/ Moda Health Reviews & Coupons isn’t an online pharmacy and since I’m going to be writing a review about this website, I am going to skip some of the usual points I write such as selection of medications, prices for them as well as shipping and payment methods. Moda Health is a health insurance company and according to Wikipedia information it has been founded back in 1955 with its current CEO Robert Gootee that has been working as CEO of Moda Health since 1998. The headquarters of this company is located in Portland, OR. This is a company which is providing medical as well as dental insurance in Oregon and Alaska as well as Washington. The clients of this company can create an account and login to their accounts on the website. Also this company claims to comply with each of the standards that are being mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. For those people who are speaking different languages than English they are able to call a phone number where they can be assisted through their needs. As soon as I entered their website there is *Our medication list* which I have clicked to see what I’m going to be offered, however this message appeared  *Our medication list is currently having technical issues. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.* so I am not able to comment on it. Also, you can find them on some popular social places like: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While you’re online, you can also *shop for a plan* depending on what you need like *individuals and families*, *Medicare* or *Employers*. Except for all of that you can find a doctor, dentist, pharmacy or clinic. For finding out more information about the company you can go on Wikipedia or many other online sources and read more about it as I can guess there’s no need to copy paste the information from there here.

Customer Care Department on

Before contacting them you need to choose what you actually need: *customer service* or *report fraud, waste and abuse*. I’ve had nothing to report so I clicked on *customer service* where I have been given a list of ways to get in touch with them. You can do it by filling up a contact form and wait for the email back or to contact you via your telephone number which is required to write down. depending on what kind of help you need: medicare advantage, medicare part D pharmacy, medical, dental, pharmacy, OHP members etc. you need to call at the phone number accordingly as they have listed a big list of numbers. There’s also listed their physical address and their mailing address too. This is a company and not an only pharmacy and for this reason I guess that getting in touch with their customer care department should be easy by all those methods I mentioned (plus, although there’s no live chat function on the website, you could contact them via one of social media platform too), however if their customer care department is really helpful or not that’s what really matters.

Coupon codes

Health plan insurances usually help people save money because as soon as you have insurance, medications and every medical procedure should be either free or charge or to cost less. This is what Moda Health does – provides medical insurances and therefore claims to save your money. However they do not offer coupon codes or discounts. For getting the prices for the insurance plans they offer you’ve got to choose what you actually need.

Customer reviews about Moda Health

I’ve been searching for customer reviews about Moda Health to check what other people say about this company who have actually had real experience with this company because those are people who can actually judge this pharmacy at its real rate. So since this is believed to be a pretty popular health planner company in 3 states, I expected to get some customer reviews about this company and I did. Like for example, I have found out on Better Business Bureau that they have accredited Moda Health with A+ (best score) and that’s a very good thing and also on Better Business Bureau’s website ( there are 15 customer reviews about Moda Health and although it has a top rate by BBB, all those 15 reviews were negative. People calling Moda a mess, a terrible company, all of them being unhappy and each and all of them recommends to find another health insurance provider. Except for the reviews on BBB’s website, I have also found 36 reviewers on where the average rate of this company based on those 36 reviewers is 1.5 out of 5 so… we have another independent websites with people who are very unhappy about this company’s services. Here I found a person saying that has an insurance of 1200 USD per month and still got no help with this company not keeping their promises. People complained on a lot of different things like no helpful department, 1 hours to finally get an answer when calling them, too high prices and not getting any help after paying for the insurance and the fact that they do no cover the needs of their customers with again, lots of people saying that they are unprofessional and that they had awful experiences. There were some happy customers as well, but there were very little compared to those who were actually happy with their services. What alarmed me even more is that such a big company has got its way to A person there said that he has paid lots of money and has got nothing in exchange and that’s the reason he thinks they are scammers. When he had to pay bill, he paid 2100 USD while their company paid less than 200 USD and that’s although he had a good plan insurance. He recommends to beware and assures that this company will surely disappoint you.


Even though this is such a big company who provides health insurance which looked really good by analyzing their website, they still failed to keep their customers happy with nearly each customer being unhappy and that has been proven by lots of customer reviews on different websites. Due to the fact that that the company has got its way to such site as ripoffreport and due to the fact that it has the lowest rate on all other websites I can’t give it a higher rate either, that’s why 1 out of 5!

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