| Mex Meds 4 You Reviews & Coupons / Mex Meds 4 You Reviews & CouponsI was searching for another online pharmacy to review and is the online pharmacy which got my interest so today i am going to write a review about this pharmacy.  As soon as I have entered I’ve seen an pretty well made website and thats in terms of its design and interface which seemed to be user friendly and that’s important since this really facilitates and eases the navigation through the site. This online pharmacy is offering their customers to create an account and login into it and later I would find out if this is necessary to do or not. This pharmacy claims that you can *connect with them* on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others however when I clicked on that I wasn’t able to *connect with them*. In search for more information about the pharmacy I have clicked on *about us* page where I have found out that this online pharmacy claims to be online since 2004 and they claim that the pharmacy is located in Mexico (something we can understand from its name: MEXmeds4you). Hopefully, the pharmacy is indeed from 2004 because it is a lot much more easier having trust in an long term operating pharmacy than in a new based one. What’s important to mention here is that this pharmacy claims to have typical prices up to 70 % to even 90% less than companies which are based in United States. If that’s true that’s very good but we’re going to check it out now.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

People are able to search for medications that they need here by using 2 methods: through the search function in case you know the exact name of the drug that you’re searching for or you can also shop by drug categories whereas the drugs are categorized by health condition these drugs can treat and they go as following: antibiotics, asthma, cancer treatment, antiviral and many other drugs treating numerous of other health conditions. By checking this I would say that the selection of medications on this website is indeed wide with numerous and different medications, therefore this online pharmacy doesn’t seem to have any problems with selection of meds. In order to check the prices for medications I accessed *sexual health* page where I have found a lot of medications either where I also found a lot of medications (including generic and brands only except for Viagra which doesn’t have brand from Pfizer). I have then paid more attention to the Viagra and to give example of prices I can mention that 4 tablets of Viagra generic would be 26.40 USD and to be honest that’s a very high price for generic Viagra. This online pharmacy claims that they are not requiring any prescriptions for getting any medications.

Shipping and payment methods at

For going on checkout page creating and account and logging in is mandatory, however I still managed to find out that they are offering world wide shipping to all countries (from Mexico) and the delivery is taking anywhere between 15 to 20 days. It seems that this online pharmacy doesn’t offer other shipping options than regular and usually, regular shipping doesn’t have online tracking, but you can confirm this at customer support service. As in terms of payment methods they are accepting the following: Visa, Master card, American express, bitcoin, money order or direct deposit on wells fargo. I personally do like when an online pharmacy is accepting several payment methods. Since I was starting to talk about customer support service I am going to continue with it.

Customer Support Service

Those people who have some questions to ask they are able to do it by using the contact form on the contact us page where you can write your enquiry and then wait for a response back in the email that you need to mention. For another method of talking with this online pharmacy you would need to use the phone number that is available on their website. However, except for these 2 methods of talking with them, you cannot get in touch in any other way.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon codes

I got really disappointed when I have checked for coupon codes of and that’s because I wasn’t able to find anything at all, I mean, I wasn’t able to find a single word about discounts, free shipping or free pills. There are no coupon codes and generally there’s nothing, unfortunately, which can make you save some money. Regardless of what you purchase or how much, no discount is offered, unfortunately, despite the high prices they have. Reviews

Searching for customer reviews is essential for whoever searches for a good online pharmacy and that’s because these customer reviews can give us a clear image the pharmacy’s services making it clear whether the pharmacy is worth using or not. By searching for these reviews I did have managed to find some but the problem is that I have found a review on about this pharmacy and that’s not encouraging at all. I did have also found some good customer reviews but the fact is that there are bad reviews nearly everywhere and those *good* reviews were written back in 2012 – 2013 and seemingly this online pharmacy has changed since. I checked this pharmacy on and there I haven’t actually found good information: a malware report has been detected from this website and the site has been considered rogue internet pharmacy by These aren’t very good things at all.


This online pharmacy doesn’t offer coupon codes despite their high prices for medications compared to other online pharmacies and there are no offers at all. Plus to that, doesn’t actually have trust in this pharmacy and it is also considered illegal. There are mixed customer reviews with some people saying that it is good but others saying that it is scam. With all these factors in mind I rate it with 2 out of 5 only because of the good customer reviews, otherwise it would be 1.

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