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While I am doing my research for reliable online pharmacies I am usually coming along different websites and today I have found, an online pharmacy which seems to sell a lot of different products including laundry products, beverages, toys and games etc. but the reason why I think that it deserves a place in the pharmacy reviews list is because this online pharmacy is also having departments such as health and wellness and even prescriptions and with this being said, this pharmacy is selling lots of different products including medications. This company/ pharmacy or grocery/ pharmacy store is claiming that with the help of their services, you can get what you need, today. They are offering free store pickup as well as same day delivery too. They claim that people can also earn rewards. People are offered to create an account on their website and sign in into it. the website seems to be quite well done as it is user friendly and you can easily access the pages that you need and navigate through it. according to the copyright information *2012* I can assume this company has been around for the last 6 years. According to *about MyGofer* information page, this company is a new way to shop that makes it easy to get the stuff you need – where, when and how you want it. I have noticed that this pages is something like a *FAQ* page and I would surely use this page for finding out details about it. I am not very sure but as much as I could find on their website, there are pages such as: *California privacy policy and California Transparency Act* so I am not sure if this means that the company is located there. Selection of products and prices

I have already mentioned the fact that this company is providing nearly anything and according to their information they have also claimed that you can find nearly anything at their store, with this being said people can order here a lot of things. I have clicked on *prescriptions* to see what kind of selection of prescriptions they have but there’s not a list given. You just need to *refill prescriptions, transfer prescriptions or new prescriptions* in order to get such medications. There I found they are working with Kmart Pharmacy and this is a VIPPS approved pharmacy. with this being said, I assume that the selection of drugs on this website should be really wide with a lot of different medications but I can also assume that the prices for medications are not very different from prices at your local drugstore and that’s not a very good thing because reason of searching for online pharmacies is to save some money. or at least that’s for me. Shipping and payment methods

I was not able to find very much information about shipping details, unfortunately. I just found out they are offering home delivery, you can go and pickup your ordered items and they are also offering next day delivery as well. Sad thing is I couldn’t find what are the shipping fees or what are the delivery timeframes for standard deliveries. What I know is that a VIPPS accredited pharmacy will not accept orders overseas and I am not even sure if they are licensed to provide with prescription medications all US states. To find out such information you might need to get in touch with their customer support department. mygofer accepts the following forms of payment: Sears Card; MasterCard; Visa; American Express; Discover. Visa/MasterCard Check Debit Card – Kmart Gift Cards. Customer Support Service

People might want to ask some questions before ordering, be they in regards to drugs availability, drugs prices or shipping details etc. people would need to get in touch with the customer support and so, people can do it by using the contact form on their website, by using the email listed or the phone number available on the website (but the phone number seem to be specified for the Kmart Pharmacy only if you have some questions in regards specifically to the prescription products. They do not seem to offer online live chat function.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

While I was searching for coupon codes I have noticed this online services and products provider doesn’t offer them and in fact, they are not offering nearly anything, or at least I couldn’t find any information like that. There is no free shipping, free products, discounts of any type or anything in this matter. That’s very disappointing since I am searching for such websites to save some money and without coupon codes and special offers that’s really hard to do so. All I found is that people can get reward points for customers upon purchasing some medical products from this store. But I doubt that those points are very much worth. Reviews

This company claims to try their best to make each customer happy by providing them whatever they need, whenever they need, wherever they need it. It claims to offer good prices and hassle free manner of ordering medications and all of this sounds very good. However, according to the total number of around 20 or so customer reviews I found online on different websites – that doesn’t seem to be true. On there are 3 reviews all of which are having a rate of 1 out of 5. Same thing goes for resellerratings where 15 reviewers rated it with 1 out of 10. On yelp there is a slightly better rate of 2 out of 5 according to 8 reviews. As much as we can see, on yelp there are few people saying that this company is worth it, but there are way much more people saying otherwise, people complaining on a lot of different things.


I will definitely not recommend this company when it has so many negative customer reviews where most of them are negative. This is a VIPPS accredited pharmacy which means they are all legitimate and reliable, nevertheless, most people are disappointed, angry and recommend not to order here. I will take their words in consideration and I will rate this pharmacy with 2 out of 5 because of negative reviews, high prices and lack of coupon codes and special offers.

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