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Another pharmacy that I will review is named Adventist Health System and people can find it at the domain address name of As soon as I have entered this pharmacy I have noticed a pretty well done website in terms of user friendly interface of the site where you can easily navigate through it and access what you need with ease. I have noticed that patients are able to register on this website and they are then able to login to their accounts. I am not sure if this is mandatory to do or if this is only an option available which, maybe, gives customers some benefits by doing it. I have noticed that patients can refill their prescriptions here online. There are also differnet thins available to people to access such as information about RxPlus HIPAA Notice etc. People are also able to access some forms such as reimbursement form, formulary drug list form, reimbursement form and others. Although you can find different information about different things, unfortunately, I was not able to find information about a list of drugs and about drug prices and with this being said, some of the usual points which are in my pharmacy reviews would, most likely, be excluded from the this review, unfortunately, since there’s nothing I can say. There’s also the *ask a pharmacist* option but for continuing you have to login to your account. There’s also *update information* which you can click on but by doing this I got the message: *This function is currently in development and will be available soon. Please check back.* so it seems that not everything is fully functional here. unfortunately, there is not an about us page so I barely can say anything more about the pharmacy, however on the bottom of the website there’s the *RX Plus Pharmacy* exact address which is located in Sanford, FL. With this being said I am not sure what’s Adventist Health System and what’s RxPlus Pharmacy and what do they have in common? Although there’s no information suggesting for how long this pharmacy has bene online, there’s copyright information suggesting the following: 2009 – 2014 so assuming that they have been in business since 2009 then what’s 2014? Have they stopped working in 2014? I guess these are questions one should ask before sending any personal information to this website.

Overview of

As I said earlier, there is not a list of medications and it is obvious that there is not a price list either, with this being said I am not sure what kind of selection of drugs do they have and what are the prices here. also there is not a FAQ page or not a *shipping information* page or something like this. No *payment options* page either and that’s why I cannot say anything about the shipping and payment options available here, unfortunately. All of these including the questions that I mentioned earlier are questions that need to be asked to this pharmacy.

Customer Support Service at

As soon as you go on the contact page you can see that the customer service is only available in operation hours so if you’re willing to talk with them by calling make sure that you do it in their operation hours if you want to get in touch with someone from customer support service. also there’s the exact address of the pharmacy so I guess you could use the mailing system as well. Except for phone numbers and mailing address there’s also the fax number (but they wrote the following: physician use only) and there’s also an email too available.

Adventist Health System Coupon Codes

I guess this is one more thing to ask the customer support and that’s because I haven’t found anything here in regards to the coupon codes or to something or anything that might make you save some money by doing business with Adventist health system. I mean, besides the fact that there are no coupon codes, there are no special offers being mentioned, there are no discounts or anything. Not sure if this actually means that they do not have anything but that’s what it seems, at least at the moment.

Adventist Health System Reviews

There were, to my opinion, way too many things and questions unanswered. At least I personally barely understood anything about this company/ pharmacy as there’s nearly nothing that I would be able to judge. Since there’s so many things that left unanswered I guess that customer reviews on independent websites would actually help a lot in determining whether it is worth it all or not. I was searching for those customer reviews and I have found a lot (200 on and 700+ on of employee reviews. Now the big problem is that the customer reviews I have found only 30 and only on There are a lot of different websites with employee reviews but no websites with customer reviews about this company. Nevertheless, according to yelp reviewers, the average rate is 2.5 out of 5, with mixed reviews as much as we can see from the rate. There are people saying that they are super happy with the services they have got here and they can recommend it to everyone else, but there are other people who are saying that *this place is a joke* and nobody should visit them anymore. There’s even a person who said that this is *the worst hospital, it will kill you*. These are definitely not any good reviews we would like to see.


There is barely any information for customers in terms of prices or selection of medications and that’s not something I love. But customer reviews are greatly helpful in judging the company and the reviewers judged it with a rate of 2.5 out of 5 and since there’s nearly nothing I can review – I can only agree with those people and rate Adventist Health System with 2 out of 5 due to negative reviews and lack of information on the website.

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