/ Muscle Pharm Reviews & Coupons, from its name, is an online pharmacy which is selling products for muscles. I’ve entered the main page of this pharmacy and it seems to be very user friendly design with good features allowing you to change the currency that you need to create and sign in to your account and simply to easily navigate through their website. As soon as I entered the main page I was recommended to join their mailing list in order to get updates, news and more. Plus to that, there’s a short motivational video. They also suggest to browse their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social pages. I have tried to find out more information about the pharmacy but unfortunately I couldn’t do it since there is not an *about us* page or anything in this matter meaning that I am not able to find where this pharmacy is located or for how long they have been in the business. The Muscle Pharm claims to be partner with different institutions or academies (most of them, obviously, are in regards to sports and sport nutrition).

Selection of medications and prices for them

It is obvious that this online pharmacy doesn’t have medications of my interest such as Viagra, Cialis and others, plus to that they do not sell medications or pharmaceutical products that are able to treat health conditions, instead this is a sport nutrition pharmacy and by clicking on *all products* you’re redirected to a page where you can see a lot of different products. These products can be shopped (categorized) by type: build muscle, stimulant free energy, intra workout, energy, protein, glutamine, weight loss, creatine and many other types of products. I assume that this pharmacy should have all types and products for sports nutrition. Simply to give you an example of prices on this website I can tell you that creatine, 60 servings costs 10 USD, while 200 servings – 20 USD. Fish Oil which comes only in 90 servings costs 14 USD. Cannot comment on the prices as I am not sure if these are high/ low prices. Also not sure if any of their products require a prescription or not since there’s not a single mention about prescription, however I assume they do not require otherwise they would mention it.

Shipping and payment methods at

Unfortunately going on checkout page is not possible without creating and account and logging in to it, this is the reason why I am not going to be able to say anything else about shipping and payment methods other than what I can find on FAQ page. They claim to ship to all US states including Alaska and Hawaii. They also ship to Canada but you need to visit their Canadian website. They do not ship to any other countries. You are going to be given a tracking number to track your package and there is no information about shipping options, delivery times or shipping fees. I could only find that the order is going to ship within 24 hours after the order has been received by their fulfillment center. But how long it takes for it to be delivered it is not mentioned. There’s no information about payment methods but they claim that it is absolutely safe for your *credit card* which means that they do accept credit cards. If there are any other methods I am unaware.

Customer Care

Contacting this online pharmacy can be done via 2 methods: by calling them at the single phone number shared on their website and by using the contact form via web form on the site. There’s no live chat function or anything else but I can assume that they would respond back by social media pages if you’re going to write them there. Not sure how helpful their customer care department is since I’ve never contacted them myself but hopefully customer reviews would answer this question. Coupon Codes

By searching for coupon codes on their website I couldn’t find anything. in fact, it is not the fact that I couldn’t find only coupon codes but I was not able to find anything that would make you save some money. They do not have free samples, they do not offer free shipping or not even discounts by ordering in bulk. That’s something I don’t like at all. However, in the end, they still seemed to have coupon codes on third-websites. That’s at least something.

Customer Reviews

By writing in google: * reviews* I honestly got shocked. I found a lot of customer reviews with many people writing a lot of things about this pharmacy and about their products and that’s a sign that many people are using this pharmacy. There are some reviews about this pharmacy but it seems that most of the reviews are about some of their products in particular. Well, since most of the reviews were addressed to some products in particular I wasn’t actually interested in them since I was searching for customer reviews about the pharmacy as of general. I did found some, some being positive but others negative. A person on (it is not a BBB accredited pharmacy by the way) said that he paid extra for getting fast delivery and yet, he still got the products very delayed (3 months later while he paid for 3-4 business days delivery) with no refund, no phone answer or anything. another person complained on the product adverse effect which has been confirmed by the doctor while the pharmacy refused to recognize the issue. Another person complained that he has got expired or nearly expired products. There are still reviews saying that this pharmacy is worth using, but it seems there are reviews that do not agree with this claim.


This online muscle nutrition pharmacy seems to be very popular online and that’s a very good sign because in my opinion, a scamming online pharmacy can’t be popular with so many people using it. Nevertheless, it seems that there are still people who got very unpleasant situations because although they do not seem to be scammers, people pay for fast delivery and got extremely delayed deliveries with no answers and no refunds for fast delivery and others saying they got expired products. All in all I would say that this online pharmacy deserves 4 out of 5 meaning that they should take care more about their customers.

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