies to my *reliable pharmacies list* but finding them seem to be really hard. The site of this pharmacy is familiar to me and that’s a sign that there were other pharmacies with similar designs and to my experience, that’s not a very good sign, even though the design is user friendly. The site, generally, is well done, information is well arranged so people can easily find whatever they are looking for. Plus to this, there are good features on the site where people have the option to choose the currency and the language on the site making it easier to find the information that they need. There is information claiming that they are delivering high quality medications throughout the world and according to the copyright information that I found, the pharmacy has been established in 2001. Although the pharmacy claims to be internationally licensed and claims to be a Canadian Pharmacy, I was not able to find information sharing their exact address of the pharmacy and that’s also not a very good sign as usually, reliable pharmacies do share their addresses. This doesn’t automatically mean that the pharmacy is not reliable, but chances that it is reliable would be higher if it shared an address. They have shared a few reasons of why people should choose this online pharmacy and they include: no prescription (not requiring a prescription is a sign of illegal activity of the pharmacy which, then again, doesn’t mean that they are not reliable, but chances that it is reliable would be higher if the pharmacy would all legal), they offer low prices for medications, they offer high quality of medications and they offer fast delivery. Selection of medications and prices

Using the search function available on the site, browsing by the first letter of the drugs or checking the product categories are the methods available to search for the needed products. As much as it seems, the pharmacy has a wide selection of medications as there are a lot of product categories with products for: asthma, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, allergies, sleep aid, weight loss and a lot of other medications. That’s why I can assume they offer a huge selection of medications for different needs and requirements. Plus, the pharmacy is offering both generic and branded names drugs too. I was checking the prices for medications and I checked their ED medications (where I found a lot of them) and I saw that prices for generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra were: 0.27 USD, 0.68 USD and 1 USD accordingly. These are the lowest prices possible on the site and yet, I still think that these are some very good prices for medications. That’s why I can assume that prices for all other drugs found on the site are very good. Shipping and payment methods

There is information on their website suggesting that they are offering world wide shipping to virtually any address in the world (as I have already mentioned this earlier). They are offering 2 shipping options. The first option can be used world wide (airmail shipping) with a waiting period of 2 to 3 business weeks and doesn’t have online tracking. This option costs 10 USD. The second option can’t be used world wide (only by some countries) and it costs 20 USD. However, it does have online tracking and delivery timeframe is 3 to 8 business days. The payment options include only credit card either via VISA or Master Card. No other payment methods are available. Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy is simple as they are offering 2 phone numbers which you can dial and get live assist or you could use their contact form available on the site. I would appreciate if the pharmacy would offer more options to get in touch like live assist and if the pharmacy would give a mailing address. It is important to know that their customer care department speaks only English.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are given to customers who have previously ordered from them and by using it at the second and further orders, the customers get a discount. Except for coupon codes, people who order drugs at this online pharmacy are also getting free ED bonus pills and it seems that the more pills you get, the more bonus pills. They are also offering discounts by ordering more pills and one last thing to mention is that they provide free airmail shipping for orders over 200 USD. Reviews

It is very worrying to see that an online pharmacy has more negative reviews than positive as this makes us think that ordering there would end up being a disappointing experience. Unfortunately, that’s the exact case with as I did found customer reviews on independent sites and most reviews are negative. People explained that they did not got their products and trying to get in touch with the pharmacy there was nobody to answer the phone or send them a response to their emails. Like for example, a person named KSchauer said that he placed an order on May 23rd and he still has not received his order or a refund although he wrote that review on July 12. Checking the information on confirmed the pharmacy is a scam. 0% trust rate and there is a long list of notes as to why people should stay away from them.


Everyone who wants to get their medications at discounted rates should search for other pharmacies than and that’s because if you order here, most likely, you would get ripped off money. With this being said, I h3ly recommend to stay away from this pharmacy (and that’s exactly what I would do) and I can’t rate a scam pharmacy with higher than 1 star!

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