/ My Medic Star Reviews & Coupons is a Canadian online pharmacy and this pharmacy is providing with top quality medications at the most reasonable prices hundreds of people per day. On *About Us* page of this website you can find their history claiming that this pharmacy has firstly been opened in 2002, back then being a small pharmacy. In 2005 they have firstly created their online shop and that means that they have 12 years of e-pharmacy experience and 15 years of pharmacy running experience. This is all very good and I personally would rather have trust in a pharmacy that is in the business for a long time rather than a new pharmacy. Also according to the information that I found on their page, their headquarters is currently in Montreal and they have CIPA Certification (Certified Canadian International Pharmacy), DHHS Certification (Department of Health and Human Service), they are accredited by BBB ( – Better Business Bureau), verified by VISA, VeriSign Secure site and they are top rated by Of course all of this is amazing and very good, it heightens our trust in this pharmacy, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t analyze more carefully the pharmacy. The website supports other languages than English and other currencies than USD either.

What is selection of drugs on

This drugstore seem to be mostly focused on selling ED medications, or at least their first bestsellers are: Viagra, Cialis, Viagra Super Active and Levitra and then it goes other stuffs which among them are again – ED medications. Seemingly they have a big variety of drugs for ED treatment but they also have a very big variety of drugs for all other drugs. According to category of drugs they have medications for Men’s health, Skin Care, Stomach, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Women’s Health, Anxiety, Blood pressure and many others. And they even have medications for Pets. On Men’s Health they have 103 products among which lots of types of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra (including branded names either).

What are the prices on compared to other online pharmacies?

A quick search on Viagra on this online pharmacy and I found the lowest prices they have for Viagra: 0.86 USD for a generic Viagra pill. The lowest price you can get brand Viagra for is 3.95 USD. I’ve then searched to find out price for Cialis, generic: 1.59 USD and brand 5.45 USD. Lately, Levitra goes for: 2.02 USD per pill generic and 5.75 USD brand Levitra per pill. But these are the lowest prices per pill which you can obtain only if you purchase largest quantity of pills and lowest dosage per pill. If you purchase less of quantity or higher of dosage then you need to pay more per pill. Anyhow, I still think that these are pretty good prices.

My Medic Star shipping options?

They claim to deliver the products worldwide but I know that they do not have Courier (EMS) orders in all countries available but only in USA. But they do have this service available which claims to have a delivery time of 8 to 14 days for this service, and a delivery time of 10 to 21 days for order that are shipped through Regular Airmail. It seems that both these shipping services have a tracking system. The regular airmail would cost you 15 USD while Express Courier (for US customers only) has a fee of 25 USD. They do not have a refund. However you can add 5 USD for getting a delivery insurance (which means that you have guaranteed reshipment if delivery failed). There are free regular shipping and free express shipping depending on how much you want to buy.

What are the payment options on

They accept 3 major credit cards: VISA, Master Card as well as American Express. In addition to that, US customers are having an option to pay that is available only in USA: eCheck. This payment method is available just for USA customers. And lastly there’s a payment option which is my absolute favorite: Bitcoin. It is obviously available to all customers and plus to that, purchase via Bitcoin would give you an extra 10% discount!

How to get in touch with

Their headquarters is located 1822 Boulvar Dr., Montreal, RC B4U 5U2, Canada or at least that’s what they have posted on their contact us page. They also made it clear that customer support service is currently available only in English and also there you’re able to submit a form which then they would contact you either by the email or phone number that you need to write when submitting the form. Other than submitting the form or going right to their headquarters personally there doesn’t seem to be any other ways that you can get in touch with them: no live chat function, no phone number listed and not even an email listed.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupons, special offers and discounts

As I have already mentioned this earlier, a discount they offer is if you decide to make your payment via Bitcoin – 10%. Another special offer they give that I mentioned is free shipping regular – for orders that are above 150 USD, they offer free express shipping for 300 USD or more and free insurance for orders that are above 200 USD. Something that I haven’t yet mentioned is that they are offering free pills with every order and the amount of free pills depends on the amount of pills you decide to purchase. And yeah – the more pills you order, the better the price for pill gets. But sadly, there are no coupon codes and that’s sad for me because in my opinion, coupon codes allows you to get a good discount without doing any hard work or accomplishing anything (like sum order above 200 USD or such). Reviews

I’ve tried to search for customer reviews as ordering online is a very risky thing, however you can build up confidence in an online pharmacy by reading good customer reviews on independent websites. Independent websites usually means that the reviews are not fake and customer reviews means that people had experience with an online pharmacy. This greatly helps to understand whether is it worth to purchase from the pharmacy we’re talking about or not. I’ve searched for reviews and as sad as it sounds but I found only one. Good thing that at least that one single customer review is positive. Stephen on said that he feels like this is a great service this pharmacy offers and he would *certainly suggest* the pharmacy. Since there is a lack of customer reviews I’ve started to search for what scam warning websites are telling and I found that has a trust of 73% in this website. This isn’t a lot, but that’s not so bad. But doesn’t actually agree saying that this website has a 0% trust. That’s truly hard to say a verdict according to the data I got so far but anyway.


There is a lack of customer reviews online and that’s something that makes me stay away from an online pharmacy. But in the same time there is a customer review (only one) and it is a positive feedback. There are 2 scam analyzing websites which are having different *opinion* and that’s again hard to guess which one is right. But I also take in consideration that they are accredited by some trustable organizations and companies BBB, CIPA, and top rated by pharmacychecker. Plus I take in consideration the prices and the deals. With all of this said I think that is an 3 out of 5 online pharmacies for lack of customer reviews on independent websites and for low trust on scam analyzing websites.

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