| Mens Health PH Reviews & Coupons | Mens Health PH Reviews & is the website that I will be reviewing trying to find out as much as possible since this online pharmacy claims to be the nr. 1 Official Pharmacy and I although I do hope that indeed I found the best (nr. 1) pharmacy, very often these are nothing more than just claims and false promises. We’re going to check it out. This online pharmacy claimed to have thousands of satisfied customers and they are selling over 1,000,000 pills without prescriptions. Plus to this, this pharmacy have shared a few reasons why they claim to be so good: brand and generic rx meds (and absolutely the cheapest prices), they claim to be 100% confidential with all FDA approved medications in their store and lastly, they claim to have fast world wide delivery and free shipping on most of the deliveries. These are all sounding like some amazing claims so hopefully this is true. This online pharmacy also claims to be in the business for the last 9 years and they are one of the leading pharmacies on the internet. As claimed, their medications are all approved by FDA. The website seems to be really well done, user friendly interface and good features. Like for example you can choose the country where you’re from and the language and currency would adjust according to your country. Or you can change those 2 manually.

Selection of medications and prices for them at

According to the name of this online pharmacy I would have thought that they are only selling medications treating men’s health, however that’s not true as they do seem to have other types of medications as well. You can search for them by using the keyword search function, or, as usual, by checking the categories list with different medications categorized by health condition such as: HIV, cholesterol, diuretics, antivirals, asthma, muscle relaxants, surgery and many other types of medications which means that selection of medications is really wide therefore I assume that most people can find most medications they need here and that’s important. Prices for those medications… in order to determine whether are those cheap or expensive prices I went checking the medications that I am familiar with: erectile dysfunction. There I have found a lot of different types and forms of medications with Levitra, Cialis and Viagra all being there but there were other types as well. Cheapest price for a generic Viagra pill is 0.69 USD, cheapest price for a generic Levitra pill is 1.50 USD and cheapest price for a generic Cialis pill is 1.30 USD. To be honest, these are good prices compared to local pharmacies prices, however they are not the best among online pharmacies. This online pharmacy claims to require a valid prescription for ordering such medications from them.

Shipping and payment methods claims to have 2 shipping methods and as usual they are standard airmail service with a standard flat price of 10 USD. They claim to offer world wide shipping to every country. This shipping method has a delivery time up to 21 days and usually it doesn’t have online tracking system. For those who do want to track their parcels they can use the second shipping method: trackable service which costs 30 USD and has a delivery time up to 9 days. If talking about the payment methods I can mention the fact that they are accepting credit cards such as VISA, JCB and Master Card, but besides credit cards they are accepting Bitcoin either.

Customer Support Service

As soon as you enter the website you can see that they are having a 24/7 customer support which can be reached if you would dial one of the 3 phone numbers that are listed on their website (2 US and one UK number). Or you can also use the contact form which means you need to talk by email with them. In case you don’t like any of these methods to talk with them for whatever the reason, you’re also able to contact them via live chat function that is available on their website for asking questions.

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy?

Is a scam or legit online pharmacy? Coupon Codes

This online pharmacy claims to offer a coupon code which can offer you 5% discount if you enter the code: 5OFF on the checkout page at coupon codes. This seems to be a time limited offer as coupon would expire in a few days. Except for coupon codes they are offering discounts for returning customers: 5 % for second order and 7% discount for further order. They are also offering free Viagra pills if you purchase erectile dysfunction pills, they are offering savings if you purchase pills in bulk and lastly, the standard airmail service is offered for free for orders with a sum more than 150 USD. This is quite a good stuff in my opinion. Reviews

By searching for customer reviews about I have only found testimonials on their own website and that’s it. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere else customer reviews and for me that’s a really big problem because with no customer reviews there’s nothing to make me believe in the pharmacy’s authenticity and the fact that it indeed works. There’s also a high chance that there’s nobody who has ever actually ordered from them. Testimonials are often fakes and I think that they might be fake here either. Going on they suggest that the pharmacy has been around for less than 3 years but there doesn’t seem to be anything else to be worried about. The fact that it is around for only 3 years that’s not very good, but 3 years is still a little time.


Well,, according to doesn’t have anything to be worried about, but it also doesn’t have any customer reviews online and this is what worries me a lot and makes me wonder if they did have had any customers at all. All in all I would rate it with 3 out of 5 since there’s nobody to confirm they are authentic or that they are scammers. I just think that ordering here can be quite risky.

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