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There are different types of online pharmacies, some of them are selling a lot of types of medications – all medications for a lot of health conditions and there are other online pharmacies that are mostly oriented in selling one or multiple types of medications only. The online pharmacy I’ve found today seems to be such an online pharmacy and that’s what I could conclude by checking its name which is As much as it seems, this online pharmacy is offering modafinil 24/7. I have accessed their website and I saw a very user friendly designed site which is very good to my opinion. I have also noticed that this pharmacy is offering their customers an option to create an account on their website and login to their accounts and also, as much as it seems, this pharmacy site is supporting different languages people can choose from and change it to their preferred language. For those who don’t know what modafinil is – can say that it is a wakefulness promoting agent, nevertheless, if you don’t know what this medication is then I can suggest you shouldn’t even take it. but anyway, there’s a lot of information about this drug on their main page people can read. There’s information such as: how to use, side effects, what to know before taking it and others. Later I will check if this online pharmacy is selling only modafinil or they are offering other medications as well. According to the information on their website, they are offering safe and secure ordering online and fast and reliable track online. The problem is that I was not able to find absolutely no information about where this online pharmacy headquarter is located and for how long this pharmacy has been online. Selection of medications and Prices for them

As I earlier said, I am going to try and determine if this online pharmacy is offering anything else other than modafinil and so I searched their entire website but to be honest, I was not able to find anything else other than their only product for sale – Modafinil (Modalert 200) 100 or 200 mg. So people who are searching for anything else other than Modafinil then you should search for another online pharmacy as this pharmacy does not offer any other selection of medication than Modafinil which means the selection is very limited here. Talking about the prices I have noticed that the currency on the site is in EUR and you are not able to change it (you can only change language) so it seems that I’m going to talk about prices in EUR. Prices goes as: from 1.37 EUR to 0.64 EUR per pill of 100 mg depending on the quantity (from 30 to 180 pills) and from 1.40 EUR to 0.66 EUR per pill of 200 mg depending on the quantity (also from 30 to 180 pills). Since I’m not an expert in such medications I cannot be sure if these are any good prices or not. There’s not a single mention about prescription requirement on their website and for this reason I can assume this pharmacy doesn’t require anyone to show a valid prescription. Shipping and Payment methods

While searching for information about their shipping I have found the following message: *Attention USA Shoppers: We do not ship to the US!* So people living in USA can search for other online pharmacies to get modafinil if they wish to. However, there’s no information where exactly they are shipping and if there are any other countries to which they do not ship to. I just found information that all orders are sent via registered airmail, there’s information that they offer tracking for it and they claim to offer fast delivery and free postage cost. Delivery is done in 10 to 24 days. I managed to find that this online pharmacy is accepting payment via credit card (VISA only) or via Bank Transfer. Customer Support Service

Quite a big disappointment was when I have checked what are the methods to get in touch with this online pharmacy and that’s because I have found that the only way to talk with their customer support service is via contact form on their website. There’s not even an email listed. This means that you don’t even know their email unless they would respond to your enquiry via contact form.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

As I earlier mentioned, the prices for this product they are offering is getting better the more pills you’re purchasing and this means that purchasing in bulk here is one way of saving money when purchasing here. Plus the pharmacy claims to offer free postage which is very good in case is true. But one last thing to mention here is: they are offering 10% discount for their customers who are coming back to purchase modafinil on their site. Reviews

There is absolutely no mention about this online pharmacy anywhere online in terms of customer reviews and the only site where I could get at least any information in regards to its legitimacy/ trustworthiness is To be honest, I got really disappointed to see that this pharmacy has no customer reviews as this means the pharmacy is not popular among buyers and this makes me wonder why? found information suggesting that the site might be from Sweden, but the problem is that the site looks like it is hosted on a compromised server and plus to that the site has been created less than a year ago! It is pretty hard to have trust in a newly opened pharmacy. in the end, it has a trust rate of 48% which is not enough!


I personally won’t try to purchase anything from this online pharmacy since the site has been created not so long ago and as I said it is hard to have trust in such sites – it has no customer reviews, and looks like compromised on compromised server. These are not serious enough reasons to call it a scam pharmacy but these are still serious enough reasons to make me think there are high chances that it is and so, I’m rating with 2 out of 5 stars.

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