/ Montefiore Reviews & Coupons is the webpage of Montefiore Medical Center which is located in New York City, New York, United States which you can find its exact address. According to the information that I found on Wikipedia, it has a total number of 1490 beds, it has been founded back in 1884 and it is a teaching hospital type. Also according to the information on the same source, 2 years ago in 1016, Montefiore Medical Center has been ranked no. 7 of the 180 New York City metropolitan area hospitals by US News & World Report and to my opinion that something hard to achieve which is very good and is a sign that this should be a good hospital, hopefully. Checking the website of this hospital I found that the website is supporting Spanish language which greatly helps those people who speak/ understand Spanish only or better than English. The website is, as expected, well made with good features and options and with a user friendly design/ interface, facilitating the understanding and navigation through the website. This hospital is also having social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. While you’re online, you’re able to manage your health online through a useful option named My Chart. There you can email your doctor, schedule an appointment and check your lab results. But except for this the website is offering the following: clinical services, patients and visitors, clinical trials and research, education and training, community and also, finding a doctor (by specialty, location and more). You’re able to subscribe to their newsletter and generally you’re able to find a lot of information on this website. By checking the information on their website I’ve found that you’re able to check all their awards which you can see that it got its way to Best Hospitals for diabetes and endocrinology as well as best regional hospital for recognized in 11 types of care and there are many other types of awards, all suggesting that this is a very good hospital with very good services.

Customer Care Department Montefiore Hospital

Getting in touch with this hospital, obviously, can be done by going to their hospital in person. However there are other ways of getting in touch with their customer care department, of course. One of the methods is by checking their social media pages which I can assume that you can talk with them there either. In case you don’t like going to their hospital in person or by social media pages, you’re able to get in touch with them by phone number. There are a lot of phone numbers but you need to call the one according to what or where exactly you’re calling. It is obvious that if you need to ask questions you are going to be answered since this is hospital and they can’t *disappear*, nevertheless, it is still very important the customer care department’s quality. Coupon Codes

They are not selling medications or something in this matter so there are no prices on the website, nevertheless, they are still selling *services* and for this reason the coupon codes might help you save money whenever when you buy anything. Unfortunately, regardless of how much I tried to search, I couldn’t find any Montefiore discounts or coupon codes or anything that could make you save some money. I am not very sure if this means that they do not have any or they simply haven’t listed them. Whatever the case you’re able to call their customer care department and find out if they are offering anything or not.

Montefiore Reviews

The most important part of this review I think that is the customer reviews and that’s due to the fact that customer reviews will actually make us all have a better idea if this hospital is actually as good as they claim. I’ve searched for Montefiore reviews and I did found some. I’ve also found some reviews written by employees of this hospital. Those reviews are found on glassdoor and indeed websites. according to employees of Montefiore which wrote reviews on glassdoor, the average rate is 3.6 (out of 416 reviews) and according to employees of Montefiore which wrote reviews on indeed, the average rate is 4.2 (out of 706 reviews). Seemingly, people working there, have an average rate of about 4 out of 5 suggesting that working there isn’t as bad. Anyhow, I searched for actual customer reviews about this hospital and I did found some. I found reviews on yelp and unfortunately, the average rate of customer reviews isn’t as good as employees reviews because the rate here is only 2 out of 5. I found there mixed results with some people rating it 5 out of 5, few people rating it 2 out of 5 and with many people rating it with only 1 out of 5 and that’s why the average rate is so low. Like for example, Albert M. said that going to this hospital it was like a horror movie in the ER. Many other people seemed to agree saying that the emergency room is awful. Another person named Athena O. said that she hates that place and that’s for every reason possible other than her doctor which seemed to be good. Nevertheless, she still rated this place with 1 out of 5 and explained why. There are few people like Nicole B. who said that everything was perfect and that’s why she rates the place with 5 out of 5 saying that everything was at the highest level. Although there are some positive reviews, it can be easily noticed that most reviews are negative and that’s obviously a problem when so many people complain about it.


I’m not able to write a conclusion based on my own experience since I’ve never had any myself, plus to that, I’ve never known of anyone who has ever been to Montefiore hospital and that’s why I am going to put my full trust in the customer reviews and since the average rate of customer reviews is 2 out of 5 I guess that I can’t make any changes here.

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