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Another Canadian based online pharmacy, as the domain address suggests, is and they suggests that quality generic drugs for ED is their specialty and here is a list of reasons why people should choose their pharmacy as they suggest: they have been around since 2003 and nowadays they are still growing generating already thousands of happy customers. They also claims that their products are providing faster results although they are selling generic medications that are produced by reliable manufacturers. In addition to that they have 100% money back guarantees either. 2 last reasons is that they are offering security of shopping and also they are cutting down your expenses by offering much lower generic drug prices. All of this sound very good so let’s hope that is actually true. I’ve tried to find where their headquarters are located and yet, they didn’t provided an address.

My Canadian Pharmacy RX Selection of Drugs

As promised, they have lots of medications treating ED and lots of them are generics, but this doesn’t mean that they do not offer brand medications, at least they do have brand Viagra, brand Cialis and brand Levitra. Among generics they have lots of medications like Viagra Soft, Kamagra, Cialis super active and many others. Besides ED medications they are having a big list of health categories that the drugs found in their drugstores can treat and they are: weight loss, blood pressure, heart, anxiety and sleep aid, cholesterol, women’s health and many others. You can find the drugs by the health categories or by searching the exact name of drugs that you’re interested in their search box.

My Canadian Pharmacy RX Prices for drugs compared to other online pharmacies

As usually, I am being interested in such drugs as the ones I mentioned: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra so commenting on the prices for these drugs I can tell you: Viagra generic would cost you 0.77 USD per pill at the lowest price and that’s seemingly a promotion that is limited until the stocks lasts. The current price is 0.77 USD but the usual price is 1.03 with a 25% off discount. Price for Cialis is 1.79 USD but current price is 1.43 USD with 20% off discount and Levitra current price is 1.82 USD but usual price would be 2.02 USD with 10% off. They also have promotion for Viagra Super Active+ with 15% off the usual price of 2.70 USD which now makes it have a price of 2.30 USD. The usual prices are somewhere *average* I would say while the discounted prices are a little bit below average, however they are still not better or best prices than some prices for exact same drugs on other online pharmacies.

Contacting MyCanadianPharmacyRx, customer support

I didn’t contacted this pharmacy myself which is the reason why I cannot comment on whether do they have a really caring customer support team or not. Hopefully I’m going to find an answer when I would read customer reviews. Anyhow, you can get in touch with their customer support (claimable working 24/7) by the email: [email protected], they also have another email for personal discounts: [email protected] or a hot line phone. You can also fill the contact form and they should respond you as soon as possible.

What shipping methods are currently available on

This online Canadian pharmacy offers 2 shipping methods: regular airmail and express courier and they claim that both of these methods are equally rigorous and dependable, with the only differences being the following: regular airmail has a delivery 10 to 21 days, it ships internationally and has a delivery of 15 USD while the express courier has a delivery time of 8 to 14 days, it costs 25 USD and is only available within the US borders. Although they ship internationally they do not ship to absolutely every country in the world so check if your country is in the list. Orders that have a sum of 150 USD or more get a free delivery by regular airmail and orders above 300 USD get a free delivery by Express Courier. They also do have a return policy – 14 days. There’s also an insurance that costs 5 USD but it is offered for free for orders above 200 USD.

Payment methods on My Canadian Pharmacy Rx

There are many online pharmacies that seem to follow a rule: credit card for all customers and echeck for USA customers. Among credit card you can choose only between the most 3 famous credit cards such as VISA, Master Card and American Express. This online pharmacy doesn’t seem to be an exception as it follows the same *rule*. coupons, discounts, bonuses

As mentioned earlier: they have a couple of special offers and that’s: discounts for certain medications (like for example those that I mentioned), they also have the policy *the more you purchase the less you pay per pill* because purchasing bigger quantities would get you to the prices that I mentioned, purchasing less pills would make you pay higher prices per pill. As I have also mentioned, they have free regular shipping and express shipping for orders above 150 USD and 250 USD and free insurance for orders above 200 USD. Plus to all of this they are offering packs and they are also offering free ED pills, the amount of free pills depends on the amount of pill you buy. All of these seem to be like it’s enough and already good, however they are also offering one last method to make you save money: coupon codes. Upon filling your credentials you can apply a discount coupon which is going to save you some extra money.

Customer reviews about

Our beloved Internet is a place where you can find nearly anything and yet, I failed to find customer reviews on other external sites than the website itself. On the online pharmacy’s website you can find testimonials, however I do not believe testimonials written on the online pharmacies’ websites because there is a high chance that those testimonials are fake, written by the pharmacy itself just to manipulate with people in believing they are reliable. All that I was able to find on external, independent websites is on a single customer review written by danbrownz. He said that he had an experience with this online pharmacy and in regards to quality of drugs he is very and very satisfied. However he had some big problems in getting a response from the customer support. That’s a big problem IMO because customer support is what stands between the client and the pharmacy and when there’s nobody to respond to your inquiry and your needs you’re being left without any help. This reviewer said that he was able to get in touch with their personnel, but that’s after 2 days of trying and plus to that he says that their customer support doesn’t pay attention to the complaints. He calls this pharmacy to be robustly good but not excellent and that’s because they have drawbacks like shipping delays and sluggish customer support. However he still thanks the pharmacy for their working/ effective pills and for good prices. Because of further lack of customer reviews I checked what does say and it has a trust rate of 69% where suggests: There maybe a small chance of risk. No other scam warning websites had trust in What’s worrying is that scamadvisor suggests that this site is most likely from Russian Federation and that truly worries me.

Is legit or fake?

Sadly but I am not being able to answer this question. I am not sure if it’s legit as much as I am not sure whether is it fake. There is a single customer review (on independent websites) suggesting that it is legit with minor drawbacks, however a single customer review isn’t quite enough to believe in its credibility. Plus scamadviser says that there maybe a small chance of risk, meaning that overall there shouldn’t be any risk. This all leads to think that it is legit indeed, but I’m still not sure.


When there’s an online pharmacy that I am not very sure whether is it legit or fake I cannot recommend it to other people. For the same reasons I am not going to risk with my money either. Those who likes to take the risks then you might try because of its *moderate* prices and good deals and yet I still won’t because I think there are online pharmacies that do not have such risk of purchasing and they have better prices with good deals. So I rate with 3 out of 5 meaning that ordering is risky and that’s why I cannot recommend this pharmacy.

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