| My 24 Hr Pharmacy Reviews & Coupons is the name of the online pharmacy that I will be reviewing and finding out more details about it so we could know if this pharmacy is worth using or it would be a better idea to search for some others. As soon as I have entered the main page of this website, I had the impression of a well made website with seemingly good options and features. I have then checked the *about us* page available on the site and there I found out that is the brain child of like minded online pharmacists with immense experience in the pharmacy domain. There I found out that they are able to provide people with each medical category and sell it to those who need them. Also there I found information that people who do not have a prescription are able to opt for a consultation with the pharmacists working for this pharmacy and obtain the necessary prescription. I have checked through the website trying to find out more information about the pharmacy like for how long it has been online and where the headquarters is located, but I couldn’t find such information. Although that’s not a big problem, I still love much more those pharmacies that do not keep these things in secret. The pharmacy promises the following: reliable online pharmacy, high quality guarantee and lowest market prices. to be honest, these are the exact those things I am searching for so I have that this is true. selection of medications and prices

Searching for medications can be done through search function box available on the website. Nevertheless, I can determine that their selection of medications (as the pharmacy claimed) is quite high/ wide. Or at least that’s what it seems by checking the categories of medications that can be found on this online pharmacy. there are medications which are able to help patients to cure/ treat such conditions as: ADHD, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, cholesterol and many other health ailments as well. By checking the number of categories of medications found here and assuming that at least 5 drugs are in each of these categories (like for example in Men’s Health which is AKA Erectile dysfunction) there are much more than only 5 drugs – the selection of medications is wide. In this category, there are the most famous ED treating medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and others, and there are generics and brands as well. I have checked the prices for ED medications, but to give an example of price I can say that 90 pills of 50 mg Viagra generic would be 1.21 USD per pill and that’s 109 USD. Although I have seen slightly better prices, I still think that’s a very good prices for such medications. As I said earlier, people who do not have a prescription can ask for one by having a consultation with their pharmacists/ doctors. shipping and payment methods

As much as I could find information on their website, the pharmacy is offering world wide delivery to all countries. However not all countries can use the Express Mail Service (EMS) shipping option because it is only available to a limited number of countries. All the rest countries can use the Regular Airmail Service which has a delivery period of 14 to 21 days, it costs 24 USD and usually does not have online tracking. The EMS shipping option costs 30 USD, it has a delivery time of 7 to 12 days and usually it does come with a tracking option online. This online pharmacy claims that you can pay via either credit card or by contacting them in case you want to use bank transfer. Customer Support Service

People who are having questions/ need some help can get in touch with this pharmacy as this is what they are recommending to do in case you need some help. You can contact them via their toll free phone number of international number. Make sure to call them only in their business hours if you want to reach them. there’s also contact form available on their website which would give you a response back in your email that you need to indicate. Other ways to get in touch are not available.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

According to the information that I was able to find on their site in regards to coupon codes or to at least any methods that are able to make you save some money, this online pharmacy is offer free bonus pills and the more pills you order the more bonus pills, but bonus pills starts at an certain amount of pills ordered. The pharmacy also has cheaper prices per pill if you purchase more pills at once. Lastly – the pharmacy claims that there are loyalty bonus programs for returning customers as well. There are no coupon codes or anything else than the ones I’ve mentioned. Reviews

I was not able to search for customer reviews anywhere. I’ve found a reviewing website with a review but it was removed because the administrators said that it was, in fact, not a review. I continued doing my research without success until I found a site with a single customer review and it was disappointing because it started with the following words: SCAM. DANGER! The person described that he has not ever got anything after paying with his credit card – no money back and no products. Now he thinks to dispute the charge with his credit card company. checked where I found a big list of alarming things all of which leading to the point that ordering here is not recommended so I guess that’s exactly what I’m going to do – avoid this pharmacy.


Since I would avoid this pharmacy that’s, of course, exactly what I am going to recommend everyone else to do – avoiding it all costs. According to the single customer review I managed to find online and to – the prices and offers on the website are good only to attract people and scam them. gets a rate of 1 out of 5.

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