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Molina Healthcare it is not an online pharmacy as I am usually reviewing, however, as the name suggest, it is a health care provider. Healthcare plans are hard to find as people often can’t find their most suitable solution, however this website promises to provide their customers the most effective solutions and healthcare plans. By entering the site and reading their promises you are going to see that this company promises to their each and all of their customers with big care and respect as their own family member. By browsing their website I noticed that it is very interactive with very much features that is allowing their customers to choose the best services which they can choose on their own. The website itself seem to be easy to understand and also seem to have a feature of choose website language in Spanish too. Plus to that, the website suggests that they are having healthinhand app where you can download it on both your iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet. The website suggests that it is very easy to sign up and to become a member, you can easily find a doctor and or a pharmacy of your need and to get the information that you need from the physicians that serve the company.

Molina Healthcare Overview

The company claims to be founded in 1980 (info from Wikipedia) and that its founder is Dr. C. David Molina. The headquarters of Molina healthcare is believed to be situation in Long Beach, California, USA. Up to this day, the information on Wikipedia suggests that there are 29 clinics that have opened in Northern California, Southern California, Washington, New Mexico, Florida and Utah. Molina Medical Group (MMG) also runs state-owned clinics in Fairfax County, Virginia. Even though the company promises big respect and care of each of their customer, the clinics are aimed to help providing health care to families and individuals that are having a low income. The Wikipedia page also suggests that Molina healthcare is having some awards and recognitions too. Of course I don’t have an experience of my own with this company, however I have tried to search as much information about it on external sites and I have seen that Moline healthcare is active on different social media platforms like for example Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. Since it is so hard to judge a company and their services without having own experience, I based on what do other people say about this healthcare company and that’s why I’ve been searching for information based on their customer reviews.

Molina Healthcare reviews

There’s no reason for me not to believe what other people are saying on external sites and assuming that those are real people who had real experiences with Molina healthcare, this is not such a good healthcare company as their website suggests. I came along different reviews on site and there were mostly negative feedbacks by customers. Like for example there’s a reviewer named Enrique who wrote that this is a terrible company that doesn’t answer your phone calls and even if you do manage to get in touch with someone out there, they cannot answer your questions and that’s why it would take you months until you would get solved a single problem. This reviewer suggested avoiding the company. There are also negative reviews from the other sexual gender. A woman called Leah also recommended to avoid this company since she had a miserable experience with them explaining her situation in the review she wrote. I found many other people writing many other reviews who said that they are frustrated, unhappy and recommending to avoid getting anywhere near Molina healthcare. There are reviews that were written back in 2015, 2016 and newer reviews that were written by people this year. I also managed to find some positive reviews from people suggesting that this is a good healthcare provider, but sure thing is that most of them were negative and I personally believe these people. To be honest, I am more inclined to believe what do customer reviews are saying rather than what you can read on Wikipedia that they are having awards and recognitions and especially what you can read on their own website

Molina Healthcare Customer support/ contact

In case you’re willing to give them a phone call you can do it by the following phone number: (866) 449-6848. On their website you can also find various phone numbers depending on your state. You can also find the addresses of their clinics and business offices. Contacting them shouldn’t pose a problem, although we’ve seen that people had troubles getting in contact with them, or at least getting some answers to their problems.

Molina Healthcare coupons or discounts

I’ve been trying to search for discounts and coupons and I got pleasantly shocked to see that a pretty big number of coupon codes have been found all over the internet for Molina health care. There are various sites like,, and others which are offering different coupons that are giving customers discounts from 10 % to about 35 % off. Before paying for Molina’s healthcare in case you do want to get a health care plan from this company, I would suggest looking for coupons first.

What’s the conclusion then? seem to be having a lot of features, it even has app that can aid its customers to understand better and get the answers to their questions. However in case there are some answers that you cannot find on their site you must contact their personnel on which, you don’t seem to get so well treated. The company seem to run for a long time now and that has ended up in them having awards and recognitions. However, I can’t say anything about company on my own, but there are reviews, some of which implies that the company is very good and they have got a lot of help. But there are considerably more reviews which suggest that the company should be avoided. My current rate is mostly based on people’s reviews and I would say that Molina health care is a 3 out of 5 stars rate.

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