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Today I continued doing my research for a reliable online pharmacy that would have good price for the medications and would be worth recommending to other people. So, while doing my research I have come along the online pharmacy with the domain address which I have accessed and analyzing it for a few minutes it does looks to seem pretty good, I mean, the design of the site, understanding it and so on and so forth. So, although I liked the design of the website, I tried to find out more about the pharmacy itself and by accessing their about us page I read the claim that is one of the most trusted online pharmacies in the world, and yet, I personally failed to find out about it up until this moment. Their claims states that they are offering only some very high quality as well as best efficient pharmacy products for both men’s and women’s health. This is really good and I truly hope it is true. They claim that all their products are approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and their customer support department is there for you 24/7. I have tried to find out more about the pharmacy itself, like for example by whom it is run, where their headquarters is located or when they have started the pharmaceutical business. I couldn’t find answers to my questions. I have tried to read more on this website and here’s what I have noticed: the language on the website is English, but it is easily noticed that it is not written by a native English speaker as it is very strangely written, like for example: *The parcel is been handled to the customer physically hence customers need to save our email id and revert to us if they go not get the parcel.* Anyway, I continued with my review.

What’s the selection of drugs and prices for them on

As soon as I have entered their website I have been given a list of drugs. By analyzing their bottom of the home page there is a big list of drugs. But what I have noticed is that their drugs are being categorized: Smart Drugs, Pain Relief, Men’s Health, Women’s Health as well as General Health. You can find drugs under each category accordingly but in General Health they are being sub categorized in medications for – anti allergy, diabetes, quit smoking, cancer and many others. Under each category or sub category you can see the list of drugs for each of them and analyzing all of the drugs I could find there, I would say that there are no less than about 100 – 200 different medications. I have been trying to search for brand Viagra, Cialis or Levitra and there are none so this online pharmacy is mostly selling generic medications. nevertheless, I still found (on their home page) some medications that are claimed to be brands, such medications as Modalert and Waklert. Not sure if they have any other brands. In terms of prices, if you want to get generic Viagra, normal dosage of 50 mg and 100 pills you would need to pay 93 USD which makes it 0.93 USD per pill. However if you’re a returning customer then you get a discount – 88 USD. The prices can get higher or lower depending on the dosage and quantity of pills ordered. These are good prices in my opinion for such medications. The pharmacy claims to require their customers a valid prescription for getting those medications that require one.

Shipping and payment options on

2 shipping options: standard (15 to 17 days delivery time) and express (7 to 10 days delivery time) with delivery costs of 18 and 25 USD accordingly. However if you buy more pills then the standard is offered for free while EMS would cost only 10 USD. And lastly if you order enough pills, EMS can be offered for free as well. they seem to accept orders world wide. In regards to payment methods there are: credit cards (AMEX, VISA, DISCOVER, MASTER CARD), bitcoin, western union and moneygram.

Customer support department on

For getting in touch with this pharmacy you need to go on contact us page and fill the form then wait for their response in the email listed. But if you don’t like waiting there are 3 different phone numbers (UK number, Australian number and from Hong Kong) that you can dial. There are no other methods to talk with them like online live chat or something in this matter.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Coupon codes on

Online pharmacies that offer facilities for their customers want to show that they do care about the customers and this online pharmacy in particular seem to care a lot about their customers as they have a lot of facilities and deals: like for example, as I said, ordering in bunk makes you save more money, they are offering discounts for existing customers as well. In addition to this, they do have coupon codes making you save money and except for that there are loyalty bonus which can be used in future orders. Except for all of these, orders that are above $200 USD get free pills. plus they offer free shipping and plus they offer cashback. reviews

To be honest everything seemed to be way too good up until this moment except for the fact they do not have online live chat function. I have then checked the customer reviews and I haven’t found too many of them, what I did have found is a total of 5 reviews, 2 of which were positive with 2 people saying that this pharmacy is actually good and they have got the products ordered. However the rest reviewers said that this is a complete scam online pharmacy that people shouldn’t have trust in. I’ve checked to see what would recommend and I saw the fact that this online pharmacy has no trust at all, it is rarely visited (then their claim that it is one of the leading pharmacies online is a lie) and what’s a bigger of a problem: the real location is being hidden. These are some big problems.


The online pharmacy seem to have lots of drugs and the prices for them are really good with A LOT OF offers and deals. The design of the website is very well made with lots of payment options and shipping world wide. However there is a big number of negative points going around this pharmacy like bad customer reviews and real location of the site is hidden. That’s why I rate it with 3 out of 5!

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