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As I often mentioned in my pharmacy reviews, there are online pharmacies that are being oriented in selling a lot of types of medications but there are pharmacies oriented in selling a single or a restricted number of medications. The online pharmacy that I am going to be reviewing today seems to be among the second types of pharmacies which are selling a single type of medications. Moda Pharma is the online pharmacy that I’m talking about and this stands for Modafinil Pharmacy. is its domain address name and as soon as I have accessed it I noticed a very and very user friendly design of the site which is very good to my opinion. Plus to that, I noticed that people can choose the country where they are from as there is: USA, Germany, Australia or UK. I can assume that this would change the language and the currency on the site according to your country. The site is really well done, it is user friendly and accessing information is very easily done. People are able to create an account on the site and login to their accounts. According to the information on their site, they suggest that they have already served 37,000 customers across 194 countries for over 1095 days. This means that the pharmacy started to operate 3 years ago and the information on the site confirms there. However there is no information anywhere suggesting where this online pharmacy is located. According to the information on the site, they are selling only authentic and tested products. They would never sell fakes so you can check it yourself by testing medications by a third party laboratory. They claim that your parcel is insured and they have global shipping. Lastly, they claim to have positive customer feedback. There is a lot of information about the modafinil on their website for those interested and I noticed that people can follow the pharmacy’s activity on social media pages. They are focused in customer satisfaction and therefore offering professional service, they claim to be simple and secure and lastly they offer guaranteed delivery. Selection of medications and prices

As I earlier mentioned, this online pharmacy is oriented in selling a single type of medications so they are claiming to sell only *smart drugs*. With this being said, I could only find a total of 5 different medications on their drugstore and therefore I would say that the selection of medications is pretty low. This pharmacy is only for those who’re interested in Artvigil, Modvigil, Piracetam, Waklert and obviously in Modalert. Other than these drugs, you won’t be able to find on this pharmacy. As in terms of prices, I am not able to talk about them as I’m not an expert here at all, but I can only give example and say that the lowest quantity of Modalert of 30 tablets would cost you 77 USD while if you get 300 tablets you would need to pay 330 USD. Not sure how good of a price is that. As much as it seems, this online pharmacy does not require a valid prescription to order these drugs here. Shipping and payment methods

There’s information on their website suggesting that they are providing 100% risk free tracked shipping on all orders – worldwide. So people can safely buy from anywhere around the world. They claim that people should expect tracking number within 1 working day, delivery within 6 working days (average) and reship or refund after 25 working days in case you do not receive your goods. Standard international shipping costs 10 USD while UK Dispatch costs 25 USD. Different waiting times for different countries. But usually it is anywhere between 6 to 12 working days. They claim that you can safely purchase using VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and many more, however they claim that it is temporarily unavailable so the only way to buy now is via Bitcoins. Customer Support Service

Getting in touch with this online pharmacy can be done via 2 methods, but both of which are basically the same. You either need to write them at the email listed or filling up the contact form on their website which is basically the same because you get a response in your email using any method. I am not sure but I can assume that people could also use their social media pages.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

I’ve been checking if this online pharmacy is offering coupon codes and before going to checkout page, I was asked if I have a coupon code to apply. Using the coupon code I could get a discount but since there are none mentioned on the site I can assume that only people who have already ordered here would get the discount coupon. They claim that people who are paying with Bitcoin automatically get a discount of 15%. They are offering 10 modvigil as a sample which means you can get it for free. Ordering more pills as much as saw gets a better price for the medication. Reviews

There are a lot of customer reviews on their website and it is obvious that they are all positive as the pharmacy’s owner could easily delete the negative reviews on the website if there would appear any. That’s why it is much easier to have trust in reviews on other websites. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any reviews. I found people writing articles about the pharmacy but not actual customer reviews except one on which, unfortunately, said he got fakes. He ordered modalert 200 3 bottles! There are other reviewers who said they have never ordered from this pharmacy and yet they get some *spammy emails*. This doesn’t sound good. However, suggests it has a lot of customers which is very good.


This is an online pharmacy selling smart drugs and that’s not accepted by many organizations. Nevertheless, the site seem to be reliable as the pharmacy has a lot of customers meaning that many people order from them. Problem is that it has got quite negative reviews and there’s the risk that they would disappear any minute. In the end, my score for is 3 out of 5 stars!

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