/ My Prime Reviews & Coupons is an pharmacy that I have found by doing my research for an reliable online pharmacy and this online pharmacy seems to be different from many other pharmacies that I have reviewed so far and that’s why I have hope that maybe it is reliable because most of other online pharmacies that I have reviewed so far were fake/ scams or they were most likely fake/ scams. As soon as I have entered this online pharmacy I have seen that you can (or maybe SHOULD) register and sign in to your account. The company seems to be named Prime Therapeutics and according to the information on google this is a management services company that has been founded back in 1998 with their headquarters in Eagan, Minnesota, United States. You’re also offered the name of their CEO for those who are interested. Also this pharmacy claims to be URAC accredited and certified pharmacy by NCQA. This pharmacy seems to have their own doctors which therefore I can assume they might write you prescriptions in case you would ever need. The website isn’t really easy to use and although it features user friendly design, in my opinion, this pharmacy is too hard to navigate through and understand. What I could find about this pharmacy is the following message *Our purpose is to help people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well.* selection of medications and prices

When entering the website you can see there are pages like: pharmacies, medicines and others. of course, for finding the medications that I need I would need to click on medicines which I have done and I tried to find the medications that I need. Of course I have tried to search for Viagra but I have been offer the prices from Walgreens and I was even showed: sign in to fill with Walgreens mail service. I am not very sure but it seems this pharmacy offers medications from Walgreens and that’s why I think that the prices should be the same as on Walgreens and plus to that, the selection of medications, of course, should be the same as well. Like for example, I have searched for Viagra 50 mg 30 tablets (for 30 days) and the price was 5.300 USD. Such kind of prices made me search for online pharmacies and while searching for reliable online pharmacies I’ve got back such prices. I completely refuse to pay such big prices for such medications. And yeah, although there’s not a FAQ page to confirm this, it is clear that the pharmacy is requiring a prescription in order to provide their customers with medications that require a prescription.

Customer Support service on

Getting in contact with such an online pharmacy should be easy and that’s especially because when you enter their contact page there is such a message: *for mail service prescription including refills, contact Walgreens Mail service*. Anyhow, you can contact them by dialing their phone number or by email. There is no live chat function on the website, unfortunately. I can assume that besides calling them and emailing them you’re about to contact them via their social media pages that they have (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube).

Shipping and Payment methods on

Due to the fact that this is not an ordinary online pharmacy, there is no information about shipping charges or delivery times. Generally, regardless of how much I tried to find a page where I could go to checkout page, I simply couldn’t. In fact, I am not very sure if this pharmacy does offer medication shipping. But this pharmacy seems to accept insurances and they claim that your payment depends on your insurance plan. For the same reasons, I wasn’t able to find out information about shipping or payment methods. What I can assume is that going to their pharmacies in person you can, of course, pay cash and I can assume they should accept credit/ debit cards as well. In regards to shipping, what I can assume, in case they do provide shipping, is that they are not shipping outside USA. An interesting message I found on their site is: *Take your prescription and member ID card to the pharmacy to get your medicine.* however I have also found this message: *always free standard shipping* so I assume they do provide shipping and it is free.

Coupon codes

Due to the fact that there are no prices listed, of course, there cannot be any discounts, I guess. They only claim that you can get a *pharmacy plan* and by doing this you benefit by getting medications at discounted prices but I failed to find if there are any special offers or deals which I assume there are none. In addition to that, this pharmacy doesn’t offer any coupons or anything to make you save some money. Except for free shipping which they claim it’s always for free – there’s nothing else.

Customer reviews

When it comes to customer reviews about an online pharmacy that’s pretty essential for any pharmacy and yet, finding customer reviews about was too hard as I couldn’t find any. When there are no customer reviews I would say that it is pretty hard to recommend the online pharmacy as there is no real person who actually had good experience and recommending it to other people. the problem is that according to isn’t recommended because of *poor quality* and the rating is 2.7 out of 5. I went on to find out if its legitimate or not and according to their data analysts hasn’t been analyzed at all as they do not have information. According to it is 100% safe to use it, yet I’m not very sure.


This website suggests that it is a unique healthcare service provider and it has a number of pharmacies that their customers are able to order and refill their prescriptions. Plus to that, it also has 100% trust from and yet, it didn’t provided any deals, special offers, coupon codes and generally haven’t even listed a normal price list (but if that’s true – 5300 USD for 30 tablets they must be crazy) and the biggest problem is that there are no customer reviews at all. Taking in consideration all these things that I’ve just mentioned here I thereby rate with 3 out of 5 and I can say that in my opinion there might be better solutions.

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